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Sweet Valley High #58- Brokenhearted

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Very sorry that I did not recap this book last week as promised.  But work has been crazy in the past week, and over the weekend I had a friend over soo… attention not paid to this here blog. But, alas, that will change.

Todd Wilkins is moving back to California! Recap: Todd Wilkins’ father’s job transferred him to Vermont- see what occurs there in my post on ” Say Goodbye.” Elizabeth is heartbroken at first when Todd leaves, and becomes even more upset when, during a ski trip ( see ” Special Christmas” for THAT recap) Todd falls in love with Suzanne Hanlon and ditches Elizabeth. Elizabeth is, of course, crushed, until she meets the new boy from Oregon, Jeffrey French, and Elizabeth and Jeffrey have been a hot item for months, and Elizabeth thought she was over Todd forever. But then in Book #57- Teacher Crush which I LOVE and wish I had a coup of but alas  I do not- Lila Fowler announces that Todd’s dad got a HUGE promotion- he is Vice President at Varitronics and therefore has to return to Sweet Valley!!! Elizabeth is upset that Todd sent Ken and Winston letters announcing his return to California, but he never sent Elizabeth a letter. Elizabeth knows they are not dating anymore, but they were once very special to each other, so why wouldn’t Todd tell her? Also, Todd and Suzanne are now splitsville. Well, right before Todd comes back, Elizabeth gets a letter in the mail ( this is pre Internets) that was dated three weeks ago- from Todd. Todd announces the split from Suzanne, and Todd says that he can’t hold out hope that Liz is still single after all this time, but he is really hoping that Elizabeth is, and that he and Liz can get back together when he returns. Meanwhile, Jeffrey is freaking out over the thought that Liz’s first love is returning to Sweet Valley- and all of Jeffrey’s friends, like Winston and Aaron, are telling Jeffrey how Todd is a star basketball player, is a sweetheart, funny, etc, etc. But too bad Todd won’t return to Sweet Valley High- Todd’s dad has decided that Todd has to go to school with the movers and shakers- like children of CEO’s and celebs- and so Todd has been enrolled at the snooty private school, Lovett Academy, which is about forty minutes from Sweet Valley. And if you are wondering why Bruce and Lila don’t go there when they are so rich, and Lovett is so great? Well, it’s because Sweet Valley has an awesome public school system- just not awesome enough for Mr. Wilkins.

When Todd returns, Elizabeth meets him wearing the locket Todd gave her before he left. Todd takes that to mean that Liz wants him back- but nooo…. Liz is dating Jeffrey and loves him, but being with Todd feels great too- Elizabeth has no idea which boy to choose. Jeffrey- her new love, who is so sweet and has great legs from playing soccer ( and is clearly way more awesome than Todd?) or Todd, the basketball player who will also be rich since his dad got the promotion. Elizabeth is torn, and turns to Enid for constant support as she figures out what the heck to do.

Meanwhile… there is a gorgeous, but bitchy, brunette girl named Courtney Kane who is a fellow Lovett student who apparently plays tennis with Todd quite a bit. Courtney WANTS Todd due to his hotness and new-richness- and she is bored with the Lovett boys as she has dated most of them. Courtney is pretty much using Lila to get information out of her so that she can try to land Todd. Lila knows Courtney from the country club and thinks Courtney is the best thing since Tiffany’s. Courtney finds Liz too ” Plain Jane” and boring , and when Courtney wants a man- she gets him! Another Lovett student that features rather prominently in this book is Sheffield- he is the boy that Jessica goes after because Jessica decides she wants a private school boy. Sheffield is smart, sophisticated, rich and loves a good cappuchino- all qualities that attract the average 16 year old. But- the love affair between Jess and Sheffield quickly ends when Jessica learns that Sheffield is going to spend a year living in a homeless shelter as part of his independent study for his senior year at Lovett- and he’s selling his Mercedes!

So,Lila decides to have a huge party to welcome Todd back to Sweet Valley. Courtney schemes to land Todd at this party- Courtney writes a letter ” from Todd” to Liz, telling her to meet him at the gazebo. Elizabeth runs over to meet Todd, because Liz is thinking she may love Todd more than Jeffrey after all- and well Todd is there- WITH COURTNEY! Courtney manages to drag Todd to the gazebo, saying she has a headache and needs to get away from the loud party. Courtney then starts kissing Todd and Liz sees it! Liz goes running back to the party crying. Then Jeffrey sees the letter Todd ” wrote” to Elizabeth and realizes the handwriting is off. Jeffrey figures out that Courtney schemed to land Todd, and Jeffrey, being the awesome as FUCK human being that he is ( God, I found this sooo utterly romantic and noble of him when I was 12) , Jeffrey talks to Todd and tells him that Elizabeth loves him, and Jeffrey loves Elizabeth so much that if being with Todd makes her happy, Jeffrey is happy to step aside to let Liz and Todd be together. So Todd rushes over to Secca Lake, a spot that used to be special to Liz and Todd, and Todd explains what happened and that Jeffrey gave them his blessing, and Todd twirls Liz around in his arms and I puke. By the way, does anyone recall the episode of Dr. Quinn when another man and Michaela fell in love but Michaela also still loved Sully, but Sully says that he loves Michaela so much that if she’s happier w/ the other dude than Sully, he can accept that because it would make her happy- and so Michaela realizes Sully loves her more than the other man does, so she STAYS WITH SULLY? Yeah, because Dr. Quinn rocks, and Liz Wakefield- ugggghhhhhh….. And I don’t have Book #59- but that is just more drivel about Elizabeth and Todd being together again but it’s soooo hard because Todd goes to Lovett Academy- by the way, that book only served to make me jealous of the fact that I wasn’t in private school!

Soooo Ok I am going to say for next week ( I hope this week but as you know….) that I will recap what has to be one of the BSC’s most asinine books, ” Baby Sitters Island Adventure.”

And coming soon:

Sweet Valley Twins #51- Elizabeth the Impossible

Baby Sitters Super Special #11- The Baby Sitters Remember ( a favorite of mine!!)

Sweet Valley High #7- Dear Sister

Sweet Valley Twins #21- Left Behind

Sweet Valley Twins #62- Sarah’s Dad and Sophia’s Mom

There also will be some Unicorn Club, Sweet Valley High ( including ” A Night to Remember” and ” The Evil Twin!”) and Freshman Dorm books!


Sweet Valley High #35- Out of Control

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Honestly, not that much really happens in this book.  But Elizabeth is such a total cunt in this book it’s not even funny. So while the book focuses on Aaron Dallas’ anger management issues, all I focused  on is Elizabeth being a total witch.

Elizabeth is going to watch Jeffrey French at soccer practice. Ah, I loved Jeffrey French and was pissed off when Elizabeth dumped Jeffrey for Todd as soon as Todd returned to Sweet Valley. During practice, Aaron gets all pissed off because Tony Esteban fouled him, and Aaron pushes Tony. Elizabeth comments to Jeffrey after practice that Aaron has been acting weird, and Jeffrey says it’s because Aaron’s parents are going through a divorce, Ma Dallas left Pa for another man and Aaron is alone with his verbally abusive dad. Elizabeth hardly thinks this excuses Aaron’s anger management probs.

That night, Jeffrey and Todd are double dating with Aaron and his new girlfriend Heather Sanford, who is a sophomore. Liz acts as if Heather is about 11 instead of 15- the book is peppered with things like ” Elizabet tried to like the younger girl…”- she’s only one year younger TURD!! At the movie, Elizabeth is all pissy because Heather comments on the cool “period” fashions wore in the movie and Elizabeth thinks that Heather is obsessed with fashion and is soooo shallow!! We can’t all wear high waisted pleated pants, Elizabeth! Then at Casey’s, Heather is talking about how she wants to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology after high school to be a fashion designer. Then Heather asks Elizabeth what she wants to do for a career or college after high school and Liz snottily replies ” I am really a private person, Heather!!” Ummm doesn’t any fuckin junior in high school talk about post high school careers or college???? What a little shit Liz is being.  Aaron then gets all pissy at this dude named Michael Schmidt, and Heather talks baby talk to Aaron because that’s all that will calm him down. Wow, Aaron if that’s the case you do have issues!

Jessica has a party for Tofu Glow, these new cosmetics she is selling- sort of like a natural version of Mary Kay, maybe??? Hard to say. Basically, it’s beauty products made out of tofu, and that does sound hella weird.  Heather is at the party, and really trying to be buddies with Enid and Liz. After Heather leaves, Elizabeth starts imitating Heather’s way of speaking and the other girls say it’s the funniest thing they have ever seen. Liz- Heather must think you are pretty cool and you are being a fuggin bitch- and they say Jessica is the bitch!! Oh, and Jessica manages to sell tons of this Tofu Glow and that’s part of the B plot that I intended to explain later.

We then learn that Heather makes most of her own clothing, and looking good is important to her. Nothing wrong with that. Heather also thinks to herself that she hates Aaron’s bad temper.  Later, Elizabeth is covering soccer practice- Sweet Valley has a huge game against Big Mesa coming up. I am not sure why John Pfeiffer is not writing this article, but whatevs. Aaron has some huge tantrum on the field, giving some other dude a bloody nose, and Elizabeth decides she just HAS to write about Aaron’s little tantrum and how Coach says if Aaron flies off the handle one more time he’s suspended from the team. Jeffrey tries telling Liz not to write it, but she’s feel it’s her responsibility as a ” journalist.” Who is she, Nancy Grace???? I don’t get why Liz feels the need to write about Aaron’s anger problems, I really don’t. Especially since she knows Aaron is dealing with a lot of shit at home.

Jessica sells her Tofu Glow door to door, sells it to a nice lady whose house Alice once decorated, and tries selling it to another lady but the lady wants to try it and the stuff will not rub into her skin at all and Jess finds that totes weird. Jessica then gets a call from Alice’s former client saying the stuff smells rancid and she wants her money back. Cara also calls saying the shampoo will not rinse out of her hair. Alice asks Jessica if she’s ever tried the products herself, and Jessica has not. She does, and the moisturizer turns her face BEET RED!! BUMMMER DUDE!!! Hey, Ned did tell Jessica to investigate the company and make sure it was legit and of course Jessica didn’t listen.

Elizabeth shows up to school the next day wondering how Jeffrey and Aaron will react to the article. Of course Jeffrey doesn’t get why Liz has to write the article and Liz gave her whole “it’s my responsibility as a journalist” bullcrap. But Heather says she is glad Elizabeth wrote the article because maybe it would convince Aaron that he has a real problem and it will make him get help. Instead, Aaron gets all pissy and when Jeffrey decides to defend Liz, Aaron punches Jeffrey and gives him a huge black eye! Aaron is all ” I can’t believe I hit my best friend!!” In a scene right before Aaron punches Jeff, Elizabeth tells Heather she loves her pink flowered skirt and Heather says she sewed it herself and Liz is all ” realizing that she misjudged the younger girl.” YOU SUCK ELIZABETH!!

Aaron is all pissed at himself, and Heather tells Aaron maybe it’s time for Aaron to get some help for his anger problem. Aaron also reveals that his dad hit him once. Heather tells Aaron he cannot deal with this pain all by himself, and suggests he talk to the guidance counselor.  Meanwhile, Jeffrey tells Liz that he cannot tell the Coach what happened or Coach will get rid of Aaron. Elizabeth tells Jeffrey that may be the wake up call Aaron needs. Wow, it’s getting all social worky, and sadly as a social worker, I don’t like it!  Aaron then goes up to Elizabeth and Jeffrey and tells Jeffrey he is very, very sorry and he is going to talk to the guidance counselor. He also apologizes to Elizabeth.

Aaron talks to Mrs. Greene, the guidance counselor and she hooks Aaron and his dad ( she talks to Aaron’s dad on the phone) with a family counselor who specializes in working with divorced families. Mrs. Greene and Aaron also tell Coach Horner what happened, and Coach decides to keep Aaron on the team after all. All ‘s well that ends well!!

Re: Jess and Tofu Glow- the stuff starts rotting to hell, and the rep tells Jess it’s her fault that it rotted because she didn’t see the small print on the bottom of the packages telling her to refrigerate the stuff. Jessica then has to pay 60 bucks to have all these tons of products hauled away, and Jessica feels like a dummy- but Ned Wakefield investigated, and Tofu Glow has a huge class action lawsuit against it, and Jess got some beaucoup bucks out of the lawsuit! BITCHIN’!!

The end of the book is a preview to the next- Julie Porter’s older sister Johanna is coming back to Sweet Valley High- Johanna had dropped out because she’s apparently a dumbass. I wonder what will happen when Johanna comes back…