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Sweet Valley High #58- Brokenhearted

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Very sorry that I did not recap this book last week as promised.  But work has been crazy in the past week, and over the weekend I had a friend over soo… attention not paid to this here blog. But, alas, that will change.

Todd Wilkins is moving back to California! Recap: Todd Wilkins’ father’s job transferred him to Vermont- see what occurs there in my post on ” Say Goodbye.” Elizabeth is heartbroken at first when Todd leaves, and becomes even more upset when, during a ski trip ( see ” Special Christmas” for THAT recap) Todd falls in love with Suzanne Hanlon and ditches Elizabeth. Elizabeth is, of course, crushed, until she meets the new boy from Oregon, Jeffrey French, and Elizabeth and Jeffrey have been a hot item for months, and Elizabeth thought she was over Todd forever. But then in Book #57- Teacher Crush which I LOVE and wish I had a coup of but alas  I do not- Lila Fowler announces that Todd’s dad got a HUGE promotion- he is Vice President at Varitronics and therefore has to return to Sweet Valley!!! Elizabeth is upset that Todd sent Ken and Winston letters announcing his return to California, but he never sent Elizabeth a letter. Elizabeth knows they are not dating anymore, but they were once very special to each other, so why wouldn’t Todd tell her? Also, Todd and Suzanne are now splitsville. Well, right before Todd comes back, Elizabeth gets a letter in the mail ( this is pre Internets) that was dated three weeks ago- from Todd. Todd announces the split from Suzanne, and Todd says that he can’t hold out hope that Liz is still single after all this time, but he is really hoping that Elizabeth is, and that he and Liz can get back together when he returns. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is freaking out over the thought that Liz’s first love is returning to Sweet Valley- and all of Jeffrey’s friends, like Winston and Aaron, are telling Jeffrey how Todd is a star basketball player, is a sweetheart, funny, etc, etc. But too bad Todd won’t return to Sweet Valley High- Todd’s dad has decided that Todd has to go to school with the movers and shakers- like children of CEO’s and celebs- and so Todd has been enrolled at the snooty private school, Lovett Academy, which is about forty minutes from Sweet Valley. And if you are wondering why Bruce and Lila don’t go there when they are so rich, and Lovett is so great? Well, it’s because Sweet Valley has an awesome public school system- just not awesome enough for Mr. Wilkins.

When Todd returns, Elizabeth meets him wearing the locket Todd gave her before he left. Todd takes that to mean that Liz wants him back- but nooo…. Liz is dating Jeffrey and loves him, but being with Todd feels great too- Elizabeth has no idea which boy to choose. Jeffrey- her new love, who is so sweet and has great legs from playing soccer ( and is clearly way more awesome than Todd?) or Todd, the basketball player who will also be rich since his dad got the promotion. Elizabeth is torn, and turns to Enid for constant support as she figures out what the heck to do.

Meanwhile… there is a gorgeous, but bitchy, brunette girl named Courtney Kane who is a fellow Lovett student who apparently plays tennis with Todd quite a bit. Courtney WANTS Todd due to his hotness and new-richness- and she is bored with the Lovett boys as she has dated most of them. Courtney is pretty much using Lila to get information out of her so that she can try to land Todd. Lila knows Courtney from the country club and thinks Courtney is the best thing since Tiffany’s. Courtney finds Liz too ” Plain Jane” and boring , and when Courtney wants a man- she gets him! Another Lovett student that features rather prominently in this book is Sheffield- he is the boy that Jessica goes after because Jessica decides she wants a private school boy. Sheffield is smart, sophisticated, rich and loves a good cappuchino- all qualities that attract the average 16 year old. But- the love affair between Jess and Sheffield quickly ends when Jessica learns that Sheffield is going to spend a year living in a homeless shelter as part of his independent study for his senior year at Lovett- and he’s selling his Mercedes!

So,Lila decides to have a huge party to welcome Todd back to Sweet Valley. Courtney schemes to land Todd at this party- Courtney writes a letter ” from Todd” to Liz, telling her to meet him at the gazebo. Elizabeth runs over to meet Todd, because Liz is thinking she may love Todd more than Jeffrey after all- and well Todd is there- WITH COURTNEY! Courtney manages to drag Todd to the gazebo, saying she has a headache and needs to get away from the loud party. Courtney then starts kissing Todd and Liz sees it! Liz goes running back to the party crying. Then Jeffrey sees the letter Todd ” wrote” to Elizabeth and realizes the handwriting is off. Jeffrey figures out that Courtney schemed to land Todd, and Jeffrey, being the awesome as FUCK human being that he is ( God, I found this sooo utterly romantic and noble of him when I was 12) , Jeffrey talks to Todd and tells him that Elizabeth loves him, and Jeffrey loves Elizabeth so much that if being with Todd makes her happy, Jeffrey is happy to step aside to let Liz and Todd be together. So Todd rushes over to Secca Lake, a spot that used to be special to Liz and Todd, and Todd explains what happened and that Jeffrey gave them his blessing, and Todd twirls Liz around in his arms and I puke. By the way, does anyone recall the episode of Dr. Quinn when another man and Michaela fell in love but Michaela also still loved Sully, but Sully says that he loves Michaela so much that if she’s happier w/ the other dude than Sully, he can accept that because it would make her happy- and so Michaela realizes Sully loves her more than the other man does, so she STAYS WITH SULLY? Yeah, because Dr. Quinn rocks, and Liz Wakefield- ugggghhhhhh….. And I don’t have Book #59- but that is just more drivel about Elizabeth and Todd being together again but it’s soooo hard because Todd goes to Lovett Academy- by the way, that book only served to make me jealous of the fact that I wasn’t in private school!

Soooo Ok I am going to say for next week ( I hope this week but as you know….) that I will recap what has to be one of the BSC’s most asinine books, ” Baby Sitters Island Adventure.”

And coming soon:

Sweet Valley Twins #51- Elizabeth the Impossible

Baby Sitters Super Special #11- The Baby Sitters Remember ( a favorite of mine!!)

Sweet Valley High #7- Dear Sister

Sweet Valley Twins #21- Left Behind

Sweet Valley Twins #62- Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom

There also will be some Unicorn Club, Sweet Valley High ( including ” A Night to Remember” and ” The Evil Twin!”) and Freshman Dorm books!


Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper #4-The Case of the Xmas Thief

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I know, I know- I have been soooo MIA lately, and with no warning to boot!! Well, I have been busy- I am working out more and blogging less, and as a result I have many of u missing me, but I have lost 29 lbs- and I have 11 to go!! If I make to be a perfect size 10 or 8, I will be VERY blessed. I am also house/apartment hunting with the boyfriend, and work is busier than ever- but I am going to try to post twice this week- I will do my best!!!

First of all, I swear that every Super Snooper book takes place during Christmas. How many times can one celebrate Christmas in one year? Sheesh! So, there’s actually not a whole lot to this book. Mrs. Otis, the twins’ teacher, has asked every kid to bring in something that most makes the holiday special. Elizabeth and Jessica bring in special cookie cutters. By the way, Mrs. Wakefield is a room mother- this is pre interior designer Alice Wakefield, remember. Well, things start going missing in the classroom. And while things are going missing, Ricky Capaldo, the shy kid in class ( featured rather prominently later on in SVH #21 Runaway- man, I LOVE that book I wish I had that one to recap!) is complaining that due to the impending birth of his baby sister, his parents are totally ignoring him and he is hating Christmas. The Snoopers find out that the kid stealing all of the kids’ awesome holiday stuff is… get ready… readier- RICKY CAPALDO!! Instead of telling the teacher about Ricky, though, Elizabeth helps Ricky to realize that having a baby sister will be great,and Mrs. Capaldo gives Ricky a great Christmas gift and through the power of Elizabeth Wakefield, Ricky knows that his parents will always love him, baby or no baby. I am sorry this book was barely recapped, but it was really boring- even for a Sweet Valley Kids book. I promise that my next post- on SVH #58- Brokenhearted… will be much better. Even if Jeffrey French and Liz Wakefield look like brother and sister on the cover. At least the villian Courtney Kane is introduced and I ADORE Courtney- briefly, she was the Erica Kane of Sweet Valley! But more on that in my next post- and after that post I do PROMISE I will DO MY BEST- apartment hunting, working out or work be damned 😉 to post once a week- especially since I do have many books to get recapped! Sweet Valley fans will be especially pleased as I have MANY of those to recap!

Sweet Valley High #7- Three’s a Crowd

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The plot of this book is introduced in Sweet Valley Twins #6- The New Girl. I think I have a copy of that one somewhere to recap, unless I donated it to the library in a huge book donating frenzy I had. I will have to check. Basically, the twins’ friend Mary Giaccio ( who seemed like a real fucking bitch up until this book I am sorry- now we hear she’s smart and nice and friends with both Jessica and Elizabeth) meets Alice Wakefield, and is constantly up Alice’s ass. Mary always asks to stay for dinner, she helps Alice weed the garden, helps her cook and clean, and is always looking at Alice with awe. Some background on Mary- she’s a foster child. The Altmans are her current foster parents, and are quite nifty since they live right near the Wakefields. Mr. and Mrs. Altman tell Jessica and Elizabeth that the Altmans contacted Ned so they could file to adopt Mary- yep, Ned Wakefield is an adoption lawyer, family court lawyer, criminal lawyer, tort lawyer- I swear, thanks to YA novels I never knew attorneys had specialties until college! Ned tells Jessica and Elizabeth not to tell anyone, but one night Jessica accidentally spills grape juice all over a copy of the Sweet Valley Sixers, and Jessica has to retype an article in there so that Elizabeth won’t notice. Jessica then adds to the bottom of Caroline’s gossip column ” Guess who is getting adopted? ” or whatever. Yeah, nice, real nice, when you know Mary doesn’t know yet, Jess! Well, Mary freaks when she hears this because Mary tells Elizabeth that she  has always hoped that her bio mom would find her and she knows that she has to be out there somewhere.  Mary tells Elizabeth about when she was four years old, Mary’s parents divorced. Mary and her mom moved to Kansas and Mary’s mom was a waitress, and they never had much money. Then Mary’s mother met a woman named Annie DeSalvo, and Annie babysits for Mary a lot. Mary never much liked her.  One day, Mary’s mom very responsibly leaves Mary with Annie while she leaves to take care of her mother in Florida ” for awhile” and that’s the last time Mary ever saw her mother. I am confused as to why Mary’s mom left Mary, as a four year, with a woman she didn’t seem to know that well- she’d known Annie for about 6 months- not long enough to me… but whatever. Annie took Mary to California, and abandoned Mary after  a few months- after doing things like leaving Mary with a neighbor for days at a time and what not. A nice lady from the welfare department came in and put Mary in a foster home from there- some homes Mary liked more than others, but she really likes the Altmans- but Mary doesn’t want to be adopted by them because she is still hoping her bio mom is out there, even though Annie said Mary’s mom died. But, since Mary does not want to be adopted, she has to leave the Altmans soon- and may move out of precious Sweet Valley!!

By the way, most of this book is about all of the times Mary invites herself over every night to hang out with Alice, and Jessica pouting. Or else it’s about the Unicorns writing a cookbook filled with recipes submitted by celebrities- who knew celebs would be clamoring to send their recipes to middle school girls for their cheese-o cookbook? Well, of course it is Sweet Valley, and it does involve a Wakefield twin, and the world loves the Wakefields. They are literally the Poloroids of perfection after all- yes I know that’s the theme to the Clueless TV show- see if I care. 😉

Well, all’s well that ends well for Mary.  One day after school Elizabeth spots a woman she thinks is Alice Wakefield.  The woman starts asking Elizabeth all sorts of questions about Mary. The woman claims to be a family friend, but then Elizabeth figures out that the Alice look alike is Mary’s bio mother! Her name is Andrea  Robinson, and Andrea tells Elizabeth she’s been searching for Mary all over the country for 8 years. She looked for every DeSalvo she could think of, then a ” smart detective”  ( after 8 years?) found that Annie  had used her maiden name of Giaccio when she and Mary ran away after Annie got arrested for some crime. So Mary being a Giaccio threw Andrea off.  Finally, Andrea has located Mary in Sweet Valley, and Elizabeth says that Mary is with Jessica at the Wakefield home. The cover then gives away the ending- Mary answers the door, and sees this blonde woman who resembles Alice-and knows right away it’s her mother!!  Mary is really, really happy of course. See, Mary always hung around Alice, in case you couldn’t guess – because Alice looks just like Mary’s mother. Andrea tells the Wakefields that she doesn’t want Mary to not be adopted, but she really does want to have Mary back after all these years, and Mary is more than happy to live with Andrea again. They speak to the Altmans, and they are sad to see Mary go, but they realize she needs to be with her mother again. But then Mary delivers sad news- Andrea can’t find a job or home in Sweet Valley- the homes are out of her price range, so they may have to move to the affordable San Diego, where Andrea has a job. Well , here comes Ned the social worker to the rescue! Ned gets Andrea a job and an affordable home like that!!! Of course, the home isn’t as nice as the Wakefields’ or the Altmans’, but it will do. YAY for happy ending.

As a kid, I loved this book. As an adult, I was pretty much skimming to get to an actual plot other than ” Mary invites herself over again to cut veggies with Alice and ignore the twins,” ” Mary comes over to discuss the recipes with Alice, and ignores Jess and Liz.” ” Mary comes over to clean the kitchen floor, and refuses to hang with the twins.” My goodness we GET IT! Mary invites herself over the house and fawns all over Alice as she ignores the twins!! Jeez!

Also, in the course of the Sweet Valley Twins series, Mary has THREE last names!! She’s Mary Giaccio from Books 1-7, then Mary Robinson from Books end of 7 until Book 13, and then Mary Wallace when Andrea marries Tim, and Tim adopts Mary so they can all have the same name. SHEESH that’s a LOT of last names in  the course of one year!

Coming up soon- Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper book, some BSC Super Specials like Baby Sitters Island Adventure and Baby Sitters Remember, Mallory and the Trouble with Twins,  a Freshman Dorm book, and some Sweet Valley High gems like The Evil Twin and Brokenhearted! Stay tuned!

Sweet Valley Univ. #3- What Your Parents Don’t Know

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Sooo.. have any of you read ” The Summer Before..” the BSC prequel? I have read mixed reviews- I would have loved to have seen a sequel ( to see if Kristy became a gym teacher or got an MBA, and is Jessi a ballerina with the New York City Ballet? etc…) but I enjoyed the prequel. I liked Kristy’s story best and I am not ordinarily a huge Kristy fan. Was not really into Claud’s story much. But  I w ill not say too much more in case there are those of you who haven’t read it. I do suggest reading it!!!

Well, onto this recap. God, Sweet Valley University just sucks a LOT. I  liked Book 1 OK but after that- this was sure no Freshman Dorm!!! I never read SVU as a kid- I think by the time the SVU series came out I barely read Sweet Valley High anymore.  By that time, I was more into Freshman Dorm, and I still ready Babysitters Club, and I had just discovered John Grisham- man, I LOVED John Grisham in high school!! ADORED him! I liked Amy Tan a lot, as well. But I digress.

Most of this book is almost a copy of Freshman Dorm’s book 4 Freshman Nights  and I would probably suggest reading the recap I have of that on here because it is just way more kick ass than this book was- though, of course, if you read this recap I won’t complain. Winston Egbert is determined to be a frat brother. Yes, Winston Egbert wants to be a Sigma brother more than anything because he wants to be rid of his class clown image. Basically, he wants to go from being Screech Powers to Zach Morris. So Winston has to do humiliating things like wear a brick around his neck- yes a BRICK- on a cord, and he has to do push ups on command when he sees a Sigma brother. The girls in his dorm ( if you remember Book 1 of this awful series Winston was mistakenly put in the all female dorm) are super worried that something awful will happen to Winston, and tell him to de-pledge but Winston won’t hear of it. If he doesn’t become a Sigma brother, he is NOTHING!!! NOTHING I tell you! Ya know, when I was in college I certainly knew people who were rushing frats and sororities, but I knew of no one who said it would be death if they weren’t accepted. Ah, I guess in Sweet Valley, it is frat or sorority or death, I don’t know. Well, eventually Winston is forced to do one final pledge task- he is forced to drink a ton of alcohol of course ( why are frat brothers sooo alcohol obsesssed? UGH!!) and he has to get on a roof and walk across it!!!!! Holy shit!! Well, as it happens, Elizabeth and Tom happen to be writing an investigative article on hazing ( just as Dash and Lauren were doing in Freshman Nights, remember??) and Tom and Elizabeth see that Winston is up on the roof, and as Winston is going to fall, Tom rescues him. Thank God Elizabeth and Tom just happened to be there!

But what don’t you want your parents to know? Well, Jessica doesn’t want Ned and Alice knowing that Jessica and Mike McAllery now live together. What, Ned and Alice have rules?? And ummm Steven lives with Billie!!! But whatever… so Steven, first of all, is APESHIT that Jessica is living with Mike, and they happen to live in the same apartment building as Steven and Billie. Steven acts VERY overprotective of Jessica to the point of acting less like a brother and more like a jealous lover- even Billie points this out! I swear this all started when Steven had to bend over his muscle-bound body over Jessica to zip that low cut blue dress that Jess wore to Regina Morrow’s party in ” Kidnapped!” 😉 But yes it is VERY creepy how Steven is acted. Granted, Mike is rumored to be a drug dealer, is quite possessive of Jessica, ( ie he wants her to drop the sorority, saying all of the girls are snotty bitches- OK he is probably right..) and Jessica saw Mike making out with a hot redhead. I have noticed that in SVU Jess and Liz’s boys always cheat on them with redheads- that must piss off Jessica and Elizabeth just because blondes are WAY better- NO redheads! But Mike always apologizes profusely and calls Jessica ” baby” over and over again so even though Mike is a cheater, rumored drug dealer, and sometimes yells at Jess to the point that she gets scared,  she forgives Mike over and over again. And Ned and Alice do visit for Parents Weekend and Mike gets mad ( actually rightfully so) for Jessica never introducing Mike as her boyfriend.  That is shitty of Jessica. And again why would the Wakefields think it OK for Steven to live with Billie, but wrong if Jessica lived with Mike? Oh yes- Jessica HAS to stay a virgin. Steven can fuck around all he wants- he’s a MAN after all!!

And William White and Tom Watts both want Elizabeth bad, Isabella Ricci wants Tom Watts,  Celine, Liz’s annoying roommate ( yeah I really hate Celine) wants William White, and Denise and Winston clearly want each other but neither realizes the other wants each other yet. Denise and Isabella are both sorority sisters of Jessica’s BTW in case you weren’t aware, and William is that white supremicist asshole that was head of the secret society- but Liz doesn’t know that yet. Also, this is the book where Nina, Elizabeth’s new best friend ( black Enid, basically, but with slightly more personality) and her new boyfriend Bryan get seriously beaten up by that secret society. Sad face.

And that’s basically what happens- so to review, Winston is OK because Tom and Elizabeth saved him after Elizabeth forced Celine to tell her what the Sigmas planned to do with Winston ( after Denise asked Liz for help of course because even at SVU everyone knows to go to Liz for any help at all times), Jessica is now living in sin with Mike McAllery ( and yes they have had the sex at this point and it was magical) but only Steven Wakefield seems to know- not even Liz knows, but Isabella covers for Jessica.  Ned and Alice cannot know because college girls must never live with their boyfriends.  Tom and Elizabeth finally kiss but William White ruins their beautiful moment. Mike McAllery succeeds in getting Jess to drop the Thetas.

REALLY hoping to recap ” New York, New York” by next week. Wish me luck on that- and books coming up this spring and summer!! This blog is going to be very BSC and Sweet Valley centered for awhile- I may try to get more Sleepover Friends books as well as Fabulous Five books and maybe even a Karen book or two- but all I have left to read and recap for now are SVU, Sweet Valley Twins, High and Kids- and BSC. I do hope to return to the spirit of this blog which is to recap different series than those but for now this has to do… Sorry! So cummin uppp…

Sweet Valley Twins #7- Three’s a Crowd ( LOVED this book as  a kid, HATE it as a 32 year old)

Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper #4-The Case of the Christmas Thief

SVH #58- Brokenhearted ( where on the cover, Jeffrey and Liz resemble Chris and Cathy from Flowers in the Attic)

BSC Super Special #4- Baby Sitters Island Adventure ( awful Super Special if u ask me- with awful examples of parenting… but more on that in the recap)

Sweet Valley Twins #51- Elizabeth the Impossible ( never read as a kid,but GREAT example of Liz being a douche…)

BSC Super Special #11 ( my FAVORITE one besides the NYC one- well this was truly my favorite one as a junior high kid!!) The Baby-Sitters Remember

Sweet Valley High #7- Dear Sister- the 2nd SVH book I ever read at age 8- and it used to make me cry sooo bad because of my dear little sister.. now I find it VERY snark-worthy!! and SCANDALOUS!

Sweet Valley Twins #21- Left Behind

Sweet Valley Twins #62- Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom ( this turns Sophia Rizzo into a tomboy… don’t remember that in SV Twins #9 at all!! GRRRR!)

BSC #21 ( one of my favorites as a kiddie!!!) Mallory and the Trouble with Twins

Also, I have to do a poll here- I know it’s hard but I want you all to name your top five favorite Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley High books. I know this is HARD but I am going to try this!! I am going to write the ones I liked best when I was a kid. I also will include Sweet Valley Twins books that were my favorites.

Sweet Valley High Top Five ( and remember I am writing the ones I liked best when I was about 11-14 years old not the ones I enjoyed reading most at my age now- but you all can answer either way!)

Soo SVH top 5-

SVH #21- Runaway

SVH #10- Wrong Kind of Girl

SVH I wanna say #74-  The Perfect Girl

SVH #81- Rosa’s Lie

SVH #57- Teacher Crush

Sweet Valley Twins”

SVT #42- Jessica’s Secret

SVT #43- Elizabeth’s First Kiss

SVT #6- The New Girl

SVT #9- Against the Rules

SVT #62- Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom, actually!

BSC : ( this is tough!!)

BSC #1- Kristy’s Great Idea

BSC #3- The Truth About Stacey

BSC #37- Dawn and The Older Boy (  I NEED to read that again)

BSC #50- Dawn’s First Date

BSC Super Special one- Baby Sitters on Board

Sweet Valley Kids #38- Good-Bye, Eva?

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Eva Simpson, a good friend of Jessica and Elizabeth’s who moved to Sweet Valley this year, is very upset. Her father wants to move back to Jamaica, and Eva doesn’t want to move back there. Eva’s dad is a successful businessman in the Sweet Valley area, but he is tired of going to meetings and being in a corporate world, and he wants to return to Jamaica, land of the big beach ( it’s how Eva describes it.) Eva loves Sweet Valley Elementary, her friends and her teacher and doesn’t want to return to Jamaica. Elizabeth and Jessica tell Eva that they all have to cook up a scheme to make Eva’s father want to stay in Sweet Valley, because Sweet Valley is perfect and awesome and no one should ever want to leave there!  Initially, Elizabeth and Jessica wonder if they can get Mrs. Simpson to stay, because Mrs. Simpson is a flutist for the Sweet Valley Orchestra, and there are sure no orchestras in Jamaica! Well, that’s not going to work- Mrs. Simpson’s friend is going to start an orchestra in Jamaica so if the family moves back there, Mrs. Simpson will have a job.  When Mr. Simpson comes home from work, he announces the family is going on vacation to Jamaica. Eva is none too pleased- to her, this means they are one step closer to moving to Jamaica from awesome Sweet Valley!

The next plan the twins and Eva cook up is to have a ” Jamaican picnic” so that Mr. Simpson will see how much like Jamaica Sweet Valley is. Amy, Eva and Elizabeth help Mrs. Simpson make Jamaican food, and they play reggae music. But when Mr. Simpson gets home that night, he gets a call right away saying he has to go back to the office- so they can’t have the Jamaican party for Mr. Simpson. But the kids decide to head to the beach with the yummy Jamaican food anyway. A man walks by saying the food smells so good and Jamaican, it makes him want to go on vacation to Jamaica. Eva looks very sad at that comment.  Later, Mr. Simpson shows up to the beach and he says the matter at the office wasn’t as urgent as he thought, so he told the office to handle things without him so he can spend some time with his family. He then talks about how his job makes it so hard for him to have quality time with his family.  So Mr. Simpson says he may resign from his job. Eva asks if this means the Simpsons have to go back to Jamaica and Mr. Simpson says it’s too early to tell. But then Elizabeth sees an empty restaurant right on the beach. The food Mrs. Simpson made are all recipes of Mr. Simpson’s. Elizabeth says that the man remarked on how the food was so authentic he’d go to Jamaica for it, and the Simpsons could open their own Jamaican restaurant right on the beach and stay in Sweet Valley! And because adults in YA novels always do exactly what kids say, Mr. Simpson says he’s actually always wanted to open a resturant and he has enough money to make the place look great, and he knows having a restaurant is hard work but it’s his passion. So of course, Elizabeth and Jessica save the day and Eva gets to stay in Sweet Valley. Now, what ever happened to Eva Simpson? I don’t remember her at all after the Sweet Valley Kids series. Did she have to go away because Sweet Valley Twins had the token black character Maria Slater and Sweet Valley High had- ummm- Cheryl Thomas and Patti Gilbert? Actually, Patti was in Sweet Valley Twins too. Well, I guess SVT couldn’t have THREE black girls so maybe they sent Eva to Jamaica after all I have no clue. Does anyone else?

BTW congrats to Diablo Cody on her pregnancy!!! What kind of awesome mom will SHE be? I just hope this kid doesn’t get in the way of Diablo writing that great Sweet Valley High movie!! And is the BSC prequel out? I am sorry that I have no idea, but I haven’t been reading a lot of the other blogs lately- I read some today but I am not doing great at keeping up lately, so if you all know if the prequel is out- and better yet if any of you dear readers have read it- LET ME KNOW!

I am hoping that by early next week I can recap Sleepover Friends #30 Big Sister Stephanie. And coming up-

Baby Sitters #60- Mary Anne’s Makeover

SVU #3- What your Parents don’t know

BSC Super Special #6- New York, New York!

Sweet Valley Twins #7- Three’s a Crowd

Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper 4- The Case of the Christmas Thief

Sweet Valley High #58- Brokenhearted

BSC Super Special #4- Baby-Sitters’ Island Vacation

Sweet Valley Twins #51-Elizabeth the Impossible

Sweet Valley High #82-Kidnapped by the Cult!

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Jessica has decided that her life is terrible because her parents grounded her after failing a math test, and she is missing all of Lila’s important parties. Jessica also feels that Sam would rather spend time with her dirtbike than with her, and that her parents think Elizabeth is so much better than Jessica is. OK the beginning of this book is a recycled plot- anyone remember Runaway? Jessica felt ignored by her family, felt they made fun of her and liked Elizabeth better, so Jessica almost ran away to San Francisco with that hunky rebel Nicky Shepard?  Jessica is just so upset by all of this that she starts crying in the mall. A boy goes right over to Jessica and asks if she’s OK and Jessica is amazed at how sensitive and serene this boy is. His name is Ted,  and Ted says he knows exactly how Jessica feels. Ted says that his parents treated him like he was a baby, and his girlfriend dumped him and Ted thought life was just the pits until he met a man named Adam Marvel. He runs an organization called Good Friends, and they raise soooo much money for charity and the Good Friends live simply in one house and are just very harmonious and live in peace.  Ted says the group is always there for one another and he invites Jessica to dinner at the house.  The house is in the ” dingy” part of time ( probably next door to Tricia Martin’s family) and Jessica is nervous at first,  and wants to turn around but then Ted sees her and invites her right into the house.  Jessica is impressed with the inside of the house, though, and Ted says they do all of the work to the home themselves at Good Friends. Jessica doesn’t like that the kids all dress from clothing probably found at rummage sales, and there’s only one blonde and the girl isn’t even a HOT blonde like Jessica, but then Jessica meets Adam Marvel, the leader, and Adam is the most gorgeous man Jess has ever seen. So of course Jessica is wanting to know ALL about the Good Friends now.  One girl named Susan is a bit cold to Jessica, but everyone else is so warm and friendly, and Jessica is really starting to feel she belongs. By the way, the kids in the house have to all share rooms except Adam- Adam has his own room because he needs privacy to do all his important charitible work.

Jessica then helps the Good Friends with a task for the day and Jessica is surprised that working toward a common cause can actually be fun! Adam has been telling Jessica that all of her friends and family are selfish and don’t really care about her, and Jessica thinks about how all of her friends only talk about clothes and boys and are very superficial and Adam and the good friends are so much more deep than Jessica’s superficial friends. Adam says that the people Jessica associates with are self centered and Jessica is so much better than that- she has the potential to be someone special.  Soon, the Wakefields start noticing changes in Jessica.  Jessica wears blouses and long skirts- and then Enid Rollins has the NERVE to say ” Jessica is going around dressed like a social worker’ all critical and shiz- God, FUCK YOU, ENID! First of all when was ENID described as Miss Fashion? Secondly, I am a social worker and we don’t all dress like Ms. Weiss in Precious- I, personally, am quite fashionable- I bet I dress a lot effin better than Enid! Well OK enough of that rant. Jessica also starts eating foods like meusli and tofu as the Good Friends only eat natural foods.  When Jessica is on an outing one day with the Good Friends, Adam grabs money from the bowl they are planning to give to charity to buy groceries. Jessica says Adam can’t do that, but Adam says it’s OK- they have to take some of the money from charity to pay for their own rent and food. Jessica is still a bit uneasy over this but lets it go- it seems legit what Adam says, after all.  Later, Annie, one of the Good Friends girls, tells Jessica the group likes to keep to themselves as much as possible and they don’t trust outsiders. Jessica, sure enough, starts to skip Pi Beta meetings and mall outings with Amy and Lila, and even starts avoiding poor Sam and she’s always picking fights with Sam and shiz.

Ned Wakefield is investigating the Good Friends! He tells Elizabeth that many of the charities Adam and his cronies say they raise money for are not even registered and the reputable charities say they have never heard of the Good Friends. Some of the charities have asked Ned to look into the Good Friends, as they believe that the Good friends are using the charities’ names to raise money and money is never going to any of the charities.  Elizabeth asks if that is even legal and Ned says it is not. Ned also tells Elizabeth that Adam is very manipulative, and that Adam has started groups like this all over the country and it may even be a cult. Liz is all ” a cult in Sweet Valley? Impossible”. Yes, Sweet Valley is shang ra la, Liz- we get it. UGH!  Elizabeth tries to tell this to Jessica and Jessica runs to Adam who says that people always try to spread lies about Good Friends  and Jess says she knew Mr. Wakefield was wrong and that the Good Friends are only out to do good deeds.

Elizabeth crashes a Good Friends meeting and one of the boys, Brian, has ” disappeared” from the mall according to Annie. Adam is all livid and goes to run off to find him and Susan flinches.  Then Susan tells Elizabeth to get out while she can. When Liz goes to ask why, Adam asks what they are talking about and Elizabeth says she’s just teasing Susan about having a crush on Brian, and Adam says all creepily that Good Friends don’t get crushes. Ummm OK.

Adam asks Jessica to tell Brian’s parents to bring him home. Jessica doesn’t know how to find Brian, but then tells Adam she can see if the address is at her dad’s office space at home. Jess does find the address in her dad’s Rolodex and writes it down.  Adam then tells Jessica the group has to leave Sweet Valley after they get Brian back.  Jessica asks why and Adam says the Good Friends can start anew and be whoever they want to be.  Jessica tells Adam that would be wonderful. After all, her parents and Liz wouldn’t miss, and none of her friends would care. This way, Jessica could be whatever she wanted and not just be known as superficial.  Jessica goes to leave, and Elizabeth and Sam go after her as they just realized that Jessica isn’t at home as Sam thought or with Sam as Liz thought. Elizabeth thinks Jessica may be trying to run away with the Good Friends.  Elizabeth runs to the house and sees Jessica with Adam and cries, telling her to leave with Elizabeth and that she loves Jessica. As Jessica says she doesn’t want to go with Liz, Sam has Susan in his arms- Susan was found unconscious and tied up upstairs!  Adam had claimed Susan went home and Jessica asks Adam what happened and Adam said he’ll explain later and Liz screams ” no explain now!”  Well, turns out Susan is a reporter who was undercover in the Good Friends and Susan explains that Adam has manipulated vulnerable teens for years, and Adam is a fraud.  Elizabeth bakes brownies for the group, as Sam says he is sorry for not knowing Jessica was depressed. As the group of Sam, Susan, Steven, ( he is home from college visiting his GF, Cara Walker) Elizabeth and Jess eat brownies, Steven says he’s worried that Cara will be in London for a week- he’s not sure why, but he is concerned about this trip. And that is the intro to one of my favorite Sweet Valley High books that I wish I had, Steven’s Bride!

The subplot in this book is that Elizabeth and Todd join the bowling club at school and Elizabeth almost cheats on Todd with the hot senior leading the group, Justin Silver, but decides against it at the last minute. And Todd is none the wiser.

Sometime after Easter ( maybe even ON Easter) I will be recapping a Sweet Valley Kids book. Coming up after that- some more Sleepover Friends, some BSC ( Mary Anne’s Makeover and a Super Special or two) and Sweet Valley Twins.  Catch up w/ ya then!

Sweet Valley Kids #3- The Twins Mystery Teacher

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The twins’ teacher, Mrs. Becker, faints in class one day. The class gets a subsitute named Mr. Pinecone- yes PINECONE- for the day, and the class switches seats so Mr. Pinecone has no idea who any of the kids are. So Mr. Pinecone doesn’t return because substitute teaching is just not for him. Gosh, I had much worse classes than this guy when I subbed, and I did it for over a year!!!! Ah well. Well the next day the class gets Mr. Marshall and he means business and doesn’t tolerate any bullcrap. But then one day the kids see Mr. Marshall getting into a cop car- ooooh Mr. Marshall is probably a CRIMINAL!! But noooo- Mr. Marshall is a cop who needed extra money so he is subbing during the day. But then Mr. Marshall gets a really important case and has to stop subbing, and Mrs. Becker returns safe and sound. That’s really all there was to this book. I mean once you see Mr. Marshall getting into a cop car ya figure he’s a cop. And I wish he had busted like a teachers’ big drug ring or something because he is undercover but nope.

I have good reason for making today’s recap short. It’s because I wanted to really bring up something else. As everyone knows, I am now trying to work out for at least 30 minutes every day in order to lose weight, and I have lost 13 lbs since January 11- not bad, right? My boyfriend and I are also getting a lot more serious, and I have every intention of moving in with my boyfriend in the next few months- August the latest. And in addition, work is just not as interesting as it used to be, and I am considering pursuing other options- specifically school social work, so I have to take the test to be a certified school social work at some point. The economy sucks ass so I know I will have to stay put at work for a bit, but that’s been meaning that I haven’t even been reading other of your blogs the way I used to, and I am losing some interest in keeping up this blog.

But fear not- I am not going to really be going away any time soon! I have quite a few books left to recap and snark on and I least want to get to Mary Anne’s Makeover. After I recap Mary Anne’s Makeover, ( gotta please Sadako at least!:) I plan to re-think what I will do with these here bloggy blog, and I will either recap a lot less often- say every two weeks, maybe even only once a month- or I will shut the blog down. But I won’t know for sure until I see how interested I am in maintaining the blog after recapping Mary Anne’s Makeover.

In the meantime-look forward to these recaps!!

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