Sweet Valley Univ. #3- What Your Parents Don’t Know

Sooo.. have any of you read ” The Summer Before..” the BSC prequel? I have read mixed reviews- I would have loved to have seen a sequel ( to see if Kristy became a gym teacher or got an MBA, and is Jessi a ballerina with the New York City Ballet? etc…) but I enjoyed the prequel. I liked Kristy’s story best and I am not ordinarily a huge Kristy fan. Was not really into Claud’s story much. But  I w ill not say too much more in case there are those of you who haven’t read it. I do suggest reading it!!!

Well, onto this recap. God, Sweet Valley University just sucks a LOT. I  liked Book 1 OK but after that- this was sure no Freshman Dorm!!! I never read SVU as a kid- I think by the time the SVU series came out I barely read Sweet Valley High anymore.  By that time, I was more into Freshman Dorm, and I still ready Babysitters Club, and I had just discovered John Grisham- man, I LOVED John Grisham in high school!! ADORED him! I liked Amy Tan a lot, as well. But I digress.

Most of this book is almost a copy of Freshman Dorm’s book 4 Freshman Nights  and I would probably suggest reading the recap I have of that on here because it is just way more kick ass than this book was- though, of course, if you read this recap I won’t complain. Winston Egbert is determined to be a frat brother. Yes, Winston Egbert wants to be a Sigma brother more than anything because he wants to be rid of his class clown image. Basically, he wants to go from being Screech Powers to Zach Morris. So Winston has to do humiliating things like wear a brick around his neck- yes a BRICK- on a cord, and he has to do push ups on command when he sees a Sigma brother. The girls in his dorm ( if you remember Book 1 of this awful series Winston was mistakenly put in the all female dorm) are super worried that something awful will happen to Winston, and tell him to de-pledge but Winston won’t hear of it. If he doesn’t become a Sigma brother, he is NOTHING!!! NOTHING I tell you! Ya know, when I was in college I certainly knew people who were rushing frats and sororities, but I knew of no one who said it would be death if they weren’t accepted. Ah, I guess in Sweet Valley, it is frat or sorority or death, I don’t know. Well, eventually Winston is forced to do one final pledge task- he is forced to drink a ton of alcohol of course ( why are frat brothers sooo alcohol obsesssed? UGH!!) and he has to get on a roof and walk across it!!!!! Holy shit!! Well, as it happens, Elizabeth and Tom happen to be writing an investigative article on hazing ( just as Dash and Lauren were doing in Freshman Nights, remember??) and Tom and Elizabeth see that Winston is up on the roof, and as Winston is going to fall, Tom rescues him. Thank God Elizabeth and Tom just happened to be there!

But what don’t you want your parents to know? Well, Jessica doesn’t want Ned and Alice knowing that Jessica and Mike McAllery now live together. What, Ned and Alice have rules?? And ummm Steven lives with Billie!!! But whatever… so Steven, first of all, is APESHIT that Jessica is living with Mike, and they happen to live in the same apartment building as Steven and Billie. Steven acts VERY overprotective of Jessica to the point of acting less like a brother and more like a jealous lover- even Billie points this out! I swear this all started when Steven had to bend over his muscle-bound body over Jessica to zip that low cut blue dress that Jess wore to Regina Morrow’s party in ” Kidnapped!” 😉 But yes it is VERY creepy how Steven is acted. Granted, Mike is rumored to be a drug dealer, is quite possessive of Jessica, ( ie he wants her to drop the sorority, saying all of the girls are snotty bitches- OK he is probably right..) and Jessica saw Mike making out with a hot redhead. I have noticed that in SVU Jess and Liz’s boys always cheat on them with redheads- that must piss off Jessica and Elizabeth just because blondes are WAY better- NO redheads! But Mike always apologizes profusely and calls Jessica ” baby” over and over again so even though Mike is a cheater, rumored drug dealer, and sometimes yells at Jess to the point that she gets scared,  she forgives Mike over and over again. And Ned and Alice do visit for Parents Weekend and Mike gets mad ( actually rightfully so) for Jessica never introducing Mike as her boyfriend.  That is shitty of Jessica. And again why would the Wakefields think it OK for Steven to live with Billie, but wrong if Jessica lived with Mike? Oh yes- Jessica HAS to stay a virgin. Steven can fuck around all he wants- he’s a MAN after all!!

And William White and Tom Watts both want Elizabeth bad, Isabella Ricci wants Tom Watts,  Celine, Liz’s annoying roommate ( yeah I really hate Celine) wants William White, and Denise and Winston clearly want each other but neither realizes the other wants each other yet. Denise and Isabella are both sorority sisters of Jessica’s BTW in case you weren’t aware, and William is that white supremicist asshole that was head of the secret society- but Liz doesn’t know that yet. Also, this is the book where Nina, Elizabeth’s new best friend ( black Enid, basically, but with slightly more personality) and her new boyfriend Bryan get seriously beaten up by that secret society. Sad face.

And that’s basically what happens- so to review, Winston is OK because Tom and Elizabeth saved him after Elizabeth forced Celine to tell her what the Sigmas planned to do with Winston ( after Denise asked Liz for help of course because even at SVU everyone knows to go to Liz for any help at all times), Jessica is now living in sin with Mike McAllery ( and yes they have had the sex at this point and it was magical) but only Steven Wakefield seems to know- not even Liz knows, but Isabella covers for Jessica.  Ned and Alice cannot know because college girls must never live with their boyfriends.  Tom and Elizabeth finally kiss but William White ruins their beautiful moment. Mike McAllery succeeds in getting Jess to drop the Thetas.

REALLY hoping to recap ” New York, New York” by next week. Wish me luck on that- and books coming up this spring and summer!! This blog is going to be very BSC and Sweet Valley centered for awhile- I may try to get more Sleepover Friends books as well as Fabulous Five books and maybe even a Karen book or two- but all I have left to read and recap for now are SVU, Sweet Valley Twins, High and Kids- and BSC. I do hope to return to the spirit of this blog which is to recap different series than those but for now this has to do… Sorry! So cummin uppp…

Sweet Valley Twins #7- Three’s a Crowd ( LOVED this book as  a kid, HATE it as a 32 year old)

Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper #4-The Case of the Christmas Thief

SVH #58- Brokenhearted ( where on the cover, Jeffrey and Liz resemble Chris and Cathy from Flowers in the Attic)

BSC Super Special #4- Baby Sitters Island Adventure ( awful Super Special if u ask me- with awful examples of parenting… but more on that in the recap)

Sweet Valley Twins #51- Elizabeth the Impossible ( never read as a kid,but GREAT example of Liz being a douche…)

BSC Super Special #11 ( my FAVORITE one besides the NYC one- well this was truly my favorite one as a junior high kid!!) The Baby-Sitters Remember

Sweet Valley High #7- Dear Sister- the 2nd SVH book I ever read at age 8- and it used to make me cry sooo bad because of my dear little sister.. now I find it VERY snark-worthy!! and SCANDALOUS!

Sweet Valley Twins #21- Left Behind

Sweet Valley Twins #62- Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom ( this turns Sophia Rizzo into a tomboy… don’t remember that in SV Twins #9 at all!! GRRRR!)

BSC #21 ( one of my favorites as a kiddie!!!) Mallory and the Trouble with Twins

Also, I have to do a poll here- I know it’s hard but I want you all to name your top five favorite Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High books. I know this is HARD but I am going to try this!! I am going to write the ones I liked best when I was a kid. I also will include Sweet Valley Twins books that were my favorites.

Sweet Valley High Top Five ( and remember I am writing the ones I liked best when I was about 11-14 years old not the ones I enjoyed reading most at my age now- but you all can answer either way!)

Soo SVH top 5-

SVH #21- Runaway

SVH #10- Wrong Kind of Girl

SVH I wanna say #74-  The Perfect Girl

SVH #81- Rosa’s Lie

SVH #57- Teacher Crush

Sweet Valley Twins”

SVT #42- Jessica’s Secret

SVT #43- Elizabeth’s First Kiss

SVT #6- The New Girl

SVT #9- Against the Rules

SVT #62- Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom, actually!

BSC : ( this is tough!!)

BSC #1- Kristy’s Great Idea

BSC #3- The Truth About Stacey

BSC #37- Dawn and The Older Boy (  I NEED to read that again)

BSC #50- Dawn’s First Date

BSC Super Special one- Baby Sitters on Board


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