Sleepover Friends #30- Big Sister Stephanie

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First of all, I have to send big congrats to two blogs that were mentioned in Entertainment Weekly that I have read for a long time- Nikki and Robin of are you there God it’s me Nikki and The Dairi Burger were mentioned in a great article by Catherine Garcia of Entertainment Weekly on YA blogs- congrats, ladies!! Frankly I am uber jealous, but I am also extremely proud of you guys!!!

So on to my own snark as it were- apparently in later Sleepover Friends books ( I only read about 20 or so of these in 6th grade then kinda outgrew them) they have other girls besides Lauren narrate. Now I love Lauren’s narration she can be objective, and it’s not as if there’s much more interesting stuff to say about Lauren, so she’s great as the narrator- that is her role. But no in this particular book it’s Kate narrating and that alone made me not enjoy this book as much as previous Sleepover Friends books. But once I got over the initial, ” Oh My God why isn’t Lauren the narrator?” shock, I sort of liked this book- but I sort of got annoyed with both Kate and Stephanie, but could kind of relate as well, I suppose.

So OK I am being way too long winded- what is the plot you ask? Well it starts with a very recycled plot of Sleepover Friends books- Stephanie is again jealous of the time that her parents spend with with her twin siblings, Emma and Jeremy.  Stephanie is upset that the twins are so young, and they can’t even look up to yet or anything, and again she is lacking in attention. Kate, on her end, continues to be annoyed that her little sister Melissa, who’s in third grade- so  yeah only two years younger than Kate,but the way these books are written you’d think Kate was 17 and not 10- is always bothering Kate and her friends at sleepovers, and always wants to do whatever Kate is doing. Stephanie and Melissa then start bonding with each other, and it gets to the point where Stephanie curls Melissa’s hair so it looks more like Stephanie’s and where Stephanie gets Melissa to wear red, white and black just like Stephanie does, and Stephanie and Melissa even go to the mall together and leave out Kate. Melissa even ends up buying a red, white and black parka like Stephanie’s even though Melissa prefers blue.  Kate starts trying to get Melissa to hang out with her but Melissa wants to always be with Stephanie instead. Finally, Melissa tells Kate she doesn’t want to hang out with Stephanie anymore because Stephanie is too bossy, and Melissa would also rather play with her third grade friends. Stephanie, for her part, has a talk with her parents about how they pretty much only use Stephanie to baby sit, because in YA world older siblings only exist to constantly care for the younger ones so  the parents can go out, and Stephanie’s parents say that Stephanie doesn’t have to baby sit anymore, but then Stephanie says she sort of wants to do it sometimes, and since she is now feeling closer to her family, she doesn’t really need Melissa anymore. Kate says she realizes that Melissa can be bratty, but she’s also a pretty cool third grader.  And that pretty much sums it up.

As I had said, this wasn’t a favorite. I also really wanted to post this week but didn’t want to say much so I hope this blog satisfied regardless. I do definitely plan a much larger post for when I recap ” Mary Anne’s Makeover” which I plan to do next week at some point if I don’t get the urge before then! Mary Anne’s Makeover was one of my favorites as a ninth grader- I read it a LOT that year- that and ” Dawn and the Older Boy.” Not sure why! After that, look for lots of Sweet Valley posts- SVU and Sweet Valley Twins as well as some Sweet Valley High- a couple of SVH books I will be blogging about are ” Brokenhearted” and ” Dear Sister”, some of the Sweet Valley Twins will be ” Three’s a Crowd” and ” Elizabeth the Impossible” ( though can’t ANY SV book be titled Elizabeth the Impossible?”), and I also plan to recap ” The Evil Twin” and ” A Night to Remember at some point from Sweet Valley High. In Baby Sitters Club- I have quite a few BSC Super Specials to recap so look for those posts!!!


Sweet Valley Kids #38- Good-Bye, Eva?

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Eva Simpson, a good friend of Jessica and Elizabeth’s who moved to Sweet Valley this year, is very upset. Her father wants to move back to Jamaica, and Eva doesn’t want to move back there. Eva’s dad is a successful businessman in the Sweet Valley area, but he is tired of going to meetings and being in a corporate world, and he wants to return to Jamaica, land of the big beach ( it’s how Eva describes it.) Eva loves Sweet Valley Elementary, her friends and her teacher and doesn’t want to return to Jamaica. Elizabeth and Jessica tell Eva that they all have to cook up a scheme to make Eva’s father want to stay in Sweet Valley, because Sweet Valley is perfect and awesome and no one should ever want to leave there!  Initially, Elizabeth and Jessica wonder if they can get Mrs. Simpson to stay, because Mrs. Simpson is a flutist for the Sweet Valley Orchestra, and there are sure no orchestras in Jamaica! Well, that’s not going to work- Mrs. Simpson’s friend is going to start an orchestra in Jamaica so if the family moves back there, Mrs. Simpson will have a job.  When Mr. Simpson comes home from work, he announces the family is going on vacation to Jamaica. Eva is none too pleased- to her, this means they are one step closer to moving to Jamaica from awesome Sweet Valley!

The next plan the twins and Eva cook up is to have a ” Jamaican picnic” so that Mr. Simpson will see how much like Jamaica Sweet Valley is. Amy, Eva and Elizabeth help Mrs. Simpson make Jamaican food, and they play reggae music. But when Mr. Simpson gets home that night, he gets a call right away saying he has to go back to the office- so they can’t have the Jamaican party for Mr. Simpson. But the kids decide to head to the beach with the yummy Jamaican food anyway. A man walks by saying the food smells so good and Jamaican, it makes him want to go on vacation to Jamaica. Eva looks very sad at that comment.  Later, Mr. Simpson shows up to the beach and he says the matter at the office wasn’t as urgent as he thought, so he told the office to handle things without him so he can spend some time with his family. He then talks about how his job makes it so hard for him to have quality time with his family.  So Mr. Simpson says he may resign from his job. Eva asks if this means the Simpsons have to go back to Jamaica and Mr. Simpson says it’s too early to tell. But then Elizabeth sees an empty restaurant right on the beach. The food Mrs. Simpson made are all recipes of Mr. Simpson’s. Elizabeth says that the man remarked on how the food was so authentic he’d go to Jamaica for it, and the Simpsons could open their own Jamaican restaurant right on the beach and stay in Sweet Valley! And because adults in YA novels always do exactly what kids say, Mr. Simpson says he’s actually always wanted to open a resturant and he has enough money to make the place look great, and he knows having a restaurant is hard work but it’s his passion. So of course, Elizabeth and Jessica save the day and Eva gets to stay in Sweet Valley. Now, what ever happened to Eva Simpson? I don’t remember her at all after the Sweet Valley Kids series. Did she have to go away because Sweet Valley Twins had the token black character Maria Slater and Sweet Valley High had- ummm- Cheryl Thomas and Patti Gilbert? Actually, Patti was in Sweet Valley Twins too. Well, I guess SVT couldn’t have THREE black girls so maybe they sent Eva to Jamaica after all I have no clue. Does anyone else?

BTW congrats to Diablo Cody on her pregnancy!!! What kind of awesome mom will SHE be? I just hope this kid doesn’t get in the way of Diablo writing that great Sweet Valley High movie!! And is the BSC prequel out? I am sorry that I have no idea, but I haven’t been reading a lot of the other blogs lately- I read some today but I am not doing great at keeping up lately, so if you all know if the prequel is out- and better yet if any of you dear readers have read it- LET ME KNOW!

I am hoping that by early next week I can recap Sleepover Friends #30 Big Sister Stephanie. And coming up-

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Sweet Valley High #82-Kidnapped by the Cult!

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Jessica has decided that her life is terrible because her parents grounded her after failing a math test, and she is missing all of Lila’s important parties. Jessica also feels that Sam would rather spend time with her dirtbike than with her, and that her parents think Elizabeth is so much better than Jessica is. OK the beginning of this book is a recycled plot- anyone remember Runaway? Jessica felt ignored by her family, felt they made fun of her and liked Elizabeth better, so Jessica almost ran away to San Francisco with that hunky rebel Nicky Shepard?  Jessica is just so upset by all of this that she starts crying in the mall. A boy goes right over to Jessica and asks if she’s OK and Jessica is amazed at how sensitive and serene this boy is. His name is Ted,  and Ted says he knows exactly how Jessica feels. Ted says that his parents treated him like he was a baby, and his girlfriend dumped him and Ted thought life was just the pits until he met a man named Adam Marvel. He runs an organization called Good Friends, and they raise soooo much money for charity and the Good Friends live simply in one house and are just very harmonious and live in peace.  Ted says the group is always there for one another and he invites Jessica to dinner at the house.  The house is in the ” dingy” part of time ( probably next door to Tricia Martin’s family) and Jessica is nervous at first,  and wants to turn around but then Ted sees her and invites her right into the house.  Jessica is impressed with the inside of the house, though, and Ted says they do all of the work to the home themselves at Good Friends. Jessica doesn’t like that the kids all dress from clothing probably found at rummage sales, and there’s only one blonde and the girl isn’t even a HOT blonde like Jessica, but then Jessica meets Adam Marvel, the leader, and Adam is the most gorgeous man Jess has ever seen. So of course Jessica is wanting to know ALL about the Good Friends now.  One girl named Susan is a bit cold to Jessica, but everyone else is so warm and friendly, and Jessica is really starting to feel she belongs. By the way, the kids in the house have to all share rooms except Adam- Adam has his own room because he needs privacy to do all his important charitible work.

Jessica then helps the Good Friends with a task for the day and Jessica is surprised that working toward a common cause can actually be fun! Adam has been telling Jessica that all of her friends and family are selfish and don’t really care about her, and Jessica thinks about how all of her friends only talk about clothes and boys and are very superficial and Adam and the good friends are so much more deep than Jessica’s superficial friends. Adam says that the people Jessica associates with are self centered and Jessica is so much better than that- she has the potential to be someone special.  Soon, the Wakefields start noticing changes in Jessica.  Jessica wears blouses and long skirts- and then Enid Rollins has the NERVE to say ” Jessica is going around dressed like a social worker’ all critical and shiz- God, FUCK YOU, ENID! First of all when was ENID described as Miss Fashion? Secondly, I am a social worker and we don’t all dress like Ms. Weiss in Precious- I, personally, am quite fashionable- I bet I dress a lot effin better than Enid! Well OK enough of that rant. Jessica also starts eating foods like meusli and tofu as the Good Friends only eat natural foods.  When Jessica is on an outing one day with the Good Friends, Adam grabs money from the bowl they are planning to give to charity to buy groceries. Jessica says Adam can’t do that, but Adam says it’s OK- they have to take some of the money from charity to pay for their own rent and food. Jessica is still a bit uneasy over this but lets it go- it seems legit what Adam says, after all.  Later, Annie, one of the Good Friends girls, tells Jessica the group likes to keep to themselves as much as possible and they don’t trust outsiders. Jessica, sure enough, starts to skip Pi Beta meetings and mall outings with Amy and Lila, and even starts avoiding poor Sam and she’s always picking fights with Sam and shiz.

Ned Wakefield is investigating the Good Friends! He tells Elizabeth that many of the charities Adam and his cronies say they raise money for are not even registered and the reputable charities say they have never heard of the Good Friends. Some of the charities have asked Ned to look into the Good Friends, as they believe that the Good friends are using the charities’ names to raise money and money is never going to any of the charities.  Elizabeth asks if that is even legal and Ned says it is not. Ned also tells Elizabeth that Adam is very manipulative, and that Adam has started groups like this all over the country and it may even be a cult. Liz is all ” a cult in Sweet Valley? Impossible”. Yes, Sweet Valley is shang ra la, Liz- we get it. UGH!  Elizabeth tries to tell this to Jessica and Jessica runs to Adam who says that people always try to spread lies about Good Friends  and Jess says she knew Mr. Wakefield was wrong and that the Good Friends are only out to do good deeds.

Elizabeth crashes a Good Friends meeting and one of the boys, Brian, has ” disappeared” from the mall according to Annie. Adam is all livid and goes to run off to find him and Susan flinches.  Then Susan tells Elizabeth to get out while she can. When Liz goes to ask why, Adam asks what they are talking about and Elizabeth says she’s just teasing Susan about having a crush on Brian, and Adam says all creepily that Good Friends don’t get crushes. Ummm OK.

Adam asks Jessica to tell Brian’s parents to bring him home. Jessica doesn’t know how to find Brian, but then tells Adam she can see if the address is at her dad’s office space at home. Jess does find the address in her dad’s Rolodex and writes it down.  Adam then tells Jessica the group has to leave Sweet Valley after they get Brian back.  Jessica asks why and Adam says the Good Friends can start anew and be whoever they want to be.  Jessica tells Adam that would be wonderful. After all, her parents and Liz wouldn’t miss, and none of her friends would care. This way, Jessica could be whatever she wanted and not just be known as superficial.  Jessica goes to leave, and Elizabeth and Sam go after her as they just realized that Jessica isn’t at home as Sam thought or with Sam as Liz thought. Elizabeth thinks Jessica may be trying to run away with the Good Friends.  Elizabeth runs to the house and sees Jessica with Adam and cries, telling her to leave with Elizabeth and that she loves Jessica. As Jessica says she doesn’t want to go with Liz, Sam has Susan in his arms- Susan was found unconscious and tied up upstairs!  Adam had claimed Susan went home and Jessica asks Adam what happened and Adam said he’ll explain later and Liz screams ” no explain now!”  Well, turns out Susan is a reporter who was undercover in the Good Friends and Susan explains that Adam has manipulated vulnerable teens for years, and Adam is a fraud.  Elizabeth bakes brownies for the group, as Sam says he is sorry for not knowing Jessica was depressed. As the group of Sam, Susan, Steven, ( he is home from college visiting his GF, Cara Walker) Elizabeth and Jess eat brownies, Steven says he’s worried that Cara will be in London for a week- he’s not sure why, but he is concerned about this trip. And that is the intro to one of my favorite Sweet Valley High books that I wish I had, Steven’s Bride!

The subplot in this book is that Elizabeth and Todd join the bowling club at school and Elizabeth almost cheats on Todd with the hot senior leading the group, Justin Silver, but decides against it at the last minute. And Todd is none the wiser.

Sometime after Easter ( maybe even ON Easter) I will be recapping a Sweet Valley Kids book. Coming up after that- some more Sleepover Friends, some BSC ( Mary Anne’s Makeover and a Super Special or two) and Sweet Valley Twins.  Catch up w/ ya then!

Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News

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I have noticed that there aren’t exactly too many Eliz Gail fans out there- I loved these books as a young elementary school student, but I am not seeing much love for these books from you readers. Well, no matter because I am still doing a recap of this book- a fairly quick recap, but a recap nonetheless.

Elizabeth’s terrifying news? Marie Dobbs, Elizabeth Gail’s mom, wants her back!! Ms. Kremeen, Libby’s new social worker, desperately wants to get Libby away from the Johnsons because she doesn’t agree with their Christian values. Now I am sorry but as a social worker who is not exactly a huge fan of organized religion myself, what do I care if the family are Christians as long as they are good parents? But I guess Ms. Kremeen hates Christians, so she tells Libby and her foster parents, Chuck and Vera ( man I LOVE Chuck) that she intends to bring Libby back to Marie Dobbs, and that Marie says she’s off drugs and will never abuse Libby again. Sure, right… well Libby’s grandma, Marie’s mother, doesn’t believe any of this mess and she intervenes and tells the authorities that Marie Dobbs is still a very abusive woman and an awful parent, and shouldn’t get Libby back. Libby is surprised by this as Grandma was never exactly nice to her, but if it means staying with the Johnsons she’s not going to complain!!!

In this book, we also get to witness Brenda Wilkins, a girl who has historically made nothing but trouble for Libby, become a Christian, and Chuck also has Libby pray and forgive her mother for the abuse she inflicted on Libby, despite her protests. Chuck explains how Libby will never be able to heal properly if she doesn’t turn to Jesus to ask her to forgive her mother. Libby was able to forgive the dad who abandoned her through God’s love, so why not her mother? Libby agrees to pray with Chuck for her to forgive Marie Dobbs, and for Marie’s salvation and what not. Libby also starts piano lessons with Rachael Avery, though I swear she started them sooner than this. Rachael can see Libby is bothered over something and Libby never says what, so Rachael pretty much just lectures Libby on how she can’t let whatever is bothering her stop her from realizing her dream of being a concert pianist. I think Rachael approaches Libby in this way in every book and I am never sure if Rachael is an awesome piano teacher or kind of irritating in terms of not really understanding Libby’s background. And in conclusion, yeah, not loving how social workers are portrayed in these books- though Libby had liked her previous social worker but as soon as that social worker married Chuck’s brother she quit her job- OK I get stay at home moms, but quitting work as soon as you marry and you don’t even have kids yet? Kinda weird.

I am going to try to post again this week if I can- I have Kidnapped from the Cult to recap and it’s so terribly awful that it’s sort of awesome.  After that I have some more Sweet Valley Kids, Sleepover Friends, BSC and Sweet Valley U recaps coming up! Stay tuned! And in case I don’t post again this week for any and all of you who celebrate Easter and/or Passover- Happy Holidays!! ( OK one says that as Christmas but I didn’t want to write Happy Easter and or/Passover- ah I just did. Whatevs.) I myself love Easter because I am going to eat Easter candy- forget diets that day!

Freshman Dorm #13- Freshman Flames

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The main plotline has to do with Dash and Lauren- you know, as a kid I loved Dash and Lauren as a couple- as an adult, it seems they break up in every other book and it’s slightly maddening- then again I guess that is how young love can be? Well anyway Dash and Lauren have won an award for excellence in investigative reporting for their article on the hazing of Howard Benmann. Check out my recap for Freshman Dorm #4 Freshman Nights for more on Howard Benmann and the heinous hazing. Anyway, to stir up excitement on campus over Dash and Lauren winning this award, the Journal’s editor, Greg, suggests that Dash and Lauren engage in a friendly debate over a hot button issue going on- I swear that there was a lot of discussion in the media over this topic at the time the book was written! And the topic is? Whether or not female reporters should be allowed access into male locker rooms. Lauren was kicked out of the men’s volleyball locker room in the last book, and Lauren is incensed that she couldn’t get her hot story. Dash just finds this whole debate silly because hardly any women are sports reporters, anyway, so for Dash it’s not really an issue worth being debated. So as Lauren interviews tons of student athletes and reads up tons on the topic, Dash hardly does anything to prepare for the debate. The day of the debate, Lauren is very nervous, keeps flipping through her index cards, and speaks in a monotone voice.  When Dash has his turn, he starts saying that men would not exactly be comfortable with a woman in his locker room due to ” certain anatomical differences.” Dash says if Lauren feels men and women are the same, both of them should strip to prove their point! Then Dash starts taking off his button down shirt, and then his undershirt! Lauren is beet red, embarrassed, and PISSED that Dash pulled such a terrible stunt at the debate and made her look bad- she’s got a point, really- Dash knew Lauren was nervous, and to do that was not helping Lauren at all. Lauren decides she will get back at Dash if it’s the last thing she does- the night of the Regents’ dinner, where Dash and Lauren are to be presented with the journalism award, Lauren says she will accept the award for her and Dash- she’s especially steamed now because everyone was acting as if Dash wrote the article alone and Lauren just edited it, and Lauren can’t have that! So Lauren accepts the award and points out that SHE is the one who got the tip from KC on hazing, and she was the one who found Howard Benmann. Lauren says she wishes that she could be a man and get all the credit for writing great articles! Lauren then figures, OK, she and Dash are even and that she and Dash can now make up. Dash is so steamed, though, that he utterly refuses to speak to Lauren and treats her with contempt- he tells Lauren that as far as he is concerned, Lauren doesn’t exist- Lauren made Dash sound like a lazy hack, and he can’t stand for that. By the end of the book, Greg says that he would like Dash and Lauren to write a ” His and Hers” column on different topics, as the debate was so popular. Both agree, but Dash and Lauren do not make up.

So what else goes on in the Freshman Dorm ladies’ lives? Here it goes-

Faith: She starts becoming closer to Liza, and wishes she could be as lighthearted and confident as Liza- she’s tired of being a boring good girl. To that end, Faith  gets very cozy with a male volleyball player- Scott Sills- read more on him in my recap of Freshman Dorm #14- that Liza introduces Faith to, and after being cozy with Scott and seeing that he has a fake ID, Faith decides to get one as well so she can drink at the local sports bar where the volleyball team hangs out. One night, Faith goes out with Liza and wears a risque outfit of a lacy bra top thing, a red denim jacket, and bike shorts- and Scott is lovin’ the outfit.  Faith dyed her hair brown to resemble a senior named Cheryl White- Liza got the idea of borrowing Cheryl’s non photo ID so that Faith could say she lost her photo ID and get an ID with Cheryl’s date of birth on it.  Well, at the bar that night, her brown hair dye had washed out, and while the first bartender serves Faith with no problem, the second one gets suspicious and asks Faith for another ID. Faith, of course, doesn’t have one- and then campus security is called!! Scott bails on Faith when he sees campus security, because he tells Faith later that Scott can’t afford to be kicked out of college and lose his volleyball scholarship. Liza has left the bar at that point because a guy that Liza thought was into her, Jason- well turns out that Liza overheard Jason telling his friends about Liza’s ” cheddar cheese colored hair” and said that Liza weighs a ton and has an annoying voice- and Liza had thought Jason really liked her so Liza is so upset when she hears Jason’s comments ( I felt so bad for Liza, for real) that she leaves the bar when she sees Faith dancing and drinking with Scott.  So Faith is left alone to deal with the campus cop- and he gives her a citation and Faith has to appear before a peer review board- again, for more on that- Freshman Dorm #14 recap, honies!

KC finally lets her guard down and tells Peter that she loves him. Peter is thrilled, but Peter doesn’t know how to tell KC that he is a finalist for a grant to study photography in Italy.  So Peter doesn’t tell KC, but then one day KC goes to bring Peter flowers and finds the letter on his desk and KC is STEAMED! She is so upset that Peter would up and leave for Italy if he wins this grant, and she comes to the conclusion that Peter doesn’t love her because of that. But then Grandma Rose sends KC a letter stating that KC’s dad is so different from Grandma Rose, but because she loves him, she lets him be who she wants to be and Grandma says in the letter that if you love someone let them live their dreams and do what makes them happy. This inspires KC to run to Peter’s room, and KC tells Peter that if he wins the grant, he HAS to go to Italy and live out his dreams-no matter what- and their love can withstand anything. And Peter and KC tell each other how much they love each other. Peter rocked, if you ask me, though I liked Cody as a boyfriend for KC as well- too bad KC had to ruin the relationship with Cody later on in this series- sigh….

Melissa and Brooks are now engaged- yep they started dating in Book 7 and got engaged in Book 12 I want to say- so what after a month? And they are only 18? Anyhoo, Melissa and Brooks get into a huge fight because Brooks assumes that when he and Melissa marry, Melissa will be Mrs. Baldwin, and Melissa says she always imagined she’d be Dr McDormand and she has no intention at all of giving up her last name.  Brooks suggests at the end- after talking to Josh and Peter, and realizing he wants to be married to Melissa- that Melissa become Mrs. Melissa McDormand- Baldwin and Melissa says that if marriage is about compromise, Brooks has to give a little too- that means that Brooks will be Brooks McDormand-Baldwin if they marry- and Brooks agrees- which is pretty fuckin cool! Oh, Brooks, how I loved you…

By the end of the week, I sincerely hope to get to the recap of Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News.  And coming up- yes I am sticking around for now- I just may be posting less often-

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Freshman Dorm #7- Freshman Loves

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The main story in this particular edition of Freshman Dorm is that Melissa McDormand is a track star who is going to Univ of Springfield on a full athletic scholarship. Melissa is also premed, and gets straight A’s. Melissa is used to being the best at whatever she does, and Melissa has always been so busy studying and running that she has never had time for friends or a boyfriend. That is, until Melissa falls in love with Brooks Baldwin- yes, that would be Faith Crowley’s high school sweetheart- don’t worry they aren’t together anymore. Brooks starts encouraging Melissa to do rebellious things like play mini golf and eat huge hot fudge sundaes, and Melissa starts to do a poor job at track. It doesn’t help that a junior named Caitlin Bruneau ( yes the same gal who later on gives Melissa steroids- why do these girls always put full trust in other girls who have been completely out to get them before- another example- KC always trusting Marielle, even though she should know Marielle is a complete snake) is jealous because Melissa is becoming better than Caitlin is at track, and is always trying to psych Melissa out and tell her that boyfriends and track don’t mix. So when Melissa starts to do poorly in track, she blames Brooks because he made her mini golf and stay out late, and they almost break up. But then Melissa later realizes that when Brooks is there at a meet, she actually runs better, and Brooks helps Melissa put down the wall she has against love, and they become a hot couple- at least until Brooks dumps Melissa at the altar.

In other stories- this is where Winnie starts to get pretty depressed. She is turning 18, and is all upset because KC is not speaking to her- KC and Winnie got into some huge fight at Winter Formal and Winnie ended up pushing KC in the pool- and man I need that fuckin book because it rocks- and KC is convinced that she will lose Winter Princess because of what Winnie did- until Marielle Danner apparently rescued KC by letting her wear a hot black dress and doing her hair all slicked and cute.  So, Winnie feels no one loves her and all, so Faith tries to plan a big 18th birthday party for Win, and tells KC to please, please be there because Winnie was always there for KC in the past and all. Well, Winnie’s party is the same day as an important Tri Beta pledge tea, but KC has time to swing by Win’s party before attending the tea- well until Marielle comes to KC’s dorm room to help KC prep for the party- which by the way it’s totally against sorority rules for a sister to help a pledge during rush in any way- and yeah from what I recall from my college friend Lindsey’s experience with a sorority, this is pretty much true- and Marielle also ” helps” KC by getting her to drink quite a bit of rum and Coke so that KC’s chances at being a Tri Beta are sabotaged. Well, as KC is drinking, she misses Winnie’s party and when Winnie gets there and sees that hardly anyone showed- Faith chose to have this party while everyone would have classes for some reason- Winnie runs crying out of the room and is despondent. Faith stomps over to Tri Beta because she knows KC is there. KC, of course, is making a total fool of herself at the tea, and Courtney Connor says drinking is totally not tolerated at Tri Beta and is about to ream KC out, when Faith says that she saw Marielle at KC’s dorm room- so Courtney now knows that Marielle helped a pledge which is a no no, and gave her booze which is a HUGE no no- Courtney only approves of the ocassional glass of wine if you are over 21, just so ya know-wow Courtney would have DIED if she was a UCONN sorority girl, let me tell ya!! ( GO UCONN LADY HUSKIES WOOOO 😉 So Marielle is kicked out of the sorority, and from then on Marielle tries to ruin KC’s life, as we know.

Lauren also finds out that Dash is not exactly some poor Latino street kid. Dash’s parents are coming to visit, and Lauren is upset that Dash thinks that Lauren would, like, look down on Dash’s poor immigrant parents- which Dash never says that he has poor parents, he just dresses bummish.  So Lauren decides to just ” crash” the dinner, which is at a very fancy restaurant. Turns out that Dash is not poor at all- his father is some hugely important businessman, his mom is a hospital administrator, and his sister top of her class at law school. Lauren is pissed that Dash acts like he’s poor and streetwise when he isn’t. Dash claims he can’t act all pampered because he works  for the campus newspaper, and has to be pretty radical. Ah, whatever. Lauren and Dash make up, and all is well until the next book, because that’s just how Dash and Lauren roll. 

Next up- Freshman Flames Freshman Dorm Numero 13. After that- look for Elizabeth Gail and the Terrifying News ( because u all adore YA Christian fiction- admit it!!),   a lovely SVH book called Kidnapped by the Cult!, a Sweet Valley Kids book called Good Bye, Eva? , Sleepover Friends #30, Big Sister Stephanie, and Mary Anne’s Makeover! And after that- I will definitely do my best to stick around and do this here blog. I saw how a lot of you got upset at the thought that I may shut down following MA’s Makeover, and I have decided I will stick around for a bit longer for sure- may not post once or twice a week as I usually do, but I will be around!!! HUGS AND SMOOCHIES TO MY FANS- I honestly didn’t think this blog was that popular! So in that regard- you have some more books to look forward to!!

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Sweet Valley Kids #3- The Twins Mystery Teacher

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The twins’ teacher, Mrs. Becker, faints in class one day. The class gets a subsitute named Mr. Pinecone- yes PINECONE- for the day, and the class switches seats so Mr. Pinecone has no idea who any of the kids are. So Mr. Pinecone doesn’t return because substitute teaching is just not for him. Gosh, I had much worse classes than this guy when I subbed, and I did it for over a year!!!! Ah well. Well the next day the class gets Mr. Marshall and he means business and doesn’t tolerate any bullcrap. But then one day the kids see Mr. Marshall getting into a cop car- ooooh Mr. Marshall is probably a CRIMINAL!! But noooo- Mr. Marshall is a cop who needed extra money so he is subbing during the day. But then Mr. Marshall gets a really important case and has to stop subbing, and Mrs. Becker returns safe and sound. That’s really all there was to this book. I mean once you see Mr. Marshall getting into a cop car ya figure he’s a cop. And I wish he had busted like a teachers’ big drug ring or something because he is undercover but nope.

I have good reason for making today’s recap short. It’s because I wanted to really bring up something else. As everyone knows, I am now trying to work out for at least 30 minutes every day in order to lose weight, and I have lost 13 lbs since January 11- not bad, right? My boyfriend and I are also getting a lot more serious, and I have every intention of moving in with my boyfriend in the next few months- August the latest. And in addition, work is just not as interesting as it used to be, and I am considering pursuing other options- specifically school social work, so I have to take the test to be a certified school social work at some point. The economy sucks ass so I know I will have to stay put at work for a bit, but that’s been meaning that I haven’t even been reading other of your blogs the way I used to, and I am losing some interest in keeping up this blog.

But fear not- I am not going to really be going away any time soon! I have quite a few books left to recap and snark on and I least want to get to Mary Anne’s Makeover. After I recap Mary Anne’s Makeover, ( gotta please Sadako at least!:) I plan to re-think what I will do with these here bloggy blog, and I will either recap a lot less often- say every two weeks, maybe even only once a month- or I will shut the blog down. But I won’t know for sure until I see how interested I am in maintaining the blog after recapping Mary Anne’s Makeover.

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