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BSC Super Special #4- Baby Sitters’ Island Adventure

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I never read this BSC book as a kid, mainly because it did not seem very interesting to me. Reading this as an adult- wow… I had thought the Ramseys were good parents, and after reading this book, I now feel that the Ramseys should have had DCF called on their behinds! Before I even begin this recap, let me just tell you what the freakin’ Ramseys did- they allowed Jessi, an ELEVEN YEAR OLD CHILD, to spend the WHOLE WEEKEND ALONE with her eight year old sister and one and a half year old brother- with NO parents yes you have that right!! And then Jessi gets all pissy at Aunt Cecilia- OK I am getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning…

Claudia and Dawn have both been taking sailing lessons. Dawn and Claudia race each other in a sailing race,  and it’s a draw. Claudia blames her dangly earrings.  🙂 Dawn and Claud agree to a rematch on Saturday, and they decide to sail to Greenpoint Island. Each girl picks her ” crew”- Dawn picks Jeff, her brother, who is visiting from California, and Haley Braddock. Claudia takes Becca Ramsey and Jamie Newton. Yes, the Newtons feel it’s a great idea for Jamie, who is four years old, to go sailing with an inexperienced 13 year old. Need I mention that Jamie is also sick? Mrs. Newton does say she doesn’t think Jamie should go because he’s sick but Jamie whines, so Mrs. Newton gives in. I used to like her. And yes the Ramsey parents are away for the weekend when Becca is off sailing with Claudia and Dawn. Sheesh.

Well, the ” adventure-” Dawn and Claudia veer way off course after a huge rainstorm, and end up on a deserted island. Very Gilligan, I know. Dawn and Claudia brought candy bars and oranges and all that stuff, so they have enough food for about a day…. but the BSC’ers and the kids end up being at that island for almost three days. And yes obviously they all get rescued because otherwise you’d have no more BSC books, and you would have been a sad child. It turns out that Claudia is the one who stays cool under pressure in this situation, and Dawn pretty much falls apart in a crisis, which Dawn feels terrible about. Also, Jamie is becoming really sick.  Claudia rallies the kids together, and again, does well in this crisis, which makes Claudia very proud of herself in the end.

The rest of the BSC’ers don’t get great plots- but they all revolve around their feelings around Dawn and Claud being lost. Kristy cancels a Krushers/ Bashers tournament because she’s worried about her friends and Krushers ( Becca and Haley are Krushers cheerleaders, Jamie a player) and Bart thinks Kristy is just canceling the game because she’s afraid of losing! Bart is really an ass-clown in this book. But Kristy and Bart make up later when Bart realizes he was being an ass-clown.

Before Dawn left for her ill-fated sailing journey, she and Mary Anne had a major fight because Dawn forgot to tell Mary Anne about a phone message from Logan. Mary Anne gets so steamed and fucking dramatic about it that she tells Dawn she never wants to see Dawn ever again! Then Mary Anne cries a lot thinking Dawn is dead, and they never even made up! Stacey is visiting her dad in NYC for the weekend, and Ed McGill is also an ass-clown. Stacey hears about her friends and baby sitting charges being shipwrecked, and because she is worried she wants to leave NYC early and go help the other BSC’ers and assorted grown-ups try to find the BSC’ers and pals. Mr. McGill refuses to let Stacey leave, and is a real prick about it. Why wouldn’t he get that Stacey can’t exactly have great fun if she’s worried about her pals?

Mallory is just concerned that Vanessa’s best friend Haley and the various other kids are missing. She’s also trying to support Jessi, who is again all pissy because when she hears Becca is lost,  she needs to get to the community center to help find Becca, and has to call Aunt Cecilia to watch Squirt because she CAN’T REACH HER PARENTS!! Why aren’t they easily reachable? UGH! Well, reasonably so, Aunt Cecilia thinks her bro is a fuggin idiot for leaving an 11 year old alone with the 2 other kids, and she is mad at Jessi for letting Becca go sailing with Dawn and Claudia, but then Aunt Cecilia cools a bit when she learns later that the Ramseys OK’ed that before their trip.

UGH I just mostly hated this book because it was sort of boring to me ( as I knew they’d all be OK!) and the parenting decisions in this book are so fuckin’ unbelievable, they make Octo Mom and Alice Wakefield seem like the premier moms of the universe!!!

Next, I get to recap a book I did love reading as an adult, though  I never read it as a kid- Elizabeth the Impossible, from Sweet Valley Twins. I will try to write a longer recap on that one. I also have Baby Sitters Remember, Dear Sister, Mallory and the Trouble with Twins, and Sweet Valley Twins Left Behind coming up! Also look for more Unicorn Club and Freshman Dorm drama!


Baby Sitters Club #2- Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls

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I have some downtime now that I am just washing some towels and watching an old 80’s movie on TV ( ” For Keeps” with Molly Ringwald- anyone ever see this one? I never have before today!) so yes I am posting twice in one weekend!

Claudia has to do her homework, and Mimi is going to help her.  After Claud and Mimi finish up with the homework, Claudia tells Mimi about the new Nancy Drew mystery she is reading and how she loves to be scared.  Claud is looking very forward to Halloween, and hopes that some dreamy guy in her class, Trevor Sandbourne, asks her to the dance.  Claudia then describes the outfit she is wearing today- purple pants that stop below her knees and are held up with suspenders, white tights with clocks on them ( oh God that sounds hideous), a purple plaid shirt with a matching hat, high top earrings, and lobster earrings ( do lobsters and clocks really match?)

Claudia is then talking to Mimi as she works on a portrait of Mimi. Mimi says that when she was a little girl, she and her sister were friends. Claudia asks why she and Janine are not friends, and Mimi says that to be friends with someone you have to get to know them and learn to understand the other person.  Claud then says Janine never has time for her, and Mimi asks Claud ” well do you have time for Janine? ” and Claudia admits she doesn’t make much time for Janine either.  Mimi then says someday Claudia and Janine will be friends. Claudia then spends time in her room reading and dreaming of Trevor, the hot poet with sexy dark eyes.  Then Stacey calls, and Stacey says she is dreaming of Sam Thomas ( who Claudia thinks is too old for Stacey because Sam is a high school freshman and Stacey and Claud are only 12- yeah at that age 14 does seem really old) . Stacey then says she wishes she knew more people, and Claud says  it’s only been a couple of months and Stacey will make more friends soon. Claudia and Stacey then plan to get together with Mary Anne and Kristy this weekend.

That Saturday, Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia and Stacey are sprawled around Kristy’s front yard trying to figure out what to do.  Claudia tells the others about her crush on Trevor. Then Kristy says how Alan Gray is constantly bothering her and he really hates her, and it drives Kristy nuts.  Mary Anne then finds an article about the Phantom Phone Caller- he has stolen jewelry from some homes in Mercer, a nearby town, and he will call the houses a few times first and not say anything- he just hangs up the phone. He pretty much only strikes rich peoples’ homes, and Kristy starts to worry that the Phantom Caller may strike Stoneybrook, and hit a home where one of the girls is baby sitting because an adult is not home.  Stacey says much worse crime happens in New York, and she doesn’t see a reason to worry. But then Claudia says she was sitting at the Marshall home the other day, and someone called and just hung up the phone twice! OH NOES! So Kristy calls an emergency meeting of the Baby Sitters Club right then and there.  The girls all agree that good babysitters should prepare for anything, and Stacey suggests coming up with a code so that if a sitter is in trouble, she can have another sitter call 911.  Kristy agrees the code is a great idea, but how will the other sitters know where someone is sitting? Mary Anne suggests that they girls all consult the record book regularly, and someone could even take it to school during the day so the girls can consult it before they go for a sitting job each night so each girl knows where the others will be sitting. Kristy says she will be in charge of having the record book during the day as she is club president.  They also decide to rig a burglar alarm, like cans in front of the door, so that they will know if someone opens the door.  The girls then practice the code they will use, and Kristy is all pissy because the other girls keep on screwing up the code. They practice for awhile longer until all of the gals have the code pretty well memorized.  The girls also all agree not to tell their parents about the Phantom Caller ( ummm because none of the parents read the newspaper) because Mary Anne’s dad especially would not let Mary Anne babysit anymore if he knew about this.

Claudia sees Trevor at school the next day and is all excited. Then Alan Gray sees Claudia and is all ” Claudia and Trevor sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G” and Claudia is pissed because only the other baby sitters knew about her crush, and how did Alan find out?  Claud is convinced Kristy told Alan because Kristy is such a baby- I don’t really get how Claudia always says Mary Anne and Kristy are such babies, yet she hangs out with them and what not. How did the three girls become friends, then? Ah, whatever. Claudia then comments on how Kristy and Mary Anne are sitting with the Shillaber twins at lunch ( remember when the BSC didn’t sit together at lunch?) and the girls are wearing matching outfits- yeah,  that is rather cheesy in 7th grade.

Meanwhile, Claudia and Stacey sit with boys who play with their food all lunch period- wow, Claud, soooo mature.   Then Dorianne Wallingford, some popular girl that Claudia and Stacey also sit with, say that her Grandpa and Grandma got robbed last night by the Phantom Caller- Grammie and Gramps Wallingford live in New Hope.  Then as the boys are playing with food, some of it gets all over this other gal Emily’s sweater, and Claudia goes with Emily to clean off the food- and then Emily is all ” I hear you like Trevor” and Claudia freaks out that Emily and Doriann both know- Claudia, sweetheart, in middle school EVERYONE knows about your crushes- it’s inevitable. When my friend Jen liked this greasy kid Paul in 7th grade, the WHOLE school knew it was just obvious. So after lunch, Claudia confronts Kristy saying that she told the whole school about her crush on Trevor, and even Alan Gray knows, and Kristy is all why the hell would I tell Alan? And Claudia then says she is sorry and now they have a mystery to solve on how everyone found out about Trevor- AGAIN BECAUSE YOU ARE IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!!! EVERYONE FINDS OUT!

Claud goes to sit for Jamie Newton, and they are playing outside when Claudia sees a light go on in the house at 4 pm, so Claud freaks out- then the phone rings and Jamie wants to answer it at first saying maybe it’s Daddy. Claudia goes to answer the phone herself, but she is too afraid to do so, so by the time she gets to the phone it stops ringing.  Then Claudia hears footsteps on the driveway, goes to the front of the house, and it’s Kristy! Kristy turned the light  on to drop off a casserole for the Newtons, but she isn’t the one who called the house. Sooo there is definitely a mystery on their hands. Claudia also says at the end of the chapter, ” Kristy may be  a baby, but she is also  a good friend”- awwwwww…

That night, Claudia and Janine are going over Claudia’s homework, and Claudia attempts to reminisce about when she and Janine were kids, but Janine starts talking about all of this psychological stuff, so Claudia tells Janine to shut up.  Claudia then hears that the Phantom Caller has run away to New Jersey,and calls Stacey to tell the good news.  But then Claudia is sitting for Nina and Eleanor Marshall, and Claudia gets a phone call with a hang up. So Claudia is all scared, and calls Stacey because all of the noises in the house are driving her crazy, and the Marshall kids were already put to bed. Then as Claud is on the phone with Stacey, Claudia hears footsteps in the garage and is trying to give Stacey the code but can’t really remember it.  But then the Marshalls walk in and it turns out Mr. Marshall forgot his keys, and they were the ones in the garage.

Next chapter- Kristy is sitting for Karen and Andrew- who gives a fuck about Karen and her obsession with Morbidda Destiny so I won’t even get into that. Basically, Kristy gets a hang up call at Watson’s house. Moving on…

Stacey is sitting for Charlotte. and there is a power outage. The girls are a little scared, and even more scared when they hear a crash- turns out the crash is only Carrot, Char’s dog. Then the lights came back on. Stacey got no weird calls.  Next chapter- Mary Anne is sitting for David Michael. He is a little sick with a cold while the rest of the Thomases are out to dinner with Watson.  Mary Anne is all scared because of the Phantom Caller, and she rigs up all kinds of alarms by using pots and pans, a radio, stuff of that nature.  When Watson and the Thomas family get home, they end up ” setting off” the alarm of the cans and pots and Mrs, Thomas wonders why Mary Anne did all that stuff. Mary Anne said it was a burglar alarm she rigged, and Mrs. Thomas says ” Well David Michael is certainly safe with you” rather than thinking Mary Anne is an odd duck.

At the next BSC meeting, Kristy complains about how Alan Gray hid her math homework, and about how much Alan sucks. Then Kristy blabs about how Sam took some punk high school girl to the movies last week, and Stacey looks crushed. Kristy tries to assure Stacey that that Sam still really likes her, but Stacey still starts to cry. Awwww… then some dude Mr. Willis calls needing a sitter, and Claud takes the job without offering it to the other BSC members.  Kristy is pissed off as Claudia broke a cardinal club rule, and Claudia tries to blame on being upset that Trevor doesn’t even know Claudia is alive, and he will never ask her to the Halloween Hop- which by the way is being held from 4-6 pm on Halloween night- what a LAME time for a dance. Our middle school dances were always from 7-10!  Then Kristy gets a call from Mr. Newton- Jamie called Mr. N and told him to come home ( why does a three year old know how to use the phone to call dad at work to harass him? ) and Mr. Newton says ” oh is the baby coming?” and Jamie says yes, so Mr, Newton says he needs someone to stay with Jamie while he and Mrs N are at the hospital having the kid.  Well- turns out it was a false alarm- Mrs. Newton is not having the baby, Jamie just wanted Mr. Newton to come home. Exciting.

That night, Claud’s neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Goldman, an elderly couple, come over to say that someone was calling their house and hanging up, and they got robbed! The man stole a pearl necklace and a gold brooch which were both antiques. The police think it was a local punk that is a copycat of the Phantom, because the Phantom robs millionaires- WATCH OUT WATSON!  Then Kristy calls saying Mary Anne cannot babysit until the Phantom is caught! Kristy is calling an emergency club meeting tomorrow because Mary Anne has three jobs lined up this week, and the other girls have to cover for her. 

Claudia is determined to get Trevor to notice her at school the next day. Claudia goes over to Trevor’s table to try to talk to him, and drops Jell-O on his lap!!! How embarassing, I must admit!  Claudia is now really upset, and is also upset because Stacey has a date to the dance- Pete Black is going to ask her- Pete Black rocks. Kristy and Mary Anne don’t  care about dances.  At the club meeting that night, Mary Anne declares that she feels terrible about doing this to the other club members.  The other girls manage to cover Mary Anne’s jobs, and then Mary Anne says she is not sure she should be a BSC member anymore 😦 Kristy says that is not something to bring up at that moment, and Kristy still wants Mary Anne in the club.

Claud and Kristy are going to sit for Jamie Newton and his rowdy cousins the Feldmans- Rosie, Brenda and Rob. Claudia had previously told the Newtons that because the Feldmans are little shits, she is not to babysit for them again unless another sitter is booked. The Feldmans start tearing through the house as soon as the parents all leave, and Kristy whistles loudly and immediately lays down the house rules- tell ’em, Kristy!  Kristy and Claud then get 2 hang up phone calls.  Then they get ANOTHER hang up call!  As the kids are eating dinner, the girls then hear a loud bang outside!  Claudia then calls the police.

Well, guess who was outside the Newton home? ALAN GRAY!  It turns out that Alan Gray found out where Kristy would be sitting but getting into her stuff and reading the club record book, and he was the one making all of those phone calls- and he did that because he was too nervous to ask Kristy to the Halloween Hop at school!!! So Alan finally asks, and Kristy says yes!! And of course Kristy says yes because Kristy knows boys in 7th grade harass you when they like you! 

So after Claud comes home, ( and Kristy and Claud get praise from Mrs. Newton that they called the po-po when they heard those bangs) Janine asks why the cops were at the Newtons’, and Claudia and Janine bond over the story and saltwater taffy.  As Claud is in bed that night, Claudia thinks that Kristy isn’t the only one who got mysterious phone calls- Claudia did too. And Kristy’s calls were from a boy who likes her so Claudia figures a boy must also like her- but who???

Well it turns out that TREVOR likes Claudia- and Alan Gray told Trevor where Claudia would be sitting, and he was the one who would call the places where Claudia was baby sitting! So Trevor asks Claudia to the Halloween Hop, and all is right with the world.

So the Phantom Caller was caught, Mary Anne can sit again, and everyone who attended had a bitchin’ time at the Halloween Hop. WOOOOOO- and that book is done. I never had read this book as a kid because I was not a fan of mysteries as a kid at all and to me the book seemed boring- and I only read like one BSC mystery book as a kid- though I loved those Sweet Valley Super Specials with the Sweet Valley  News Mysteries- the Super Thrillers- go figure. But I wasn’t huge on mysteries until I was in undergrad school! And this book WAS sort of boring, but I am glad that I got to describe a Claudia outfit!!!

I really do hope to do one more BSC recap by New Year’s!! See ya all then!