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BSC #60- Mary Anne’s Makeover

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Yes, I know, I haven’t been around in awhile. But it seems that between work, workouts, spending time w/ my man- more and more of my time is eaten up and there’s less time to devote to this here blog- but I am on vacation this week so I am hoping to post at least a couple times this week. Now, on to the fun!!

First of all, I ADORE this bookcover- Mary Anne is showing off her new short hair, Logan has his feathered hair going on and also his VERY baggy jeans, and Dawn’s jeans ( well who I think is Dawn- I can never tell who is Dawn and who is Stacey on these covers) has quite the bulge in her jeans- Dawn seems to have a bulge in the front of those jeans on a FEW covers- very odd…

Chapter 1: Mary Anne is sitting for Marilyn and Carolyn Arnold. Carolyn loves the movie ” Back to the Future” and is working on a time machine, like in the movie. This starts the B plot of this book, which is sort of boring and I may not get into it much. Mary Anne then describes how Marilyn and Carolyn used to always dress alike and had to share a room, and then Mary Anne convinced the Arnolds to let them be individuals ( umm wasn’t that Mallory who did that???) and now Carolyn has short hair and wears trendy clothes, and Marilyn wears her  hair longer and likes to play piano. Not much more to that chapter, sorry- except we also hear about how Mary Anne and Dawn became stepsisters, which most of you should know already. You know, Dawn moved from Cali to CT,  Dawn and Mary Anne meet and discover their parents dated in high school, Richard and Sharon start to date again, and they marry a few months later ( or what Mary Anne deems ” forever”).

Chapter 2:  Mary Anne is at a Baby Sitters Club meeting. Mary Anne picks up a magazine that Claudia has lying around, and the model has very cute short hair that Mary Anne just loves, and a flowing pastel colored dress. Dawn says she would love to see Mary Anne in a dress like that. Kristy says that you couldn’t wear sneakers with that dress- because, we all know that Kristy must wear sneakers daily.  As Mary Anne continues flipping through the magazine, she keeps going back to the short haired model, and thinks that she would love to have that haircut, and she has been thinking of trying something new. Why not get this short and sassy new short ‘do?  Mary Anne asks her friends about it and Claudia is all ” oh no not our Mary Anne” and Stacey tells Mary Anne “it’s not you.”  Mary Anne says her friends’ reactions make her feel strange. What is wrong with trying something new, and why is everyone all shocked that Mary Anne wanted to do so?

Chapter 3:  Mary Anne is in her room after dinner, and holds her hair up in front of the mirror so she can see what she’d look like with short hair. Mary Anne discovers that she has a great jaw that would look great with short hair. Mary Anne then decides that she wants to go through with getting a cute short haircut, and thinks that her friends will be a little surprised at first, but she then bets that the other BSC’ers will love her new look. But Mary Anne has to ask Richard first – and Mary Anne is nervous about that. But Richard says yes! Richard even suggests a father- daughter day at the mall, where Mary Anne can get her haircut and they can also have lunch. Then Mary Anne tells her dad not to tell Dawn or Sharon because she wants to surprise them. Now anyone whose read this book knows this will make Dawn be a mega-bitch later on… but I am jumping ahead of myself…

Chapter 4: More on Carolyn’s time machine.  Carolyn says the time machine will be ready to operate by next week and this makes Jessi nervous because Jessi thinks Carolyn may think this time machine will actually work, and Carolyn is setting herself up to be disappointed.

Chapter 5: THE MALL TRIP! MY FAVORITE CHAPTER OF THE BOOK!  Mary Anne gets her hair cut first. Joyce, the woman who gives Stacey her hot perms, looks at the haircut Mary Anne brought in and says it will be very flattering on Mary Anne. So Joyce cuts away and Mary Anne is shocked- but she loves it!!! Richard says Mary Anne looks like a mature young woman with that cut, and he can’t believe how Mary Anne is growing up. Richard pays for the cut, and then Mary Anne gets a free makeover at some store that just opened, and Mary Anne loves how she looks with all of the great makeup they used. Richard even asks to buy the ” recipe” the girls used on Mary Anne’s face ( oh Richard how cute you are!!). Mary Anne and Richard stop to listen to a jazz band next( and I remember this from when I read this at 16!!)) and the one guy in the band keeps going ” eh eh eh eh” and Mary Anne and Richard laugh over it. After a lunch of Mexican food, Richard and Mary Anne go to the store Steven E, which is quite expensive, and Richard offers to buy Mary Anne the clothes as long as Mary Anne pays him back. Mary Anne buys a red dress ( that, shit, I’d wear now) that is off the shoulder crepe with a fitted bodice and a red flared out skirt- Mary Anne thinks it will be perfect to wear to the January Jamboree! Mary Anne also gets stockings and shoes to go with the dress, an oversized, indigo cable knit sweater, and flowered leggings with a paisley top. After Richard and Mary Anne get takeout for dinner, Mary Anne and Richard get home. Sharon answers the door and Dawn is next to Sharon. Then as Mary Anne opens the door, Mary Anne yells ” Surprise!!”

Chapter 6: Sharon tells Mary Anne she looks great! Sharon then asks if Richard was on in this and Richard says yes ” he was the principal source of funding.” I LOVE RICHARD!!! Dawn hasn’t said a word yet about Mary Anne’s makeover. Finally, Dawn asks Mary Anne why Dawn wasn’t told about the haircut. But OK I know I have gotten my hair cut, or straightened it, or bought a new outfit, and didn’t tell anyone because I wanted to surprise them all- not a big deal!!! Does this not happen in Stoneybrook? Mary Anne says it was sort of a last minute decision but then Dawn says ” but you said you were thinking about it for awhile” and Mary Anne says ” but yes I wasn’t sure you know me” and Dawn is all ” well I thought I did.” Yep, Dawn is all snippy over a new haircut.  Later on, Mary Anne calls Logan and says she has a surprise for him. Dawn picks up the other extension and goes ” Mary Anne some surprise it’s only a haircut.” BITCHY!!! God, I have never really liked Dawn not even when I was in 5th grade! Mary Anne starts crying to Logan saying she only wanted to surprise everyone and can’t believe how Dawn is acting. Logan says he has no doubt the haircut is great, and he can’t wait to see Mary Anne’s new ‘do. Mary Anne then decides that due to Dawn’s behavior, she won’t speak to Dawn the rest of the night.

Chapter 7:   Logan sees Mary Anne’s new haircut on Sunday and he loves it. On Monday, Mary Anne puts on makeup and brushes her hair and uses a bit of hairspray ( doesn’t Mary Anne brush her hair every day?- I guess not) and Mary Anne is hoping her other friends will like her new look.  Well, two jocks at SMS are like “oh- hey”to Mary Anne so they like the cut, and even Cokie Mason tells Mary Anne she looks fantastic.  Then Mary Anne sees Kristy, Claud and Stacey. Stacey tells Mary Anne Dawn had already told them about Mary Anne’s haircut. Stacey says “oh it will grow out” and Kristy says ” we told you it’s not you, knucklehead” and Claudia is all “oh I can’t believe you went without us.” The fuck?? All this snotty behavior over a HAIRCUT? Then again we know how the BSC reacts if anyone if the club changes in any way. Mary Anne tells Logan she’s starting to worry that her new haircut isn’t nice because of how Dawn, Claud, Stace and Kristy are reacting and Logan tells Mary Anne the other girls are jealous, and that Logan loves her hair but what’s  important is that Mary Anne herself like her haircut.

Chapter 8:  Claudia is baby sitting for the Arnolds again. I really don’t care.  Stacey comes over with Haley and Matt Braddock, and as Haley and Matt play with Marilyn ( well they spy on Carolyn) as Carolyn fools around more with the time machine, Stacey and Claudia ( from what Mary Anne can gather) talk about Mary Anne’s new haircut. LAME.

Chapter 9:  Mary Anne feels like a pariah ( it’s a word she looked up.) Mary Anne has made Logan go to club meetings with her because no one in the BSC will speak to her. Mary Anne and Logan also eat lunch alone because of the way the others are freezing Mary Anne out.  Mary Anne tells Logan there’s a rumor going around that a friend of Kristy’s brother Sam named  Chris said Mary Anne is cute and wanted to know her name. Logan suggests that maybe Mary Anne should have a talk with her friends.  Mary Anne says she doesn’t want to because she’s convinced the BSC started the rumors. Mary Anne is supposed to go shopping with Kristy to buy new things for their Kid Kits but Mary Anne doesn’t even want to go so instead she makes plans with Logan after school.  At the BSC meeting, the girls are again freezing Mary Anne out and Mary Anne almost cries and starts to think that maybe Mary Anne no longer belongs in the club.

Chapter 10: A girl named Hannah Toce tells Mary Anne she heard a rumor that a high school boy likes her.  Mary Anne is kind of happy that popular girls like Hannah and Sabriana Bouivier ( I thought Sabrina was 7 and won the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant) are paying attention to her, and Mary Anne is wearing makeup to school every day now. Mary Anne comments on how the BSC thinks girls like Hannah and Sabrina, who wear makeup and like clothes, are snotty ( umm that’s Stacey and Claud!) but Mary Anne says they are not at all. And Mary Anne is a little annoyed by the rumors, but is flattered that some 10th grader may like her.  Sabrina tells Mary Anne in English class that she hears that a popular, hunky high school boy named Carlos is going to invite Mary Anne to the high school winter dance, and Mary Anne tells Sabrina she knows nothing about this. Wow, so a girl cuts her hair and rumors spread? Weird. Mary Anne then tells Logan that she’s not going to BSC meetings until her friends start being nicer. Logan tells Mary Anne that seems a bit extreme.  When Dawn gets home, she’s all ” Oh Mary Anne is actually going to eat with us?” and then chides Mary Anne for missing the meeting. Mary Anne runs upstairs and cries.

Chapter 11: Carolyn Arnold is charging a dollar for kids to use her time machine.  Mary Anne doesn’t know if she should tell Carolyn that the time machine is not real and she should not be cheating other kids out of their money. Mary Anne wishes she could talk to Stacey or Kristy because both of them are so practical but she cannot because she’s now a BSC pariah.

Chapter 12: Sabrina goes up to Mary Anne saying she must be so happy that Carlos asked her out. Mary Anne tells Sabrina that Carlos has never asked her out and Sabrina is all ” well that’s what I hear! Jeez.” Mary Anne is having second thoughts about Sabrina as a friend. Then, Logan talks to Mary Anne on the phone later  and asks if she really wants to go to the dance with him, because he’s heard the rumors about Carlos. Mary Anne says this is all nonsense and rumors and she has no idea who Carlos even is!  Mary Anne tells Logan she is going to set Sabrina and her friends straight tomorrow.  Then Dawn walks by and goes ” oh talking to Logan again? Or is that Carlos?” Dawn stop being a beeyotch!!!

Chapter 13: Mary Anne is fed up with Dawn and goes to confront her.  That’s when Dawn tells Mary Anne she’s tired of Mary Anne parading around the house with  her ” boy haircut and clown make-up” and that’s when Mary Anne gives Dawn the ULTIMATE rank- ” oh , go choke on an alfalfa sprout!!” AWESOME, MARY ANNE! Mary Anne cries a lot but then goes downstairs and tells Dawn she really does want to talk to Dawn for real. Finally, Dawn relents. Mary Anne tells Dawn she’s sorry but is not sure for what. Dawn tells Mary Anne that first of all Dawn is hurt because Mary Anne didn’t ask her advice about whether or not Mary Anne should cut her hair. So? I mean I guess 13 year old girls must always consult their friends…. Dawn also says that she was hurt by Mary Anne and Richard being so close because Dawn’s dad is all the way in Cali so they really can’t have much dad and daughter time.  Then Dawn also said she and the other BSC’ers felt frozen out because Mary Anne was spending all her time with Logan. Mary Anne tells Dawn she did that because the other girls were ignoring her and making snide remarks. Dawn then asks about Carlos and Mary Anne says he’s never asked her out!! Mary Anne then asks Dawn if they can still be friends even though Mary Anne has short hair and Dawn says yes, hugs Mary Anne and says she actually loves Mary Anne’s hair.  Then Mary Anne goes to a BSC meeting- and the girls all tell Mary Anne they love her hair! Mary Anne is now validated. And Kristy is nervous over this sitting job with the Arnold twins, as it’s the day of the time machine unveiling. Mary Anne says she will bring Jenny and Andrea Prezzioso along, for moral support for Kristy or something.

Chapter 14:  The time machine is actually a success. The kids loved pretending to travel back in time. I really don’t care.

Chapter 15: Mary Anne asks Dawn to borrow blush, as she’s run out. Now, this book spans about 2 weeks- Mary Anne must have looked like a clown if she’s already out of blush 2 weeks later- when I wore makeup daily in high school it took me some months to finish a whole container of blusher!  Mary Anne tells Dawn she looks stunning in her black velvet dress, and her hair in a French braid. Dawn tells Mary Anne that she looks lovely, as well. Pete Black is Dawn’s date.  Now, Logan wears a tuxedo- to a middle school dance. And he looks hot, apparently. A tux??? Ohhhkayy…  I think Dibbly Fresh or someone pointed this out, but it’s really annoying when Mary Anne says things like ” Kristy Thomas was trying to walk in a long dress and heels” and ” Claudia Kishi looked great in her shiny lame ( as in gold lame, not LAME as in ” Sarah Palin is lame”)  outfit. Who refers to their friends like that? Like, I don’t say ” Oh I am going to the movies this weekend with my friend Jen Smith” or whatever.  Sabrina has on a sparkly gown- yep I think she wore that to the Little Miss Stoneybrook pageant.  Sabrina’s date has olive skin and curly hair and is very handsome.  The girls all wonder who that is and Mary Anne says ” Carlos!!” out loud and Carlos even turns around. Then the BSC members all laugh. The End.

I know this post wasn’t nearly as great as Sadako’s, but I tried!! Next- ( I will TRY to post this week) look for SVU #3- What Your Parents Don’t Know.

And coming up at some point- I am not going away yet, peeps, even though I post less often than I used to!

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