Sweet Valley Kids #38- Good-Bye, Eva?

Eva Simpson, a good friend of Jessica and Elizabeth’s who moved to Sweet Valley this year, is very upset. Her father wants to move back to Jamaica, and Eva doesn’t want to move back there. Eva’s dad is a successful businessman in the Sweet Valley area, but he is tired of going to meetings and being in a corporate world, and he wants to return to Jamaica, land of the big beach ( it’s how Eva describes it.) Eva loves Sweet Valley Elementary, her friends and her teacher and doesn’t want to return to Jamaica. Elizabeth and Jessica tell Eva that they all have to cook up a scheme to make Eva’s father want to stay in Sweet Valley, because Sweet Valley is perfect and awesome and no one should ever want to leave there!  Initially, Elizabeth and Jessica wonder if they can get Mrs. Simpson to stay, because Mrs. Simpson is a flutist for the Sweet Valley Orchestra, and there are sure no orchestras in Jamaica! Well, that’s not going to work- Mrs. Simpson’s friend is going to start an orchestra in Jamaica so if the family moves back there, Mrs. Simpson will have a job.  When Mr. Simpson comes home from work, he announces the family is going on vacation to Jamaica. Eva is none too pleased- to her, this means they are one step closer to moving to Jamaica from awesome Sweet Valley!

The next plan the twins and Eva cook up is to have a ” Jamaican picnic” so that Mr. Simpson will see how much like Jamaica Sweet Valley is. Amy, Eva and Elizabeth help Mrs. Simpson make Jamaican food, and they play reggae music. But when Mr. Simpson gets home that night, he gets a call right away saying he has to go back to the office- so they can’t have the Jamaican party for Mr. Simpson. But the kids decide to head to the beach with the yummy Jamaican food anyway. A man walks by saying the food smells so good and Jamaican, it makes him want to go on vacation to Jamaica. Eva looks very sad at that comment.  Later, Mr. Simpson shows up to the beach and he says the matter at the office wasn’t as urgent as he thought, so he told the office to handle things without him so he can spend some time with his family. He then talks about how his job makes it so hard for him to have quality time with his family.  So Mr. Simpson says he may resign from his job. Eva asks if this means the Simpsons have to go back to Jamaica and Mr. Simpson says it’s too early to tell. But then Elizabeth sees an empty restaurant right on the beach. The food Mrs. Simpson made are all recipes of Mr. Simpson’s. Elizabeth says that the man remarked on how the food was so authentic he’d go to Jamaica for it, and the Simpsons could open their own Jamaican restaurant right on the beach and stay in Sweet Valley! And because adults in YA novels always do exactly what kids say, Mr. Simpson says he’s actually always wanted to open a resturant and he has enough money to make the place look great, and he knows having a restaurant is hard work but it’s his passion. So of course, Elizabeth and Jessica save the day and Eva gets to stay in Sweet Valley. Now, what ever happened to Eva Simpson? I don’t remember her at all after the Sweet Valley Kids series. Did she have to go away because Sweet Valley Twins had the token black character Maria Slater and Sweet Valley High had- ummm- Cheryl Thomas and Patti Gilbert? Actually, Patti was in Sweet Valley Twins too. Well, I guess SVT couldn’t have THREE black girls so maybe they sent Eva to Jamaica after all I have no clue. Does anyone else?

BTW congrats to Diablo Cody on her pregnancy!!! What kind of awesome mom will SHE be? I just hope this kid doesn’t get in the way of Diablo writing that great Sweet Valley High movie!! And is the BSC prequel out? I am sorry that I have no idea, but I haven’t been reading a lot of the other blogs lately- I read some today but I am not doing great at keeping up lately, so if you all know if the prequel is out- and better yet if any of you dear readers have read it- LET ME KNOW!

I am hoping that by early next week I can recap Sleepover Friends #30 Big Sister Stephanie. And coming up-

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