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BSC Super Special #4- Baby Sitters’ Island Adventure

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I never read this BSC book as a kid, mainly because it did not seem very interesting to me. Reading this as an adult- wow… I had thought the Ramseys were good parents, and after reading this book, I now feel that the Ramseys should have had DCF called on their behinds! Before I even begin this recap, let me just tell you what the freakin’ Ramseys did- they allowed Jessi, an ELEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD, to spend the WHOLE WEEKEND ALONE with her eight year old sister and one and a half year old brother- with NO parents yes you have that right!! And then Jessi gets all pissy at Aunt Cecilia- OK I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning…

Claudia and Dawn have both been taking sailing lessons. Dawn and Claudia race each other in a sailing race,  and it’s a draw. Claudia blames her dangly earrings.  🙂 Dawn and Claud agree to a rematch on Saturday, and they decide to sail to Greenpoint Island. Each girl picks her ” crew”- Dawn picks Jeff, her brother, who is visiting from California, and Haley Braddock. Claudia takes Becca Ramsey and Jamie Newton. Yes, the Newtons feel it’s a great idea for Jamie, who is four years old, to go sailing with an inexperienced 13 year old. Need I mention that Jamie is also sick? Mrs. Newton does say she doesn’t think Jamie should go because he’s sick but Jamie whines, so Mrs. Newton gives in. I used to like her. And yes the Ramsey parents are away for the weekend when Becca is off sailing with Claudia and Dawn. Sheesh.

Well, the ” adventure-” Dawn and Claudia veer way off course after a huge rainstorm, and end up on a deserted island. Very Gilligan, I know. Dawn and Claudia brought candy bars and oranges and all that stuff, so they have enough food for about a day…. but the BSC’ers and the kids end up being at that island for almost three days. And yes obviously they all get rescued because otherwise you’d have no more BSC books, and you would have been a sad child. It turns out that Claudia is the one who stays cool under pressure in this situation, and Dawn pretty much falls apart in a crisis, which Dawn feels terrible about. Also, Jamie is becoming really sick.  Claudia rallies the kids together, and again, does well in this crisis, which makes Claudia very proud of herself in the end.

The rest of the BSC’ers don’t get great plots- but they all revolve around their feelings around Dawn and Claud being lost. Kristy cancels a Krushers/ Bashers tournament because she’s worried about her friends and Krushers ( Becca and Haley are Krushers cheerleaders, Jamie a player) and Bart thinks Kristy is just canceling the game because she’s afraid of losing! Bart is really an ass-clown in this book. But Kristy and Bart make up later when Bart realizes he was being an ass-clown.

Before Dawn left for her ill-fated sailing journey, she and Mary Anne had a major fight because Dawn forgot to tell Mary Anne about a phone message from Logan. Mary Anne gets so steamed and fucking dramatic about it that she tells Dawn she never wants to see Dawn ever again! Then Mary Anne cries a lot thinking Dawn is dead, and they never even made up! Stacey is visiting her dad in NYC for the weekend, and Ed McGill is also an ass-clown. Stacey hears about her friends and baby sitting charges being shipwrecked, and because she is worried she wants to leave NYC early and go help the other BSC’ers and assorted grown-ups try to find the BSC’ers and pals. Mr. McGill refuses to let Stacey leave, and is a real prick about it. Why wouldn’t he get that Stacey can’t exactly have great fun if she’s worried about her pals?

Mallory is just concerned that Vanessa’s best friend Haley and the various other kids are missing. She’s also trying to support Jessi, who is again all pissy because when she hears Becca is lost,  she needs to get to the community center to help find Becca, and has to call Aunt Cecilia to watch Squirt because she CAN’T REACH HER PARENTS!! Why aren’t they easily reachable? UGH! Well, reasonably so, Aunt Cecilia thinks her bro is a fuggin idiot for leaving an 11 year old alone with the 2 other kids, and she is mad at Jessi for letting Becca go sailing with Dawn and Claudia, but then Aunt Cecilia cools a bit when she learns later that the Ramseys OK’ed that before their trip.

UGH I just mostly hated this book because it was sort of boring to me ( as I knew they’d all be OK!) and the parenting decisions in this book are so fuckin’ unbelievable, they make Octo Mom and Alice Wakefield seem like the premier moms of the universe!!!

Next, I get to recap a book I did love reading as an adult, though  I never read it as a kid- Elizabeth the Impossible, from Sweet Valley Twins. I will try to write a longer recap on that one. I also have Baby Sitters Remember, Dear Sister, Mallory and the Trouble with Twins, and Sweet Valley Twins Left Behind coming up! Also look for more Unicorn Club and Freshman Dorm drama!


Baby Sitters Club Super Special #6- New York, New York

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I have read this book three times recently, and in thinking about it, I really only like this book because it takes place in New York City. The actual book is not really that interesting in my opinion. Most of the girls have sort of boring plots ( other than Jessi, her plot is rather life-changing for her). I was just so happy that the book takes place in one of the best cities, EVER!!!

The members of the BSC somehow have two weeks off from school ( we sometimes got almost 2 weeks off during Christmas vacation, but otherwise we’d get a week off at a time at most, other than summer vacay of course). But the BSC seem to constantly get two weeks off. Some of the BSC members will stay with Stacey and her father at her dad’s apartment ( that would be  Stacey of course, Claudia,  and Dawn) and the rest of the girls are going to stay with Laine and her parents ( which I find REALLY odd, as Laine’s parents barely know these girls- I don’t care how close the Cummingses are with Mr. McGill- no way in hell would I be having all of these 13 year olds that I barely know stay at my house for 2 weeks!!). Well here are the plots of each girl- some girls I am grouping together as they sort of share plots

Claudia and Mal: Both are talking art classes for two weeks at the Fine Arts League of New York ( or FALNY). In fact, Claudia is the one who sort of makes the New York trip happen- Claudia’s parents let her take the classes for two weeks in NY because Stacey will be visiting her dad, Mallory’s parents also let her take the art classes, and Stacey’s father says the rest of the members of the BSC can visit, too, naturally. Claudia is hoping that the art teacher, MacKenzie Clark, will discover her talents as a great artist. Mallory is just hoping how to learn magic mushrooms and cartoon animals and what not because Mallory wants to write and illustrate children’s books when she grows up.) Claudia gets really upset because MacKenzie always yells at Claudia to slow down and seems to always criticize her, as he tells Mallory she’s doing a good job. Claudia begins to resent Mallory and calls her ” teacher’s pet.” One day at the Cloisters, (which I want to visit sooo bad- it’s all medieval and what not!) Claudia finally decides to slow down when she draws, and when Mac as some of the kids call him sees Claudia’s ” slowed down” art Mac remarks that Claudia is one of the most talented young artists he has ever known, and if Claudia had a bit more discipline she’d be even better. Mac also remarks that Mallory is not as talented, but is very disciplined and if you put Claud and Mallory together you’d have the best artist ever. So Claudia is finally happy that Mac recognized her talents, and Mallory decides that pro art classes aren’t for her- Mallory is satisfied with how she draws, and decides to work on a children’s book about 2 mice, Meaghan and Ryan, visiting NYC and getting into wacky adventures. That actually sounds like a great children’s book to be honest!

Stacey and Mary Anne- Yes, babysitting has to be involved somehow, you know that.  Mr. and Mrs. Cummings’s neighbors’ cousins are visiting from England, and both of these people have very important political jobs in England and have to work for the two weeks, so they ask Laine and her parents if they know of anyone who would be able to be a nanny for the two children, Rowena age 4 and Allistair age 7, as well as ” have the kids see the city as a child would.” Laine immediately recruits the BSC, and Stacey and Mary Anne volunteer for the job.  Rowena and Allistair act stereotypically British and proper of course, and say ” brilliant” a lot, and Stacey and Mary Anne take the kids to Central Park and FAO Schwartz and places like that. Mary Anne keeps seeing a man in a rain hat and sunglasses and is convinced this man is following Rowena and Allistair around in order to kidnap them. Mary Anne gets Stacey to agree that the kids’ lives are in danger, and Stacey suggests talking to Rowena and Allistair’s parents about this so that they know the possible risk to their children. Well the Harringtons  ( R and A’s parents) laugh out loud when Stace and MA tell them about their worries. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington tell Mary Anne and Stacey that the children were being followed- by their bodyguard wearing a disguise. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington wanted their kids to enjoy New York without being attached to a bodyguard, and they didn’t tell Mary Anne and Stacey because they would freak out ( and Mary Anne agrees that she would have freaked out.). Once Mary Anne and Stacey meet the bodyguard, they always wave at him.

Dawn- Supremely annoying in this book. Dawn is PETRIFIED of NYC though she had been there before  ( and what she never went to Los Angeles when she was younger? Just as dangerous, I am sure, and plus home to the Lakers, who suck ass- I am all about the Celtics baby!) and Dawn is constantly afraid she will be mugged or shot. Dawn refuses to sightsee, so she’s always in Mr. McGill’s apartment ( sometimes alone which I don’t get- being alone in a house is the worst thing you could do sometimes!! Why not sightsee with Kristy, Jessi, Stacey et al? It’d be a lot safer!!). Eventually, the boy who lives downstairs, Richie Magnesi, randomly comes to the apartment to introduce himself one day, and tells Dawn he will show her a great time around NYC and take her to places that many non New Yorkers don’t know about. They eat Godiva chocolates ( umm I live in CT they totes have Godiva at the local mall, and did back when I first read this book in like 5th grade), go to the Laura Ashley store ( how is hippy dippy Ms Alterna Dawn into Laura Ashley??) and go to Little Italy and Soho and what not. Dawn ” eats her way through the city” as she puts it and also bitches over eating cannoli because it will ruin her teeth. Dawn ends up really getting  a crush on Ritchie, even though they never kiss or anything (well Richie knowing about Laura Ashley.. yeah probably a friend of Dorothy…)

Jessi- Has the best plot ever in this book. But before I go into that- Jessi was all upset because her parents won’t let her wander NYC alone- well DUH Jessi you are fucking 11! I would barely allow my 11 year old to be home alone in her own house at night, never mind wander NYC by herself!!! So one day Laine, Stacey, Mary Anne and the kids drop off Jessi for her to  watch Swan Lake at Lincoln Center. A boy ends up sitting next to Jessi and his name is Quint- I think he is about 13 or so though we are never told that. Well, Jessi and Quint end up REALLY hitting it off- I mean he is also black, a boy dancer. The boy dancer thing is an issue for Quint- he has the opportunity to dance at Julliard, but he is nervous to try out because the boys in the neighborhood make fun of him for enjoying dance. Jessi gets Quint to audition, saying that those boys making fun of his shouldn’t let Quint not pursue his dream. By the way, to digress a bit, one day Jessi has a cow because Quint invites Jessi over to watch movies at his house,and Laine says she wants to meet Quint’s family and get his phone number before letting Jessi go there alone, and yes Laine walks there with Jessi. Jessi says she feels Laine is treating her like a baby and Laine says it’s just common sense- yeah HELLO-Jessi you are ELEVEN! And going to the home of a boy you barely know!! Jeez Louise Jessi can be very annoying when she wants to be. Well, Quint ends up giving Jessi her first kiss,and he becomes Jessi’s first boyfriend.

Kristy- Kristy and Jessi are wandering Central Park one day when Kristy finds a lost dog. Kristy ends up taking the dog in because she can’t find tags. Laine says the dog has to be hidden from her parents and Kristy assumes it’s because the Dakota apartments don’t allow dogs, so Kristy keeps having to hide the dog Kristy has named Sonny, as in Son of Louie, because he reminds Kristy of her late dog, Louie.  Kristy had wanted to take the dog to CT, but Watson won’t allow it. Well, one day despite Kristy hiding the dog, the Cummings do find Sonny and tell Kristy they don’t want a dog, either, ( and the apartment does allow pets it’s Laine’s parents that don’t) and Kristy works hard to find Sonny a new owner.  A little boy named Brandon calls to say he really wants a dog, and Kristy goes to the apartment and even though Brandon’s apartment isn’t as great as Laine’s Kristy lets Brandon keep the dog anyway- damn, Kristy can be a snob- but seriously that’s kind f what she says. Brandon is great with Sonny and Kristy is happy that Sonny has a great owner- and that Brandon is keeping the name Sonny!

So that’s about it for this book. I really really hope I visit NYC again soon!!! And coming up soon in this here blog- Sweet Valley Twins #7, Three’s a Crowd, Baby Sitters Island Adventure, and SVH #58 Brokenhearted!

BSC #60- Mary Anne’s Makeover

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Yes, I know, I haven’t been around in awhile. But it seems that between work, workouts, spending time w/ my man- more and more of my time is eaten up and there’s less time to devote to this here blog- but I am on vacation this week so I am hoping to post at least a couple times this week. Now, on to the fun!!

First of all, I ADORE this bookcover- Mary Anne is showing off her new short hair, Logan has his feathered hair going on and also his VERY baggy jeans, and Dawn’s jeans ( well who I think is Dawn- I can never tell who is Dawn and who is Stacey on these covers) has quite the bulge in her jeans- Dawn seems to have a bulge in the front of those jeans on a FEW covers- very odd…

Chapter 1: Mary Anne is sitting for Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold. Carolyn loves the movie ” Back to the Future” and is working on a time machine, like in the movie. This starts the B plot of this book, which is sort of boring and I may not get into it much. Mary Anne then describes how Marilyn and Carolyn used to always dress alike and had to share a room, and then Mary Anne convinced the Arnolds to let them be individuals ( umm wasn’t that Mallory who did that???) and now Carolyn has short hair and wears trendy clothes, and Marilyn wears her  hair longer and likes to play piano. Not much more to that chapter, sorry- except we also hear about how Mary Anne and Dawn became stepsisters, which most of you should know already. You know, Dawn moved from Cali to CT,  Dawn and Mary Anne meet and discover their parents dated in high school, Richard and Sharon start to date again, and they marry a few months later ( or what Mary Anne deems ” forever”).

Chapter 2:  Mary Anne is at a Baby Sitters Club meeting. Mary Anne picks up a magazine that Claudia has lying around, and the model has very cute short hair that Mary Anne just loves, and a flowing pastel colored dress. Dawn says she would love to see Mary Anne in a dress like that. Kristy says that you couldn’t wear sneakers with that dress- because, we all know that Kristy must wear sneakers daily.  As Mary Anne continues flipping through the magazine, she keeps going back to the short haired model, and thinks that she would love to have that haircut, and she has been thinking of trying something new. Why not get this short and sassy new short ‘do?  Mary Anne asks her friends about it and Claudia is all ” oh no not our Mary Anne” and Stacey tells Mary Anne “it’s not you.”  Mary Anne says her friends’ reactions make her feel strange. What is wrong with trying something new, and why is everyone all shocked that Mary Anne wanted to do so?

Chapter 3:  Mary Anne is in her room after dinner, and holds her hair up in front of the mirror so she can see what she’d look like with short hair. Mary Anne discovers that she has a great jaw that would look great with short hair. Mary Anne then decides that she wants to go through with getting a cute short haircut, and thinks that her friends will be a little surprised at first, but she then bets that the other BSC’ers will love her new look. But Mary Anne has to ask Richard first – and Mary Anne is nervous about that. But Richard says yes! Richard even suggests a father- daughter day at the mall, where Mary Anne can get her haircut and they can also have lunch. Then Mary Anne tells her dad not to tell Dawn or Sharon because she wants to surprise them. Now anyone whose read this book knows this will make Dawn be a mega-bitch later on… but I am jumping ahead of myself…

Chapter 4: More on Carolyn’s time machine.  Carolyn says the time machine will be ready to operate by next week and this makes Jessi nervous because Jessi thinks Carolyn may think this time machine will actually work, and Carolyn is setting herself up to be disappointed.

Chapter 5: THE MALL TRIP! MY FAVORITE CHAPTER OF THE BOOK!  Mary Anne gets her hair cut first. Joyce, the woman who gives Stacey her hot perms, looks at the haircut Mary Anne brought in and says it will be very flattering on Mary Anne. So Joyce cuts away and Mary Anne is shocked- but she loves it!!! Richard says Mary Anne looks like a mature young woman with that cut, and he can’t believe how Mary Anne is growing up. Richard pays for the cut, and then Mary Anne gets a free makeover at some store that just opened, and Mary Anne loves how she looks with all of the great makeup they used. Richard even asks to buy the ” recipe” the girls used on Mary Anne’s face ( oh Richard how cute you are!!). Mary Anne and Richard stop to listen to a jazz band next( and I remember this from when I read this at 16!!)) and the one guy in the band keeps going ” eh eh eh eh” and Mary Anne and Richard laugh over it. After a lunch of Mexican food, Richard and Mary Anne go to the store Steven E, which is quite expensive, and Richard offers to buy Mary Anne the clothes as long as Mary Anne pays him back. Mary Anne buys a red dress ( that, shit, I’d wear now) that is off the shoulder crepe with a fitted bodice and a red flared out skirt- Mary Anne thinks it will be perfect to wear to the January Jamboree! Mary Anne also gets stockings and shoes to go with the dress, an oversized, indigo cable knit sweater, and flowered leggings with a paisley top. After Richard and Mary Anne get takeout for dinner, Mary Anne and Richard get home. Sharon answers the door and Dawn is next to Sharon. Then as Mary Anne opens the door, Mary Anne yells ” Surprise!!”

Chapter 6: Sharon tells Mary Anne she looks great! Sharon then asks if Richard was on in this and Richard says yes ” he was the principal source of funding.” I LOVE RICHARD!!! Dawn hasn’t said a word yet about Mary Anne’s makeover. Finally, Dawn asks Mary Anne why Dawn wasn’t told about the haircut. But OK I know I have gotten my hair cut, or straightened it, or bought a new outfit, and didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to surprise them all- not a big deal!!! Does this not happen in Stoneybrook? Mary Anne says it was sort of a last minute decision but then Dawn says ” but you said you were thinking about it for awhile” and Mary Anne says ” but yes I wasn’t sure you know me” and Dawn is all ” well I thought I did.” Yep, Dawn is all snippy over a new haircut.  Later on, Mary Anne calls Logan and says she has a surprise for him. Dawn picks up the other extension and goes ” Mary Anne some surprise it’s only a haircut.” BITCHY!!! God, I have never really liked Dawn not even when I was in 5th grade! Mary Anne starts crying to Logan saying she only wanted to surprise everyone and can’t believe how Dawn is acting. Logan says he has no doubt the haircut is great, and he can’t wait to see Mary Anne’s new ‘do. Mary Anne then decides that due to Dawn’s behavior, she won’t speak to Dawn the rest of the night.

Chapter 7:   Logan sees Mary Anne’s new haircut on Sunday and he loves it. On Monday, Mary Anne puts on makeup and brushes her hair and uses a bit of hairspray ( doesn’t Mary Anne brush her hair every day?- I guess not) and Mary Anne is hoping her other friends will like her new look.  Well, two jocks at SMS are like “oh- hey”to Mary Anne so they like the cut, and even Cokie Mason tells Mary Anne she looks fantastic.  Then Mary Anne sees Kristy, Claud and Stacey. Stacey tells Mary Anne Dawn had already told them about Mary Anne’s haircut. Stacey says “oh it will grow out” and Kristy says ” we told you it’s not you, knucklehead” and Claudia is all “oh I can’t believe you went without us.” The fuck?? All this snotty behavior over a HAIRCUT? Then again we know how the BSC reacts if anyone if the club changes in any way. Mary Anne tells Logan she’s starting to worry that her new haircut isn’t nice because of how Dawn, Claud, Stace and Kristy are reacting and Logan tells Mary Anne the other girls are jealous, and that Logan loves her hair but what’s  important is that Mary Anne herself like her haircut.

Chapter 8:  Claudia is baby sitting for the Arnolds again. I really don’t care.  Stacey comes over with Haley and Matt Braddock, and as Haley and Matt play with Marilyn ( well they spy on Carolyn) as Carolyn fools around more with the time machine, Stacey and Claudia ( from what Mary Anne can gather) talk about Mary Anne’s new haircut. LAME.

Chapter 9:  Mary Anne feels like a pariah ( it’s a word she looked up.) Mary Anne has made Logan go to club meetings with her because no one in the BSC will speak to her. Mary Anne and Logan also eat lunch alone because of the way the others are freezing Mary Anne out.  Mary Anne tells Logan there’s a rumor going around that a friend of Kristy’s brother Sam named  Chris said Mary Anne is cute and wanted to know her name. Logan suggests that maybe Mary Anne should have a talk with her friends.  Mary Anne says she doesn’t want to because she’s convinced the BSC started the rumors. Mary Anne is supposed to go shopping with Kristy to buy new things for their Kid Kits but Mary Anne doesn’t even want to go so instead she makes plans with Logan after school.  At the BSC meeting, the girls are again freezing Mary Anne out and Mary Anne almost cries and starts to think that maybe Mary Anne no longer belongs in the club.

Chapter 10: A girl named Hannah Toce tells Mary Anne she heard a rumor that a high school boy likes her.  Mary Anne is kind of happy that popular girls like Hannah and Sabriana Bouivier ( I thought Sabrina was 7 and won the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant) are paying attention to her, and Mary Anne is wearing makeup to school every day now. Mary Anne comments on how the BSC thinks girls like Hannah and Sabrina, who wear makeup and like clothes, are snotty ( umm that’s Stacey and Claud!) but Mary Anne says they are not at all. And Mary Anne is a little annoyed by the rumors, but is flattered that some 10th grader may like her.  Sabrina tells Mary Anne in English class that she hears that a popular, hunky high school boy named Carlos is going to invite Mary Anne to the high school winter dance, and Mary Anne tells Sabrina she knows nothing about this. Wow, so a girl cuts her hair and rumors spread? Weird. Mary Anne then tells Logan that she’s not going to BSC meetings until her friends start being nicer. Logan tells Mary Anne that seems a bit extreme.  When Dawn gets home, she’s all ” Oh Mary Anne is actually going to eat with us?” and then chides Mary Anne for missing the meeting. Mary Anne runs upstairs and cries.

Chapter 11: Carolyn Arnold is charging a dollar for kids to use her time machine.  Mary Anne doesn’t know if she should tell Carolyn that the time machine is not real and she should not be cheating other kids out of their money. Mary Anne wishes she could talk to Stacey or Kristy because both of them are so practical but she cannot because she’s now a BSC pariah.

Chapter 12: Sabrina goes up to Mary Anne saying she must be so happy that Carlos asked her out. Mary Anne tells Sabrina that Carlos has never asked her out and Sabrina is all ” well that’s what I hear! Jeez.” Mary Anne is having second thoughts about Sabrina as a friend. Then, Logan talks to Mary Anne on the phone later  and asks if she really wants to go to the dance with him, because he’s heard the rumors about Carlos. Mary Anne says this is all nonsense and rumors and she has no idea who Carlos even is!  Mary Anne tells Logan she is going to set Sabrina and her friends straight tomorrow.  Then Dawn walks by and goes ” oh talking to Logan again? Or is that Carlos?” Dawn stop being a beeyotch!!!

Chapter 13: Mary Anne is fed up with Dawn and goes to confront her.  That’s when Dawn tells Mary Anne she’s tired of Mary Anne parading around the house with  her ” boy haircut and clown make-up” and that’s when Mary Anne gives Dawn the ULTIMATE rank- ” oh , go choke on an alfalfa sprout!!” AWESOME, MARY ANNE! Mary Anne cries a lot but then goes downstairs and tells Dawn she really does want to talk to Dawn for real. Finally, Dawn relents. Mary Anne tells Dawn she’s sorry but is not sure for what. Dawn tells Mary Anne that first of all Dawn is hurt because Mary Anne didn’t ask her advice about whether or not Mary Anne should cut her hair. So? I mean I guess 13 year old girls must always consult their friends…. Dawn also says that she was hurt by Mary Anne and Richard being so close because Dawn’s dad is all the way in Cali so they really can’t have much dad and daughter time.  Then Dawn also said she and the other BSC’ers felt frozen out because Mary Anne was spending all her time with Logan. Mary Anne tells Dawn she did that because the other girls were ignoring her and making snide remarks. Dawn then asks about Carlos and Mary Anne says he’s never asked her out!! Mary Anne then asks Dawn if they can still be friends even though Mary Anne has short hair and Dawn says yes, hugs Mary Anne and says she actually loves Mary Anne’s hair.  Then Mary Anne goes to a BSC meeting- and the girls all tell Mary Anne they love her hair! Mary Anne is now validated. And Kristy is nervous over this sitting job with the Arnold twins, as it’s the day of the time machine unveiling. Mary Anne says she will bring Jenny and Andrea Prezzioso along, for moral support for Kristy or something.

Chapter 14:  The time machine is actually a success. The kids loved pretending to travel back in time. I really don’t care.

Chapter 15: Mary Anne asks Dawn to borrow blush, as she’s run out. Now, this book spans about 2 weeks- Mary Anne must have looked like a clown if she’s already out of blush 2 weeks later- when I wore makeup daily in high school it took me some months to finish a whole container of blusher!  Mary Anne tells Dawn she looks stunning in her black velvet dress, and her hair in a French braid. Dawn tells Mary Anne that she looks lovely, as well. Pete Black is Dawn’s date.  Now, Logan wears a tuxedo- to a middle school dance. And he looks hot, apparently. A tux??? Ohhhkayy…  I think Dibbly Fresh or someone pointed this out, but it’s really annoying when Mary Anne says things like ” Kristy Thomas was trying to walk in a long dress and heels” and ” Claudia Kishi looked great in her shiny lame ( as in gold lame, not LAME as in ” Sarah Palin is lame”)  outfit. Who refers to their friends like that? Like, I don’t say ” Oh I am going to the movies this weekend with my friend Jen Smith” or whatever.  Sabrina has on a sparkly gown- yep I think she wore that to the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant.  Sabrina’s date has olive skin and curly hair and is very handsome.  The girls all wonder who that is and Mary Anne says ” Carlos!!” out loud and Carlos even turns around. Then the BSC members all laugh. The End.

I know this post wasn’t nearly as great as Sadako’s, but I tried!! Next- ( I will TRY to post this week) look for SVU #3- What Your Parents Don’t Know.

And coming up at some point- I am not going away yet, peeps, even though I post less often than I used to!

BSC Super Special #6- New York, New York! ( which I love more now than I did as a kid because my BF and I adore NYC)

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Sweet Valley High #58- Brokenhearted

Baby Sitters Club #87- Stacey and the Bad Girls

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Chapter 1: It’s summer vacation for about the 30th time in BSC land. I swear it was just summer vacation in BSC #76 ( also recapped on here) and 9 books later it’s summer vacation again? And Stacey doesn’t mention being excited to start high school or anything- I guess she knows better than to hope for that. At this point, Stacey and the BSC are no longer friends after the HUGE fall out in BSC #83 ( and yes that’s been recapped on here too!!) and Stacey now has new friends, like Andi the cheerleader.  Stacey invites Andi and some other friends over for lunch for a ” good bye” lunch for Andi who is going on a family vacation this summer. Stacey invites Andi Gentile over ( that’s her last name), Sheila McGregor, ( I want to say I remember her from ” Stacey and the Cheerleader”, Heather Epstein, Mia Pappas, and Jacqui Grant, all new friends of Stacey that she met through her boyfriend Robert.  Stacey goes out to get snacks and food for lunch and bikes by the Rosebud Cafe- Stacey almost forgets it’s where Mary Anne’s boyfriend Logan works. Stacey sees Logan inside working, then sees Kristy, Mary Anne and Dawn inside having sodas. Stacey bikes off, getting all antsy, hoping that the BSC’ers didn’t see her. Stacey is a little upset those friendships are over, but she is very glad to have her aweosome new friends.

Chapter 2:  Stacey has to go and describe all the BSC members- WTF? She’s not even friends with these bitches anymore!! BTW Stacey does still sit for Charlotte because Stacey is Charlotte’s favorite sitter.

Chapter 3:  Stacey, Mia, Heather, Jacqui and Sheila are singing a U 4 Me song to Andi as part of saying goodbye. U 4 Me is this hot new teen group that Stacey and her new friends love. This again becomes important later.  Jacqui then starts laughing- she picks up a note Robert wrote Stacey that says ” Hello Toots” and reads it out loud and everyone laughs hysterically. Stacey is a little miffed at first that Jacqui read her letter, but Stacey rationalizes it by thinking that it was Stacey’s fault for leaving the letter out in plain view.  Sheila calls the next day asking if everyone can come over again. Stacey says yes right away and Sheila says it’s so cool that Stacey gets the house all to herself while Maureen McGill is at work all day. Sheila has a U 4 Me video that she is bringing over.  Sheila, Heather, Jacqui and Mia keep scarfing down food at Stacey’s- yogurt, corn chips, what have you and Stacey makes a mental note to replace all of the food.  Stacey then tells the others she has to buy food and they all say ” oh we will come too” and Stacey never ends up buying the food as her friends keep getting distracted by other things. They even walk past the house that Robert and some high school friends of his are painting- Robert is painting houses for a job this summer.  Stacey doesn’t mind that she never bought the food, though, because her new friends are so cool. Soon, Stacey’s friends make a habit of hanging out at Stacey’s every day, all day and eating all of the food and making a huge mess of the house.  Robert stops by one day after work and sits on the couch although  he is covered in paint. Stacey lies down some newspaper just  in case the paint isn’t all dry as Robert claims it is. When Stacey’s mother comes home one day, she finds Stacey and her friends sprawled out all over the living room.  Stacey’s mom is PISSED- she says that no wonder most of the food is gone, and she can’t believe the mess that was made of the house. Stacey’s mom asks if Stace has anything better to do than lie around all day and feed her friends. Well obviously not Mrs. McGill- Stacey can’t baby sit anymore ( well except for Charlotte I forget).  Mrs. McGill says if Stacey really has nothing to do all summer, it’s Mrs. McG’s mission to get Stacey a job! Isn’t it amazing how apparently Stoneybrook has tons of jobs for middle schoolers?

Chapter 4:  Well OK apparently there aren’t many jobs for 13 year olds. Stacey refuses to paint houses or deliver papers, and the BSC has a lock on all the sitting jobs. Mrs, McGill suggests that Stacey patch things up with the Baby Sitters Club to get jobs and Stacey says NO WAY!”  Stacey then goes to the supermarket to see if there are any suitable jobs posted there. Stacey finds four potential jobs/ numbers-  a modeling agency, a gym with a toddler center that needs summer help, a two income couple who needs a dog walker twice per day, and a part time job as a companion for an elderly woman.  Sheila then calls and is all thrilled that her mom will let her get a nose piercing like Jacqui’s- Lord help me if I have a 13 year old who wants a nose piercing someday. Now heck when she’s 18 my potential daughter can pierce every part of her body she wants but at 13 fuckin’ forget it- only ears are being pierced and that’s IT!!!  I am also one who does not believe in piercing babies’ ears but I am digressing horribly. Well, Stacey makes some job calls. The lady who posted for a companion for the elderly wanted someone with experience caring for elders. Duh I’d say.  Stacey leaves a message for the dog walker people who have their dog barking on the answering machine- bad sign I say.  Stacey gets interviews set up for the modeling agency and Sports Town, the gym who needs workers for the Toddler Center.  Stacey’s first interview is at the modeling agency. Stacey dresses in a pretty flowered dress for the ocassion.  Stacey is intimidated already in the waiting room- every girl looks like a Sassy cover- ooh nice Sassy shout out I LOVED Sassy as a kid. When Stacey is finally called in, she meets with a woman and a man who are both dressed all in black.  Much like Tyra Banks and Nigel,  the woman and man call Stacey ” too commercial” basically and dismiss her with a ” don’t call us we’ll call you” kinda thing.  Sports Town the next day doesn’t go well either- they got a lot of applications and they won’t be needing help at least until September. Stinky. So Stacey still has no job.  The dog sitter woman wanted someone older than 13 to walk Cutesy the dog.  Stacey FINALLY gets great luck- a person at the daycare center at Bellair’s, where Stacey’s mom works, quit, so Ms. Blair needs a new young part time aide for the daycare center. Stacey has an interview that goes really well- and Stacey gets the job- and an employee discount- yes this also becomes important.

Chapter 5: Stacey goes and blows the end of this book by talking about how Claudia let Stacey read the BSC notebook and told her all about BSC happenings ” when Claudia and I became friends again”- ugh. Well this chapter is covering a BSC job.  Dawn’s mother has a cousin named Ed who lives in Chicago.  Apparently ever since Dawn’s mom sent a wedding annoucement that she married Richard to Ed, she and Ed have been in regular contact and trying to set up a visit. Well Ed the douche decides that he and his wife are going to take a honeymoon type trip to Europe for three weeks- Ed is going on a business trip and taking his wife, as they never had a proper honeymoon- and leaving Ed and wife’s daughter Amy alone with Sharon,Richard, Dawn and Mary Anne- who she’s NEVER MET IN HER FUCKING LIFE- and she’s 6 fuckin years old- FOR THREE WEEKS!!!! AMY DOESN’T KNOW THESE FUCKERS FROM A HOLE IN THE GROUND! I am sorry but Ed and Wife make Ned and Alice Wakefield seem like model effin parents. Excuse the cusses if you are offended, but I cannot BELIEVE that there are fuggin idiots out there who would leave a 6 year old child alone with ANYONE they never have met- I don’t care if Sharon is family! And then Sharon has the nerve to be peeved at Richard because he doesn’t want Amy to come over at first because HE DOESN’T KNOW HER!!!! AHHHGGGGGGG!!!! And naturally Dawn and Mary Anne will be doing most of the watching of this child because Sharon and Richard have to work- so yes they are leaving two 13 year olds basically alone with this 6 year old child for three fuckin weeks- ok Jannie Fitzie- BREATHE- BREATHE…  Mary Anne and Dawn have all kinds of activities planned already- the playground, the art museum, a movie, inviting Laurel and Patsy Kuhn over for a sleepover party etc.  Meanwhile, Sunny calls one day- Sunny’s mom has been diagnosed with lung cancer- fuckin heady stuff- I cried when I first read this book I swear to God. I had never read this book before as I stopped reading BSC after ” Stacey’s Lie- hey I was in 11th grade it was about time!  Well it’s the day of Amy’s visit, and the family made a special dinner and a banner and all that to welcome Amy.  Ed is a loud, bearlike man and Rochelle ( Amy’s mom) is red haired and has freckles. Amy is a shy girl with brown hair.  Amy keeps clutching her mom’s hand and won’t talk to Mary Anne or Dawn. She then cries hysterically when Ed and Rochelle are about to leave- fucking DUH I say!  As Amy cries, Mary Anne cries too, of course.  Amy pretty much cries all night, and Sharon says that Amy can’t cry for three whole weeks. Mary Anne and Dawn don’t seem so sure.

Chapter 6: It’s Stacey’s first day working at the Bellair’s daycare center. Mrs. Grossman runs the center and is delighted that Stacey showed up early.  Stacey is an instant hit at her job- she instantly solves a problem related to two boys not wanting to share the toy trains, and Mrs. Grossman says that one of the boys, Timothy,usually eats baby sitters for lunch,but Stacey really knew how to handle him. Two other girls work at the center part time as well- Liz and Sarah who are both going to be seniors at Stoneybrook High.  The day soon gets really chaotic, but Stacey again solves that problem by asking her mom for a face painting kit.  Stacey likes the job, but it’s much harder than she expected.

Chapter 7:  Sheila,  Mia, Heather at Jacqui show up at Bellair’s to hang out with Stacey after she got out of work.  The girls all buy U 4 Me T-shirts and CD’s and sing the songs out loud as they all walk home.  Sheila, Mia, Heather and Jacqui meet Stacey again after work the next day and as a Mrs. Ballmer that Stacey’s mom works with stops to talk to Stacey the other girls go off. Stacey asks them afterward if they found anything they liked, and Mia says no. But then when Stacey and her friends go to eat at a Chinese food place called Uncle Ed’s, Stacey sees that Sheila has a gorgeous black and white scarf in her bag and Stacey asks Sheila about it. Sheila says she bought the scarf for her mom then quickly shuts the bag-hmmmm…  The next day, Stace finds it a little odd that Sheila, Mia, Heather and Jacqui have shopped at Bellair’s four days in a row- Stacey thinks they are worse shopaholics than Claudia ever was!  As Stacey has her back turned again, she sees her friends in the book section.  Stacey thought she saw Sheila sneak a book to Heather, but then Heather has nothing in her hands. Then Stacey hears Mia’s bag instantly snap shut- for a second Stacey thinks that Mia may have stolen that bag, but then Stacey, because she’s dumb as hell ( well she is also 13 and wants to be accepted by her new friends) puts that thought right out of her mind.  Stacey also wonders about the scarf that Sheila had the other day. But then Stacey thinks that the girls are all buddies of Andi’s, and friends of Andi’s would NEVER steal. Oh good Lord.

Chapter 8:  Claudia is hired to baby sit for Amy Porter. Yep, Amy gets introduced to another stranger because Dawn and Mary Anne both have other sitting jobs lined up.  Claudia has Amy draw her feelings. Amy draws what looks like two people with an umbrella flying away, and Amy says it’s her parents leaving her all alone in Stoneybrook while they are in London, and Amy starts to cry.  Claudia tells Amy her parents only went on vacation and they love her and will come back soon.  Amy runs upstairs in response. I don’t get how no one gets how Amy would be traumatized by this. Ugh moving on…

Chapter 9:  Stacey and Robert are on their way to Pizza Express. Stacey thinks that she may talk to Rob about her suspicions about Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui. But right as Stacey is going to do that, about 10 friends of Robert and Stacey’s call them over to sit down with them, so that’s not the time for Stacey to voice her concerns.  Especially since Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui are four of the people involved.  The boys and girls start discussing U 4 Me- all the girls love them, the boys all hate them. As is to be expected.  As Robert walks Stacey home, he says he hopes Stacey didn’t mind sitting with their friends at dinner. Stacey says it was fine because they are her friends, too. Because Robert is the sweetest dude ever, Stacey decides she can’t tell Robert about her suspicions- yeah, makes no doggone sense to me either.

Chapter 10:  At Bellair’s, Sheila has her eye on a bathing suit, but she really can’t afford it. Sheila asks Stacey if Heather, Mia, Jacqui and Sheila herself can use Stacey’s 10 percent employee discount to buy stuff they otherwise couldn’t afford for themselves. Stacey really doesn’t want to let her friends use her discount as she feels it’s unethical, but finally agrees that her girls can use it.  Sheila says that Stacey can use her money, and the others will just pay Stacey back.  Stacey finds it odd that her friends bought a robe and a sequined gown on her discount, but dismisses her concerns- yeah a common pattern in this here tale.  Heather picks full length cashmere gloves and  Mia wants to buy some odd ostrich feathered hat.  Stacey says her friends owe her a small fortune- even with the discount.

 Guess what, kids? U 4 Me is coming to STAMFORD!! ! YEAH BITCHES!!!  The girls pay Stace back- and tell her they got the money from returning the clothes. OK people who do that shit are mad annoying- I used to work retail, believe me that crap is annoying.  Stacey says the other girls should have picked clothes they liked but Mia says that they did that to make money. Stacey is flabbergasted. But then when Mia and Jacqui say Stacey is pretty much acting like a nerd and they didn’t know she’d make a huge deal over this, Stacey again rationalizes- these new friends are sooo mature and cool, and Bellair’s is a huge store so what does it matter? UGH!! I so wanna slap Stace right now.

Chapter 11:  Stacey says that she alone had to stand in line for hours for U 4 Me tickets. Everyone else complained it was too hot, and Jacqui said she had to be home for dinner. So Sheila, Mia, Heather and Jacqui leave Stacey to stand in the long line all by herself to buy the U 4 Me tickets.  Stacey was pissed, but hey- she’s getting to see U 4 Me in concert and will be right near some singer named Skyllo who I guess is the Justin Timberlake of the BSC.  Stacey and her girls are singing and yelling as Stacey’s mom drops them off- Stacey is sooo excited!

Chapter 12:   The seats are way in the back and Heather, Mia, Jacqui and Sheila are bitching. Right before Stace and her new pals get to their seats, Stace saw some high school kids being pulled aside for having alcohol at the concert. Stacey is glad her friends and her don’t do those kind of things.  WRONG- Sheila  pulls out a small bottle of alkie from her white flop sock! Stacey can’t believe the other girls brought alcohol to the concert and are going to drink it- and before you think Stacey sounds fuckin naive, I was the same way at 13- I mean I was shocked that kids drank when I was a high school senior and I did not drink any alkie at all till age 21- and now I barely ever drink- I’ve never even tried any drugs- I think Regina Morrow set me straight- and KC Angeletti as well- ok digressing again- I am sooo fucking ADHD and I am not really jokin’ there, my girls.   But yep- Mia, Heather,  and Jacqui also all brought their own liquor bottles. Stacey just cannot believe this.  Heather asks if Stace wants some but Sheila says NO HEATHER SHE’S A DIABETIC and is almost, like, laughing about it.  But then as U for Me is about to come on and Stacey is still all oh noes alkie Sheila tells Stacey to ” chill” that the other girls are just having fun and asks Stace if she sure she doesn’t want a sip. Stacey says no.  Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui are louder and louder as U for Me is on and someone else tells them to shut up and even throws a candy wrapper that Sheila throws back but it doesn’t hit anyone because Sheil is too drunks.  Then- security comes- Mia is still drinking but the others try to hide the alcohol quick- then the security guard finds a flask wrapped up in Stacey’s sweater!! And we know Stacey brought no alkie!  Stacey tries telling the guard it’s not her booze, and tells her friends ” come on tell them it’s not mine!!” and she tells the head of security she can’t drink due to her diabetes. The guard says she won’t call the police tonight, but she is calling everyone’s parents now to come pick them up- so Stace missed half the concert and to boot her new good buddies didn’t defend her one bit. Say what ya want about Claud, but that gal is the best buddy Stacey ever had- Claudia would have NEVER done that to Stacey!

Chapter 13: The parents arrive. Mr. and Mrs. Pappas arrive first and they look as if they could kill Mia, per Stacey.  Mr. Pappas says the police should have been called. Then Maureen McG arrives.  Maureen knows that Stacey was definitely not drinking because she’s a diabetic.  Ms. Breen, head of security, said she understood, and Stacey isn’t the first girl to get caught up in her friends’ mistakes.  Stacey’s mom has never looked so damn pissed in her life.  Stacey’s mom says she can’t figure out how a sophisticated city girl like Stacey can’t tell when people are using her. Stacey is all ” using me? What are you talking about?”  Stacey’s mom says that her new buddies used Stacey because she is preppy and clean cut and looks like a good girl, so Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui knew that no one would suspect Stacey of having alcohol on her person.  Stacey’s mom says she hopes Stacey never hangs out with any of these girls again. Stacey decides she definitely will not be, as she sees that her friends did use her.  Sure enough on Monday the new gal pals never show up at Stacey’s job. When Stacey tells all this to Robert he says he knew Sheila was a sneak but he had no idea the girls would all stoop that low. He also tells Stacey he is forever on her side. Stacey is relieved to hear that, but Stacey also is upset that she has now has no gal pals- no Sheila, Mia, Heather and Jacqui- and no BSC- no one.

Chapter 14:  Mary Anne and Dawn get gloomy Amy to play hide and seek.  When Amy hides she ummm hides VERY well- Dawn and Mary Anne can’t find her anywhere and start screaming for Amy- where can she be? Meanwhile Stacey is at work.  A little girl goes up to Stacey asking her where the train station is. Amy then says she needs to get to the train station to go to London, where her parents are.  Now, Stacey still talks to Claud once in a blue moon, and Claudia had told  Stace about Amy. So Stacey decides to call Mary Anne, knowing that Mary Anne and Dawn will be worried that Amy is gone.  Mary Anne, Dawn and Amy all start crying when Dawn and Mary Anne get to Bellair’s, Apparently, Amy ran and walked to Bellair’s- wouldn’t that be rather of a far walk for a six year old? Mary Anne then tells Stacey thanks for calling to say Amy was with her. Stacey has a lump in her throat as she says ” you’re welcome.”

Chapter 15:  Stacey makes a list of what is good about her old BSC buddies, and her newer cool friends. The list makes it clear- the BSC were much better friends that Sheila, Heather, Mia and Jacqui ever were.  Stace calls Claudia to say she wants to rejoin the BSC. Claudia is all” are you kidding” but then says  she will discuss this with Kristy and the rest of the BSC and will call Stace right after the next club meeting. As 6 pm gets closer on that day, Stacey is biting her nails out of nervousness.  Claudia says the girls are impressed that Stacey called Mary Anne and Dawn that day she found Amy, and that she’s invited to the next club meeting. Stacey is happy to attend.  At the meeting,  Dawn says that Amy was thrilled as hell when her parents come back from London to pick her up. Then the girls discuss whether or not Stace can be allowed to re-join. Kristy is reluctant at first but the other girls insist that Stacey be allowed to re-join so Kristy says she may put Stace on probation but in the meantime Stacey can return to the club. Then Stacey says she quit Bellair’s to be more devoted to the club, and takes a job for the Hobarts. Stacey is very glad to be back in the club.

Stay tuned for a Sleepover Friends book next- Stephanie and the Magician- I will try to recap that sometime this week. And coming up- Sweet Valley Kids # the Mystery Teacher and Freshman dorm #7 Freshman Loves.

BSC #51- Stacey’s Ex Best Friend

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Here comes the first entry in my Valentine’s Day special!!!

Chapter 1:  Stacey is at home doing some homework before a meeting of the BSC. Laine Cummings, Stacey’s New York best friend, calls. Laine is going to be off for a week in early February and is thinking about what she may do while she is off from school. Laine is thinking she may just hang around New York with her new boyfriend of two weeks, King, who is 15 and ” really tight with her friends”- after two weeks? Stacey is instantly excited that Laine has a week off, and suggests that Laine come to CT to visit- Stacey will have school, but maybe Laine can join Stacey in school one day. She can also meet some of the BSC sitting charges, perhaps, and go out to dinner one night.  Laine seems sort of unsure about visiting CT for her week off, and I never noticed this before, but Stacey pretty much ropes Laine into visiting CT for the week, despite Laine pretty much saying she’s not really sure she wants to visit. Well, even after Laine says she’s not really sure if she wants to visit, Stacey instantly asks her mother for permission for Laine to visit, and then calls Laine and says ” OK you are visiting that’s final.”  Laine is pretty much like ” ohhhhkayyy…”

Chapter 2: BSC meeting. Stacey announces to the other members of the club that Laine is visiting during a week in February, and Mary Anne gets all excited because Laine can go to the school’s Valentine’s Day dance. Everyone has dates to the dance- Stacey is going with Austin Bentley, Kristy is going with  Bart, Mal with Ben Hobart, Mary Anne with Logan of course, Jessi with this seventh grader named Curtis Shaller, and Claudia and Dawn are going with random dudes. Kristy also suggests that on Valentine’s Day, the BSC throw a party for the kids they sit for complete with Valentine’s cookies and cards and all that.

Chapter 3:  Stacey and Mallory sit at the Pikes’ house. The Pike kids make invites for the Valentine’s Day party. Kids ages 5 and up can attend. Every kid helps make Valentine’s invites except for Nicky- Nicky is holed up in his room, and when Stacey goes to investigate, Nicky is making a big card for a ” secret friend”- a GIRL! Stacey is all excited that Nicky has a crush on a girl- yep a 13 year old is all jazzed over an eight year old’s love life.

Chapter 4: It’s the day of Laine’s visit. Stacey is all nervous over Laine coming because when Laine and Stacey last talked, Laine went on and on about her high school boyfriend King,  and was calling Stacey Anastacia, which no one does. Laine also told Stacey she is ” way beyond pigs” so Stacey has to hide her entire pig collection- funny enough, I loved anything to do with pigs all through college- and had forgotten that Stacey loved pigs until I started reading BSC again.  Stacey also obsesses over having seltzer in the house as Laine no longer drinks soda ( Mrs. McGill has bought seltzer not to worry- I hate seltzer even now!! Bring me some water w/ Crystal Light, I am happy). That night, Stacey planned a sleepover with Laine and the BSC members and makes sure only Stacey’s newest and coolest tapes show first. I don’t get why Stacey is so nervous over  her supposed best friend visiting.

When Laine arrives, Stacey is so impressed- Laine looks older than 13, and is wearing a jean coat with a fur collar, and her outfit is all black- black leggings, black boots, and is set off with a big red beret. As Stacey’s mom drives through town,  Laine is all ” where is the town” and Stacey says ” Oh I showed you the town- I showed you the pizza place and library” and Laine is all shocked. I guess Laine has never heard of a suburb.  At the sleepover, the girls start talking about boys they like. Claudia mentions that she finds a seventh grader cute, and Laine is all shocked that Claudia would find a 7th grade boy attractive. Then Dawn mentions a boy  in eighth grade, and Laine says that even 13 year old boys are dorks and she prefers older men. Kristy points out that King can’t even drive, so she doesn’t see the big deal Laine is making over King being older. Kristy has a point.  Laine asks ” what are we going to do?” and Kristy says ” eat” and Claudia says ” gab” and Laine doesn’t seem satisfied- shit it’s a sleepover not happy hour- which even happy hour is gabbing and eating, right? Well luckily that favorite movie of 13 year olds, ” To Kill a Mockingbird” is on so the girls stop talking and watch the movie.

Chapter 5: Claudia sits for Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold. Marilyn has a crush on a third grade boy but she won’t even tell Carolyn who the boy is. Claudia shows Marilyn and Carolyn how to make ” 3-D” valentine’s- and I showed kids that at this preschool I worked in when I was 23, and those kids loved them!! See, the BSC is good for something!

Chapter 6: Stacey brings Laine to school for a day because Laine has voiced being pretty bored in the two days Stacey has been at school. I really don’t get why Stacey had Laine visit in a week Stacey had school but whatever. Laine complains about Stoneybrook Middle School all day- she doesn’t get why kids have to ask to use the bathroom ( we even had to do that in high school) and she also was upset that kids can’t leave school during the school day unless it’s a field trip. At lunch, Stacey arranges for some boys- like Pete Black, Austin, and Rick Chow- to sit with the BSC at lunch so Laine finds the BSC more cool, I guess. Well the boys are playing with food and Laine is wrinking her nose and making a huge bitch face- as is shown on the cover of the book.  Then Pete Black takes that moment to tell Laine she has hair like gossamer- Pete is smitten!

Chapter 7:  Stacey ropes Laine into inviting Pete to the dance so that Laine will have a date. Laine doesn’t want to ask Pete because she says he’s a dork. Stacey tells Laine that Pete is not a dork at all and he really seems to like Laine.  Laine doesn’t want to ask Pete because she thinks King would think Laine was being unfaithful- ummm who even SAYS unfaithful at age 13? As Laine is going to call Pete, the phone rings- King is calling! King asks for ” Babe” because King calls Laine ” Babe” and Laine calls King ” Heart” because he’s the king of her heart- LAME- and umm sorta IMMATURE Laine as Laine thinks she’s VERY mature. Well Laine makes Stace leave the room for the phone call, and Stacey hears Laine laughing about Pete Stone and then says something about ” childish” behavior- Stacey assumes Laine is talking about kids Stacey sits for- sure. Well then Pete Black calls to ask Laine to the dance, and Laine makes Stacey sit in the room while Laine’s talking to Pete- and all Laine says is ” yeah yeah yeah OK” and Laine then tells Stacey that Pete says Laine’s eyes are like limpid pools- then Laine rolls those pools- ujmmm eyes and squeals ” Oh I HAVE to tell King” as she laughs again.  Stacey is getting angry at Laine’s snotty behavior, but figures that she and Laine have fought before and they have always made up.

Chapter 8: Jessi is sitting for the three youngest Hobart boys while Ben and Mallory are on a date at the library. Because the Hobarts apparently own no televisions and have never read a book, I guess because they are from Australia, they hadn’t heard of Valentine’s Day and assumed that, like, 8 year old boys wore suits and gave girls flowers on this day- boys, THIRTY year old men barely do that! Jessi explains that kids in the US do not wear suits and bring dates to kiddie Valentine’s Day parties. Then Ben storms home upset because he and Mallory had a huge fight at the library because of an argument over how to use the card catalog. Jessi grows worried, as Kristy and Bart are also arguing- Bart said he may not go to the dance because there’s some basketball game on TV.

Chapter 9: BSC meeting. Mallory and Jessi are convinced that the girls fighting with their men before the dance is a bad omen. Turns out Logan wants to dance with Mary Anne at the dance and M.A. is freakin’ because she never dances.Laine can’t believe that Mary Anne is so lame she won’t even dance at the school dance.  Then Laine asks the girls if they have ever considered getting REAL  jobs instead of baby sitting. I guess Laine forgets that 13 year olds can’t exactly work at Juicy Couture or Bebe. Well- I guess I am the wrong one. Laine is getting a REAL job with a REAL paycheck this summer at an exclusive boutique in New York City- OK what exclusive boutique in NYC has all these applicants and picks a fucking 13 year old to work the cash register? I sure wouldn’t shop there! Laine succeeds in making Stacey feel really crummy by bragging over her job. Then, Jessi says as she’s reading the notebook- Nicky had mentioned having a crush on a girl and the girl is in 2nd grade- and Marilyn Arnold likes a third grader!! Jessi figures that Nicky must be crushing on Marilyn and vice versa! Laine rightly asks why these girls care about the love lives of 8 year olds ( and yes I admit she was a right bitch during the rest of the meeting).  Stacey is thinking – what happened to her and Laine’s friendship? They are growing miles apart.

Chapter 10: Friday. Laine’s visit is almost over. Stacey wishes she had the old Laine back and not this new, snotty Laine.  The dance is tonight and Stacey asks Laine to help her pick an outfit. Laine suggests the new outfit Stacey got at the Limited, but Stacey says that outfit is black and Stacey has to wear red for Valentine’s Day. Laine says only little kids wear red on Valentine’s Day and Stacey says her mom still wears red, and Laine admits her mom also still rocks red on V Day. Stacey chooses a very short denim skirt and a red top. Laine wears a long black blazer over black leggings, tons of silver jewelry, and black flats. It almost reminds me of what Robin wore in that Sweet Valley Twins book where Jess and Liz visited and Jessica got her period. Mrs. McGill remarks that the girls look 15 all dressed up and Laine is all ” oh people say I can pass for 19″ in this snotty way.  Laine borrows Stacey’s nail polish and Stacey says she got it on this home shopping show called ” It’s all yours” and Laine is all eeww over home shopping- hey shut up Laine QVC KICKS ASS!!! Then Laine does the ultimate in bitchy moves- Stacey offers to make popcorn and Laine says she doesn’t want any because she needs to lose 5 lbs. Stacey can’t believe that as Laine is very thin already and then Laine tells Stacey- a very thin Type 1 diabetic- that STACEY should diet! BITCH!!!!  Stacey hates fighting with Laine and hopes they don’t argue during the dance.

Chapter 11:   Not much to tell. Kristy describes a sitting job for Karen and David Michael. She, Karen and David Michael help Mary Anne and Dawn decorate for the Valentine’s masquerade party for the kids- basically the kids will not write their names on their cards  the other kids have to guess who they are from.  After that, it’s time for the dance and Mrs. McGill drives Laine and Stace to the dance. Laine is all upset that these 13 year old boys can’t drive and pick up the girls for the dance- THEY ARE 13 YOU DAMN BITCH! and shit like 40 year olds in NYC don’t drive!!! What is her problem? KING CAN’T DRIVE! Now I can get down with Laine on the whole BSC is lame because they care so much about Marilyn and Nicky’s love lives, and that Mary Anne is all ” oh no I can’t dance with my own boyfriend” but my goodness now I am really hatin’ on Laine.

Chapter 12:  Laine bitches over the pink streamers and balloons and the heart shaped cookies and red punch at the dance saying that the decorations and food are for two year olds.  Then Laine sees that Pete is wearing sneakers with his suit and she is appalled. I mean he’s 13 is it really that odd?  Laine also bitches that sixth graders shouldn’t be allowed at dancers when one spills punch near her – not ON Laine, but NEAR her. She also bitches about the music.  Then- Pete asks Laine to dance and she says no because she’s tired. Then this random cute boy asks Laine to dance and RIGHT IN FRONT OF PETE Laine says yes!! Stacey can’t believe it! She goes to tell Claud about this, and Claudia wonders if Laine knows that boy is in seventh grade.  Stacey then pulls Laine aside and calls her out on her rudeness, and Laine says she wants to leave and Stacey says that’s fine she will call her mother right away to pick up Laine and Stacey. Laine says ” no I mean I want to go back home to NYC now.”

Chapter 13:  Stacey calls Mrs. McGill and tells her Laine wants to go home tonight. Stacey then tells Laine she needs to apologize to Pete and to all these other people she offended, and she just can’t believe how rude Laine was. Stacey then tells Austin she’s sorry she has to leave early, and Austin says he will go comfort Pete.  Stacey and Laine fight the whole car ride home and Laine says to Stacey that Laine was pretty much forced to come to CT- well yeah that’s pretty true.  Stacey says to Laine that yes, Stacey wanted Laine to come very badly, but the OLD Laine who was fun and sweet and not new, cunt- ass Laine.  Mrs. McGill takes Laine to the train station and she and Stacey don’t even say bye to each other. Stacey says she knows she and Laine will never be friends again. Well the book title said that- thanks for blowing it, Ann M!

Chapter 14: Stacey calls Pete to apologize for Laine’s behavior , and she and Austin also talk. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the day of the party for the kids. Stacey wears ALL red- yeah it’s overkill- red ribbon in her hair, red sweater, red leggings, red boots. Claudia finds the outfit cute and Stacey is like  ” I don’t resemble a red elf” and Claudia says ” no and I’d never criticize you- who am I, Laine?” Claudia is really a good friend, I have to say. Well, yes Nicky did like Marilyn, but he confused the twins and thought her name was Carolyn so at first he yelled at Carolyn for having Marilyn’s card- well luckily Marilyn likes Nicky back and Carolyn had her own crush- on James Hobart. Hot stuff.

Chapter 15:  Stacey writes a good bye letter to Laine. She encloses her half of a locket Laine gave her when Stacey moved back to Stoneybrook when her parents divorced. Stacey just says that she doesn’t like the new Laine and knows the friendship is over.  Then Stacey, feeling sad, calls Claudia and asks if she wants to come over. Claudia says that she will, and asks if they can watch It’s all yours because Claud wants a china clown like the one Stacey has. They can also make popcorn. Yay Claudia rocks!

So yes my verdict in a nutshell- Stacey really shouldn’t have pushed the issue of Laine visiting when she seemed not so enthused about doing so. Despite that, though, Laine was a cunt- and ya know I was never a huge Laine fan as a kid so I didn’t mind seeing her go.

I hope to recap Elizabeth’s First Kiss this week ( at least before Valentine’s Day) but I won’t promise anything.  And there’s lots of goodness coming up like-

Freshman Dorm #3- Freshman Guys- read this to DEATH in 8th and 9th grade!

Sweet Valley Kids #3- the Twins Mystery Teacher

BSC #87- Stacey and the Bad Girls

Freshman Dorm #7- Freshman Loves

SVU #3- What your Parents Don’t Know ( apparently based on the cover Jessica’s parents don’t know she’s a waitress- OH NO!!)

Elizabeth Gail #7- Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News

Sleepover Friends #18- Stephanie and The Magician

Sweet Valley High #82- Kidnapped By the Cult!!

JUST IN CASE u all don’t hear from moi – Happy Valentine’s Day!  And one more thing- how does one SAY Laine- is it LANE OR LAY-NIE?? I have no idea!

BSC Little Sister #50- Karen’s Lucky Penny

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Karen and Andrew are playing with these kids named Kathryn and Willie ( I have no clue who these kids are.) Then Nancy comes to play with the others. It is then that Karen finds a lucky penny- shiny, new and heads-up. Nancy tells Karen she should definitely pick up the lucky penny. Karen says her penny must be SUPER lucky because when all the kids went to Bobby Gianelli’s house, Mrs. Gianelli made cookies. Then Karen won a game of hopscotch, and then the Mr. Tastee ice cream truck came.

Karen says in Chapter 2 that if she has any big news to share, she must tell her big sister Kristy right away. And two- two and blah blah. Movin’ on to Chapter Tres.

Karen is playing with a bunch of her friends. Nancy says that one thing she really wants to do this summer ( summer vacation is coming up) is go to Funland, the big new amusement park that’s about an hour away from Stoneybrook. Karen wants to go on the T Rex dinosaur ride.  Nancy says it’d be fun if all of their families could all go together as a big group. Hannie says she couldn’t go because of her dad’s work schedule and Linny’s camp. Karen says maybe Hannie could go with her family.  Bobby Gianelli suggests that all of the kids ask their parents about going to Funland that night. Karen’s mom and Seth don’t say no, but they don’t say yes. Karen’s mom says that tickets are 40 bucks each for adults and twenty five bucks each for kids. Hey, couldn’t Mr. Megabucks Watson just take Karen, Andrew and the ” big house” family to Funland?  Karen says ” oh no 40 dollars? we will never get to go!” Karen’s mom says the family will think about it.

Andrew tells Karen he needs to get a job. Karen, of course, has to give advice to Andrew right away about how Andrew can ask Mommy and Seth for money for doing certain chores around the house.  Andrew dusts the living room for Karen’s mom and gets fifty cents for it.  Andrew does some more chores and gets even more money. Karen goes to check how much is in her piggyback. Only three dollars and sixty three cents. Karen can’t think of anything she wants to buy with her money.  Karen asks at dinner if Mommy and Seth have made up their minds yet about Funland, and they haven’t. So in  a move that is so uncharacteristic of Miss Karen, she decides to stop bothering her mom and stepdad about Funland.

Two days later at dinner ( as they are eating corn on the cob- YUMMM) Karen’s mom says that the parents have all decided that they can all go to Funland! All of the parents will pay for admissions and lunch, but the kids have to use their own money for midway games, snacks and souvenirs.  Karen’s mom and Seth also say that Hannie can go with their family.  Karen decides that the parents are all letting the kids go to Funland because of her lucky penny.  Bobby, Karen and Nancy are all thinking of how to get enough money to spend on Funland goodies. Karen also decides that she will continue to let Andrew do chores for Mommy and Seth- how gigundo sweet of her.  They don’t come up with any ideas.

The next day, Bobby, Nancy and Karen go to a brook that is by Bobby’s house to play.  At the brook, Karen finds a wallet!!  The wallet is very fat. Karen rubs her penny for good luck.  There is almost EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS in the wallet! I am sorry but how the FUCK does one actually lose eight hundred dollars? Just curious.  There is no ID in the wallet just a calendar and some kids’ pictures on it.  Bobby claims that because of the ” finder’s keepers” rule Karen gets to keep all of the money.  Karen asks Bobby if he’s sure about this and Bobby seems very confident.  Karen decides she will keep the money for Funland. Bobby says Karen has to split the money so what does Karen do? Give Nancy and Bobby five bucks each!! GRRR- and believe me this is not even the beginning of how awful and dumb Karen is in this tale.

Karen is hiding the wallet in her room. Karen hasn’t told anyone and also swore Bobby and Nancy to secrecy. Karen can’t buy anything big with the money because her mom and Seth know she doesn’t have much and they will wonder where Karen got all that money. Two days later, Karen feels funny about keeping the wallet.  Karen wants to spend tons of money on Funland, but she wonders what will happen if her Mom or Seth find the wallet in her room. They will think she stole it, and what if Karen has to go to jail? So on Saturday morning, Karen makes the decision to tell Mom and Seth about the wallet.

Seth and Karen’s mom say that they have to take the wallet to the police.  Karen’s mom also says Karen’s mom has to replace the ten dollars that was in the wallet.  The policewoman at the station says she’s shocked, but no one has called about a missing wallet.  The policewoman says that the person may not know the wallet is lost, so she will give them a few days to claim the wallet, and if they do not Karen can keep the cash.  Karen rubs her penny and crosses her fingers.

Karen tells Bobby and Nancy the next day that she ended up turning the wallet in to the police. She also tells them that Karen’s mom says Karen owes her the ten dollars missing from the wallet, so therefore Nancy and Bobby each have to give her five dollars, which I do sort of agree with Karen on. Of course Bobby and Nancy say right away that Karen gave them the money therefore they have no obligation to give Karen back the money! Besides, they already spent the five dollars and that’s why Nancy and Bobby want to start  a business.  Andrew is also talking about how to get more money for Funland, and he says he wants to start a lemonade stand business. Of course, Karen has to right away butt  in and tells Andrew that he must follow Karen’s rules about running a lemonade stand.

Someone has claimed the wallet.  Karen starts yelling ” that money was mine!!” FUCK YOU KAREN! Karen’s mom says ” no it was a man named Mr. Beadle’s money.”  Karen’s mom said he worked hard to earn that money, and he says he wants to meet Karen to say thanks for giving the wallet to the police station.  Mr. Beadle says he is so glad Karen was honest and returned the wallet to the police station because he and his family really needed the money.  Mr. Beadle insists on giving Karen a reward despite Karen’s mom’s objections. Mr. Beadle gives Karen 100 hundred dollars, and Karen thinks to herself ” why didn’t I get four hundred dollars?” UGH- he didn’t have to give you a cent, Karen!  Karen’s mom then has to force Karen to tell Mr. Beadle thank you for the money.  Karen begs her mom to let her keep all of the money for Funland. Karen’s mom reluctantly agrees.

Karen goes outside and waves her hundred bucks in front of Nancy and Bobby. She tells the story and Bobby says now Karen can give the ten bucks to her mom out of that cash.  Karen says to Bobby that he and Nancy owe the money, NOT Karen. Bobby says Karen never said Bobby and Nancy had to pay her back. UGH- who’s more shitty Bobby or Karen?  Andrew asks Karen if she is going to use all the money for Funland. Karen decides that she will have plenty of money for Funland even if she spents some of her hundred bucks.  Karen writes a list of things she wants to buy- stickers, art supplies, a bubble blaster, a toy for Andrew,  new markers  and pink dress up clothes.  Karen also decides she will do some nice things for her friends with part of her cash. Here we go…

Karen tells Nancy that she wants to treat the Three Musketeers ( Nancy and Hannie of course, along with Karen) to a movie and she will ask Kristy to go with them.  Karen pays for Nancy and Hannie’s movie tickets, along with a huge tub of popcorn and three sodas. Kristy pays her own way.  Karen and her friends have Kristy sit in back of them, so that the girls can feel like they are at the movies alone. Dibbly cool. ( incidentally, in the illustration, Kristy looks like a 30 year old soccer mom).  Kristy says to Karen that she’s a good friend for taking her friends to the movies. Karen completely agrees, of course. 

School’s out for summer!  Mr. Tastee is coming and Karen asks her friends ( this would be Willie and Kathryn, Bobby and his sister Alicia, who is best friends with Andrew, Nancy, and Andrew) if they are getting ice cream. Bobby says no because all of the kids are trying to save their money. Karen doesn’t want to be the only kid getting ice cream soooo-she buys ice cream for herself and all of the other kids, too! Hmmm wonder what will happen later….

Andrew decides to have the lemonade stand one day. Karen and Andrew set it up, and Karen runs to kids’ houses asking if they want to buy lemonade from Andrew for twenty five cents. Of course, the kids all say no as they are saving money for Funland. So Karen gives all the kids 25 cents each to buy lemonade from Andrew! And when Bobby thanks Karen in front of him, he’s upset that Karen went and gave her friends the money to buy the lemonade from Andrew, because that means Karen thinks Andrew is a a baby. Karen runs inside- she just wanted to help Andrew!

Karen asks her mom if they can go to the toy store.  Karen buys all of the things on her list with some of the money she got from Mr. Beadle, and even has fifteen cents left over. Karen also bought Andrew a bubble blaster.

Nancy and Bobby have started a gardening business, and Andrew is their helper.  Karen is upset that Bobby and Nancy asked Andrew to be their helper and not Karen. Then Karen realizes she has plenty of money and her friends need to earn money for Funland.  Nancy, Bobby and Andrew aren’t making much money, so Karen decides that she will ” hire” them to weed the dandelions in her mom’s front yard and Karen will pay them. Oh, jeez- Mrs. Engle aka Karen’s ma, NEVER LET KAREN HAVE THIS MUCH MONEY!

 Karen realizes that she only has 9 dollars and 87 cents left of her 100 bucks. PWNED!  Karen is really upset and doesn’t know how she spent so much money. And once she pays Nancy and Bobby she will only have 7 bucks and 30 cents. Karen can’t believe this- she has hardly any money to spend at Funland!  Karen then hands Bobby the ” stupid” money as Karen puts it then starts YELLING AT BOBBY AND NANCY BECAUSE KAREN STUPIDLY SPENT HER MONEY! She’s like ” oh I bought all this crap for you guys.” – yeah Karen because you WANTED to!!  Bobby and Karen point out that Karen is the one who kept insisting on buying stuff for her friends.  Andrew asks Karen if she has spent her money wisely as Mrs. Engle said to do and Karen admits she hasn’t. But then she yells at Andrew. Karen’s mom asks Andrew what is going on and he declares that Karen is mean. ( well….)  Karen tells her mom that she didn’t spend her money wisely and Karen’s mom says they have to talk about this.

Karen is all upset the day of the Funland trip at first because Karen’s mom didn’t just give her extra money to spend at Funland. So Karen only has her 9 bucks and change. Yeah, Karen, if Mrs. Engle gave ya 5 bucks you wouldn’t learn a damn thing!  Karen and Nancy make up while on a ride in Funland. Karen decides she also has to make up with Bobby for the trip to be really fun.

Karen apologizes to Bobby, and Bobby says that he and Nancy have decided to pay Karen back the 10 bucks she owes her mother.  Karen then sees Mr. Beadle! He introduces her to his wife and his seven kids and Karen’s all shocked that they have seven kids. Ummm doesn’t Karen know the Pikes? Mr. Beadle says he had saved the money for this trip to Funland- and to the beach the next day- for a family vacation and he was so glad Karen returned the money.  Karen feels sort of bad that this was the big Beadle family vacation and Karen’s been to so many places and is pretty fortunate.  Karen feels bad that she wanted to take that money from Mr. Beadle initially.

 As Karen and her friends look for a souvenir, Karen finds ANOTHER lost wallet- Seth’s! Of course Karen gives Seth his wallet. Then Karen learns that she didn’t have much to spend on Funland but she still bought some cool stuff and that she’s glad she spent the money on fun times with friends instead of on tons of Funland junk. MY HEAD IS BANGING AGAINST A WALL!!!  And Karen again rubs her penny as it’s responsible for all her great luck. OH MY GOD- this may be the worst I have ever seen Karen. Hard to say, really.

Well, now some Sweet Valley HIGH- JINKS are coming up, and for Valentine’s Day I will recap both ” Stacey’s Ex Best Friend” from the BSC ( it takes place during V Day) and ” Elizabeth’s First Kiss” from Sweet Valley Twins. After that, expect some more BSC, Sleepover Friends, Freshman Dorm and Elizabeth Gail books. Re- Elizabeth Gail- name another blog that recaps YA Christian fiction! Bet ya can’t!

BSC #50- Dawn’s Big Date

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Hello to everyone! I hope that those of you who celebrate Christmas had a lovely one- I sure did!!! I also had my 32nd bday on Wednesday and I got an IPOD touch woooooo- and yes I am 32, and still reading BSC and recapping the books. Well let’s get started shall we?

Chapter 1:  It’s the day before New Year’s Eve, and Dawn and Mary Anne are deciding what food to serve for the BSC New Year’s Eve party. Mary Anne tells Dawn she doesn’t think anyone will want to eat soybean pie or tofu apple nut loaf at the party.  Mary Anne says the peanut butter logs made with natural peanut butter may be OK. Dawn says that Mary Anne can make some snacks her way, and Dawn will make snacks in Dawn’s own way, and they will see who eats what. Mary Anne plans to make English muffin pizzas and pigs in a blanket.  Mary Anne then mentions that Logan’s cousin Lewis Bruno is definitely coming to visit from Kentucky in mid January. Dawn becomes instantly nervous. Dawn and Lewis have been pen pals since an older boy named Travis broke Dawn’s heart ( God I wished I owned that book!!) and Lewis is really cute in his pictures.  Dawn is nervous because she is afraid that Lewis won’t like Dawn once he meets her because no boy has EVER liked Dawn ( ummm Parker on the Disney World cruise TOTALLY liked Dawn HELLO!!) and Dawn is always told she’s so insecure and an individual and all,  and that she has such pretty hair and skin ( to which Dawn snottily thinks to herself other girls would have pretty hair and skin if they didn’t eat junk food all the time) but obviously that is not enough because Dawn can’t attract any boys.  Before Dawn and Mary Anne go to the grocery store with Dawn’s mom and Jeff ( Jeff is visiting for New Years and inviting the Pike boys over) Dawn’s mom comments her New Year’s resolution is to be more organized. Jeff  asks what a New Year’s resolution is and Mary Anne explains.  It makes Dawn think of what resolution SHE needs to make.

Chapter 2:  We get the explanation of the personalities of every girl in the club and how the club runs. New clients also call- the kids have Dr Johannsen as a doctor, and she recommended the BSC very highly.  Mr. Hill, the  new client, needs a sitter to sit for his 9 year old girl and seven year old boy.  Dawn is the one who gets the job and she figures sitting for a seven and nine year old will be easy- until she meets Norman and Sarah Hill.

Chapter 3:  It’s New Year’s Eve. Dawn decorates the house with New Year’s decoration like a poster of Baby New Year and a banner that says ” 1979″ that Dawn hangs up because it looks cool.  Claudia wears wide leg black pants and a shirt with a silver moon appliqued on the front and  Stacey has on a short purple flared dress. Dawn is dressed for comfort in leggings and a blue fleece top.  Stacey brings over some stuff that her dad sent from New York, including a CD called ” Cam Geary Sings” which makes Mary Anne super excited as the CD is not out in CT yet.  For Mary Anne’s sake they listen to the whole CD even though Cam does not sound very good.  After the CD is over the girls talk about boys.  Dawn notices the BSC members talk about boys a lot lately, even Jessi and Mal who aren’t super interested in boys yet.  Mary Anne and Logan are doing well as Logan is now less possessive. Stacey wishes she had a steady boyfriend, and Mary Anne says Pete Black seems to like Stacey, but Stace says he’s too immature. Claud finds Arthur Feingold hot, although he’s only a seventh grader. Mal gushes about Ben Hobart. Dawn is the only one who has nothing to say in the matter as no guy has ever really made Dawn go crazy besides Travis, who didn’t really like Dawn he just wanted to change her.  The girls then go to eat and Mary Anne and Dawn have tied in the food contest- the peanut butter logs and English muffin pizzas were a huge hit, no one really liked the pigs in a blanket or the soybean pie.  At midnight, the girls decide they all want to call a boy and wish him Happy New Year- ah to be 13. Kristy is going to call Bart, Stacey decides to call Pete Black, Claudia is going to call Arthur Feingold and Mary Anne will call Logan of course. Mallory and Jessi decide to help Dawn in the kitchen. Dawn assumes Mal and Jessi are too shy to call Ben or Quint, but Dawn says that’s natural as they are only eleven. I love how in BSC world, being 13 is supposed to be like you are 18 or something and it’s soo much older than 11. Though at 13, I do think kids think that is MUCH older than 11.  Before the girls go to bed they all decide to make New Year’s resolutions. Kristy resolves to be tougher on the Krushers because she feels she was too easy on them this past year. Claudia resolves to do better in school. Mal resolves to resign herself to the fact that she has to wear braces. Jessi resolves to try an advanced jump in ballet class. Stacey resolves to stop driving herself crazy over foods she can’t eat. Mary Anne resolves to be less shy to make Logan happy. Dawn resolves to do something more interesting with her hair as it’s just long and blonde and hangs there and Stace says she better not but Dawn says she needs a change. But Dawn’s real resolution?  To become more attractive to boys.

Chapter 4:  Dawn’s first sitting job at the Hills. The Hill children didn’t even realize they were going to have a sitter because Mr. Hill had forgotten to mention it.  Sarah Hill is a thin girl with long brown hair with bangs. Norman Hill is a very fat, blonde 7 year old boy.  Dawn says there is no other way to describe Norman other than he is fat.  Norman says he has to do homework, and Sarah says she wants to show Dawn her room. Sarah’s room is decorated with tons of rainbows and is very messy.  Dawn asks Sarah if she has homework and Sarah snottily says no as her homework was done as soon as she got home from school as it’s one of her mom’s rules.  Sarah then says she knows Norman is not doing homework and she has to go make sure Norman is not breaking a rule of her mom’s and her mom would insist Sarah stop Norman. Dawn tries to tell Sarah that maybe Norman wants to be alone but Sarah won’t hear of it.  Norman is shoving cupcakes into his mouth and has cream all around his mouth. Norman’s room is neat as a pin, by the way.  Sarah says if there is more hidden junk food their mother says to be rid of it right away because look at Norman he’s huge. It’s amazing to me how emotionally abusive this family is.  And Dawn doesn’t scold Sarah or anything, she just asks Sarah if she owns the Little Mermaid.  As Sarah, Dawn and Norman watch the movie, Dawn sees that Norman is sneaking more sweets.  After the movie, a little girl named Elizabeth comes over to play with Sarah. Elizabeth comments on how all of the kids in school call Norman ” Enormous Hill” hah hah hah. I want to smack Elizabeth.  Norman tells Dawn while they are all alone because his parents and Sarah constantly bug him about his weight, and they may even send Norman to ” fat camp” in the summer unless Norman loses 20 lbs. Norman says his parents constantly hounding Norman make him want to eat more.  Then Dawn and Norman head outside for a bit and they see a snowman Elizabeth and Sarah made, and Sarah looks guilty. The snowman is very fat and Elizabeth wrote in the snow ” Enormous Hill.”

Chapter 5:  When Mrs. Hill comes home, she promptly serves Norman a scoopfull of tuna.  Mrs. Hill tells Dawn she did a good job but not to let Norman eat so much next time.  When Mary Anne comes home after Dawn is home alone for a bit, Mary Anne says  Lewis is arriving January 13.  Dawn gets nervous as now she has less than 2 weeks to get Lewis to like her. Dawn is going to use Lewis as a ” test case”- if she can get Lewis to be attracted to her, she will then be able to attract a local boyfriend. Nice.  Dawn starts to look at some magazines she borrowed from Stacey to see how to dress and attract boys. Dawn sees that she has to wear more tight fitting clothes and not the baggy ones she tends to favor, and she has to also wear a lot of makeup. Mary Anne sees Dawn look at the magazines, and Mary Anne says she saw a picture of an outfit and hairstyle that would look fabulous on Dawn.  The girl has very wavy hair, so Mary Anne gets some rollers to see how Dawn would look with curled hair.  Mary Anne also puts makeup on Dawn and Mary Anne declares that Dawn looks fabulous with curled hair and lots of makeup.  Dawn wants to take a picture to send to Lewis of Dawn’s hot new look. Before she lets Mary Anne take the picture,  she takes a tshirt and cuts it so it is hanging off her shoulders. Seriously, it’s thanks to Dawn that I cut up some of my tshirts and skirts when I was like 14- I thought that look was seriously cool.  Dawn also pouts her lips in a ” sexy” way. Look out Lewis Bruno! Dawn thinks to herself.

Chapter 6:  Claudia goes to sit for the Hills next. Claudia and Sarah get along great, and Dawn figures it’s because Claudia and Sarah both like art and both have “weird” siblings- I don’t see how feeling inferior to Janine is the same as tormenting your overweight sibling, but whatever.  As Norman arrives home, Claud hears  a bunch of kids yelling ” oink! oink!” and  ” Enormous Hill” at Norman and throwing snowballs at him. Norman comes into the house crying.  As soon as Norman comes in, Sarah yells ” remember you’re on a diet!” Ugh. Claud tells Sarah to cut him a little slack but Sarah won’t hear of it. Norman is sneaking Oreos and Sarah says Mom says to take the Oreos away. Why don’t the Hills just NOT buy so much damn junk food?  Claudia reads some art magazines for a bit as Norman is in his room and Sarah plays outside. Then Norman comes down to sneak some more cookies but Claudia says she won’t tell.  Norman tells Claudia he has a friend at school named Teddy and a pen pal named Brittany that is his girlfriend. Teddy calls and Claud sees that Norman does have one friend. Claudia  also sees the letter that Norman wrote Brittany and he writes how he ” beat up some bullies who made fun of a kid who’s a little overweight” and how he used karate chops. Norman also claims his mom keeps forgetting to take his picture. Claudia sees Norman’s school pictures next to the letter and Claudia has a feeling Brittany will never see them.

Chapter 7:  Dawn decides that besides changing her looks, she will also change her attitude and act more ” cool” and less ” easy to please.” Dawn gives sarcastic wrong answers in physical science class and constantly chews gum.  Dawn has also cut up a lot of her clothes and even made a skirt out of sweatpants and has also ripped all of her jeans and made many off the shoulder tops.  Mary Anne asks Dawn what she’s doing and if it’s for Lewis and Dawn says no that she just wants a change and Mary Anne says ” yes it may be time for a change” and then Dawn is all pissy that Mary Anne didn’t say Dawn was fine the way she is.  Dawn is also ticked that Claud says her new look is not her and it’s not fair to Dawn that Stacey and Claud feel they can be stylish and cute, but not Dawn.  At the Baby Sitters Club meeting Kristy asks Dawn why she is looking and acting so different and Dawn says it’s because boys don’ t like her how she looked before and so she had to change her looks- love how Miss Independent Individual Dawn has to change whenever she likes a boy to impress him.  Dawn tells Mary Anne she’s glad that Mary Anne supports Dawn’s new look but Dawn also thinks she’s confused by Mary Anne because she’s so behind Dawn’s new look. Dawn doesn’t know how she wants her friends to react, does she?

Chapter 8:  Lewis Bruno arrives! To greet Bruno at the airport, Dawn wears an outfit I thought sounded ” Fresh to death” at the time- a black and white striped bodysuit, a silver skirt that flared out because of some netting underneath ( I want to say those kind of outfits are sold at Express now), dangly earrings shaped like feathers, lacey short leggings, black ballet slippers and tons of rubber bracelets. Dawn has the top of her hair in little braids and the bottom all crinkly and wavy and loaded with gel- hot.  Dawn’s mom and Richard Spier seem a little taken aback by Dawn’s look but whisper to each other that it’s just a phase.  When Dawn meets Lewis in person she is all SWOON- he has light brown hair, is 5’10 ( at 14?? that seems awful tall for that age) and has a great, great smile. He is very happy to see Logan as it’s been a long time. Lewis doesn’t treat Dawn to that hot smile though- he almost looks taken aback by Dawn’s look.  Dawn barely talks to Lewis even as Lewis tries to talk to her. Mary Anne asks Dawn why she didn’t show any personality and of course Dawn says her old personality didn’t attract boys. UGH!  Mary Anne decides the solution is to have Dawn read a magazine article about ” you directed conversation”- you say the boy’s name a lot,  ask the boy a lot of questions and give him a lot of compliments.  Dawn asks Mary Anne if this is how she got Logan to like her and Mary Anne says no because Logan likes her just the way she is. Mary Anne says once Lewis likes Dawn she can drop the whole ” you directed” thing.  Logan then calls and says he wants to double with Mary Anne, Dawn and Lewis. And Dawn begins reading tons of teen magazine articles that will guarantee that Lewis will like her if she follows their rules…

Chapter 9:  Stace goes to sit for Norman and Sarah Hill.  Mrs. Hill shows Stacey the new exercise tape she bought for Norman and also this list of ” Norman- No and Norman- yes foods.”  Mrs. Hill also tells Norman to drink lots of water to keep that system flushed.  Stacey tells Norman she can’t eat sweets either because of her diabetes, or she will get really sick.  Sarah then comes in and says she needs food to bring to Elizabeth’s picnic. Norman asks if he can come and Sarah says no as Norman needs to stick to his diet.  Stacey tells Norman she wants to do the exercise video and would rather not do it alone and tells Norman to join her.  Norman tells Stace after a few minutes he needs water but Stacey sees he’s gone a long time and when she walks into the kitchen,  she sees Norman drinking soda and eating potato chips.  Norman says he felt sad so he had to eat as he eats when he’s sad. He says he’s partly sad due to the picnic, and  and partly sad because his parents don’t like him. Stacey feels her heart twist inside. Norman says he brought home straight A’s and Norman’s dad said ” why can’t a smart kid like you lose weight? “and his mom says ” maybe now you can get an A for eating excellence!”  Norman also once heard his dad say ” Norman is so fat I can’t believe he’s our son.” 😦  Stacey suggests that Norman talk to his parents. She also tells Norman that when his mom tells Norman to ” flush his system” he can hold his thumb to his forehead and swoop it down and go ” flusshh” and Stacey feels that may be rude to his parents but she doesn’t care as she likes seeing Norman laugh.

Chapter 10:  Before Mary and Dawn go out with Logan and Lewis, Mary Anne tells Dawn to put on a denim skirt and a black turtleneck- Dawn rolls up the skirt. Dawn also puts on tons of makeup, including blue eyeliner.  Mary Anne says Dawn went a little overboard with the eyeliner but it’s too late to take it all off. Mary Anne also tells Dawn last minute that they are seeing the movie ” Gone with the Wind” ( yeah for 13 year olds) because it’s a little scary at parts so Dawn can snuggle against Lewis when she’s scared, or try to hold his hand at romantic parts.  When Lewis says to Dawn she can show him around Stoneybrook, she starts to make a joke but then realizes the magazines say to always be positive so instead Dawn is all ” oh the nightlife is great in Stoneybrook” and being all fakely cheerful.  Lewis acts if Dawn wants popcorn and she says no initially as the popcorn may get stuck in her teeth and the magazines warned against that. Then Mary Anne pinches Dawn and says Dawn HAS to eat popcorn so that their hands may meet in the popcorn box.  As Dawn waits to put her hand in the box at the same time as Lewis, she spills the popcorn instead- whoops!  Then Dawn is upset because Mary Anne had to pick a tear jerker movie and Dawn sees that blue eyeliner is all over her face so Dawn has to wash it off.  After the disastrous date, Mary Anne tells Dawn she better be thanked as Mary Anne tried to make the date a success and Dawn screams ” thanks Mary Anne- thanks for nothing!!”

Chapter 11:  At the BSC meeting,  Dawn says that Mary Anne made her look like an idiot on their date. Mary Anne counters that Dawn made herself look like an idiot by wearing too much eye makeup and hair gel and being in her own little world.  Then Kristy changes the subject and talks about the Hills. Stacey thinks one of them should talk to the Hills, and Claud says the Hills may not want them interfering in their lives and Stace says she hates seeing Norman feel bad.  No solutions are reached at the club. To get Dawn and Mary Anne to talk again, the BSC’ers like Kristy and Stacey call Dawn and Mary Anne’s house and always makes both girls get on the phone so they are forced to start talking.  After all this conversation, Dawn realizes that if everyone left Norman alone, he may do better on his diet. And if Mary Anne left Dawn alone she may do better on a date with Lewis. Dawn resolves she must see Lewis again.

Chapter 12:  Mary Anne goes to sit for Norman and Sarah. Sarah draws this crude picture of a pig and puts it on the fridge to get Norman to stop eating. Mary Anne tells Sarah that’s wrong but doesn’t force her to take it down or anything.  Mary Anne tells Norman to stand up to Sarah and to start by ripping up her pictures.  Norman does in front of Sarah and she looks shocked. Mary Anne tells Sarah she guesses that Sarah shouldn’t draw those pictures anymore.  Mary Anne then tells Norman that maybe Norman could tell his parents the lists upset him and then they work out a little to Jessi’s dance tape she lent them and goof on it and Sarah decides to join them, saying it’s fun!  Mary Anne loves to see Norman and Sarah get along and Mary Anne thinks that with the Hills harping on Norman’s faults, they can’t see what a great boy he is. It makes Mary Anne think a lot.

Chapter 13:  Dawn calls Lewis and he reluctantly agrees to meet at a coffee shop. Dawn wears her sweat skirt, gelly hair and feathered earrings, and then soon realizes that the look and attitude is not her and tells Lewis so. Dawn says the old her in the first picture she sent is the real her, and Lewis says he liked that first picture  a lot as Dawn looked like a sweet, pretty girl.  Dawn tells Lewis to meet her at home later as Dawn doesn’t want Lewis seeing her all made up another minute. Dawn washes her hair and puts on jeans and a sweatshirt and makes a huge health food meal for Lewis.  Lewis loves the food and Dawn and Lewis have a great time alone.  Dawn realizes her dream has come true and Lewis likes her- for HER. They agree to meet on Thursday.

Chapter 14:  Mary Anne and Dawn talk. Dawn tells Mary Anne she gave crummy advice and Mary Anne counters Dawn wanted a new look and attitude and Mary Anne was trying to help, but Mary Anne realizes she should have left Dawn alone.  Mary Anne and Dawn decide to double again on Thursday with Logan and Lewis and they decide to go bowling and to Dawn’s favorite health food restaurant.  After their dinner, that even Mary Anne and Logan enjoyed, Mary Anne tells Logan she has to show him something at Bellair’s, and Lewis and Dawn walk along a bit alone and Lewis gives Dawn her first kiss!  Dawn says kissing Lewis was great and now Dawn doesn’t really want a local boyfriend- she likes Lewis too much.

Chapter 15:  Dawn is sitting for Norman and Sarah. Sarah comes into the house and says Elizabeth is a fish breathed dweeb- she kept calling Norman Enormous Hill and Sarah was tired of it and pushed Elizabeth into the snow right on her rear end!  Norman then says he wants Dawn to take a picture of him to send to Brittany. He also decides that he will pretend to be Stacey to lose weight- he will pretend that if he eats sweets, he will get really sick.  Norman asks Dawn if Brittany will stop writing if she sees his picture and Dawn says no way as Dawn has a great smile and nice eyes and the real, nice Norman shows in the picture. Then Mary Anne calls and says Lewis has been talking and talking to Logan about Dawn and is crazy about her!  Dawn is glad Lewis got to know the real Dawn- as she’s pretty special just like Norman.

God, I used to love this book as a kid for some reason, but no- shit why must Dawn have to change her personality to impress a guy ALL THE TIME!! Especially when Ann M claims Dawn is SUCH the individual!! UGH!

Well have a happy New Year, everyone- I MAY be back Tues or Wed ( Sunday the latest) for my next recap ” Jessica’s Secret” a Sweet Valley Twins book, and following that I will be recapping ” Freshman Affair” , and then another Sweet Valley Twins book ” the Middle School Gets Married”.