Sleepover Friends #30- Big Sister Stephanie

First of all, I have to send big congrats to two blogs that were mentioned in Entertainment Weekly that I have read for a long time- Nikki and Robin of are you there God it’s me Nikki and The Dairi Burger were mentioned in a great article by Catherine Garcia of Entertainment Weekly on YA blogs- congrats, ladies!! Frankly I am uber jealous, but I am also extremely proud of you guys!!!

So on to my own snark as it were- apparently in later Sleepover Friends books ( I only read about 20 or so of these in 6th grade then kinda outgrew them) they have other girls besides Lauren narrate. Now I love Lauren’s narration she can be objective, and it’s not as if there’s much more interesting stuff to say about Lauren, so she’s great as the narrator- that is her role. But no in this particular book it’s Kate narrating and that alone made me not enjoy this book as much as previous Sleepover Friends books. But once I got over the initial, ” Oh My God why isn’t Lauren the narrator?” shock, I sort of liked this book- but I sort of got annoyed with both Kate and Stephanie, but could kind of relate as well, I suppose.

So OK I am being way too long winded- what is the plot you ask? Well it starts with a very recycled plot of Sleepover Friends books- Stephanie is again jealous of the time that her parents spend with with her twin siblings, Emma and Jeremy.  Stephanie is upset that the twins are so young, and they can’t even look up to yet or anything, and again she is lacking in attention. Kate, on her end, continues to be annoyed that her little sister Melissa, who’s in third grade- so  yeah only two years younger than Kate,but the way these books are written you’d think Kate was 17 and not 10- is always bothering Kate and her friends at sleepovers, and always wants to do whatever Kate is doing. Stephanie and Melissa then start bonding with each other, and it gets to the point where Stephanie curls Melissa’s hair so it looks more like Stephanie’s and where Stephanie gets Melissa to wear red, white and black just like Stephanie does, and Stephanie and Melissa even go to the mall together and leave out Kate. Melissa even ends up buying a red, white and black parka like Stephanie’s even though Melissa prefers blue.  Kate starts trying to get Melissa to hang out with her but Melissa wants to always be with Stephanie instead. Finally, Melissa tells Kate she doesn’t want to hang out with Stephanie anymore because Stephanie is too bossy, and Melissa would also rather play with her third grade friends. Stephanie, for her part, has a talk with her parents about how they pretty much only use Stephanie to baby sit, because in YA world older siblings only exist to constantly care for the younger ones so  the parents can go out, and Stephanie’s parents say that Stephanie doesn’t have to baby sit anymore, but then Stephanie says she sort of wants to do it sometimes, and since she is now feeling closer to her family, she doesn’t really need Melissa anymore. Kate says she realizes that Melissa can be bratty, but she’s also a pretty cool third grader.  And that pretty much sums it up.

As I had said, this wasn’t a favorite. I also really wanted to post this week but didn’t want to say much so I hope this blog satisfied regardless. I do definitely plan a much larger post for when I recap ” Mary Anne’s Makeover” which I plan to do next week at some point if I don’t get the urge before then! Mary Anne’s Makeover was one of my favorites as a ninth grader- I read it a LOT that year- that and ” Dawn and the Older Boy.” Not sure why! After that, look for lots of Sweet Valley posts- SVU and Sweet Valley Twins as well as some Sweet Valley High- a couple of SVH books I will be blogging about are ” Brokenhearted” and ” Dear Sister”, some of the Sweet Valley Twins will be ” Three’s a Crowd” and ” Elizabeth the Impossible” ( though can’t ANY SV book be titled Elizabeth the Impossible?”), and I also plan to recap ” The Evil Twin” and ” A Night to Remember at some point from Sweet Valley High. In Baby Sitters Club- I have quite a few BSC Super Specials to recap so look for those posts!!!


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  1. I’m starting to find Stephanie’s red, black, and white obsession a smidge OCD.

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