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Sweet Valley Kids Super Snooper #4-The Case of the Xmas Thief

Posted in Sweet Valley with tags , on June 7, 2010 by girltalkread

I know, I know- I have been soooo MIA lately, and with no warning to boot!! Well, I have been busy- I am working out more and blogging less, and as a result I have many of u missing me, but I have lost 29 lbs- and I have 11 to go!! If I make to be a perfect size 10 or 8, I will be VERY blessed. I am also house/apartment hunting with the boyfriend, and work is busier than ever- but I am going to try to post twice this week- I will do my best!!!

First of all, I swear that every Super Snooper book takes place during Christmas. How many times can one celebrate Christmas in one year? Sheesh! So, there’s actually not a whole lot to this book. Mrs. Otis, the twins’ teacher, has asked every kid to bring in something that most makes the holiday special. Elizabeth and Jessica bring in special cookie cutters. By the way, Mrs. Wakefield is a room mother- this is pre interior designer Alice Wakefield, remember. Well, things start going missing in the classroom. And while things are going missing, Ricky Capaldo, the shy kid in class ( featured rather prominently later on in SVH #21 Runaway- man, I LOVE that book I wish I had that one to recap!) is complaining that due to the impending birth of his baby sister, his parents are totally ignoring him and he is hating Christmas. The Snoopers find out that the kid stealing all of the kids’ awesome holiday stuff is… get ready… readier- RICKY CAPALDO!! Instead of telling the teacher about Ricky, though, Elizabeth helps Ricky to realize that having a baby sister will be great,and Mrs. Capaldo gives Ricky a great Christmas gift and through the power of Elizabeth Wakefield, Ricky knows that his parents will always love him, baby or no baby. I am sorry this book was barely recapped, but it was really boring- even for a Sweet Valley Kids book. I promise that my next post- on SVH #58- Brokenhearted… will be much better. Even if Jeffrey French and Liz Wakefield look like brother and sister on the cover. At least the villian Courtney Kane is introduced and I ADORE Courtney- briefly, she was the Erica Kane of Sweet Valley! But more on that in my next post- and after that post I do PROMISE I will DO MY BEST- apartment hunting, working out or work be damned 😉 to post once a week- especially since I do have many books to get recapped! Sweet Valley fans will be especially pleased as I have MANY of those to recap!